0 0. Source(s): percent 2 4: https://shortly.im/kIGYk. 0 0. Just type in a decimal number: See it as a percent 50% is your answer :3. Iveth. Step 2: Add a percent sign: 240%; 2.4 is the same as 240% in percent. Anonymous. 50 it also equals 1/2. Example: Convert the ratio 2:4 into a percentage: 2 : 4 can be written as 2 / 4 = 0.5; Multiplied 0.5 by 100, 0.5 × 100 = 50, so the percentage of ratio 2 : 4 is 50%. Is there a features we should add to the site? = = = = = = If you know and can use these two rules, this type of problem should never bother you again.-----(1) To go from percentage to decimal, you divide the percentage by 100. The shortcut to convert from a percent to a decimal is to move the decimal point 2 places to the left and remove the percent sign. 0 0. In this case, multiplying 2.4 by 100 we get 240 (the value in percent form). 2/4 expressed as percentage. Please let us know. Question 525628: what is 2 4/5 as a percent? 8 years ago. To convert a decimal to a percent, just move the decimal place over two to the right, therefore 2.4 = 240% Express 0.5 as a percent. 2/4 = 1/2 = 0.50 = 50%. 2 divided by 4 equals .5.5 times 100 equals 50. So, to convert this number to percent, we should multiply it by 100. Necrosis. The ease way: Step 1: Shift the decimal point two places to the right: 2.4 → 24 → 240. Anonymous. 0 0. Score of 2.4 percent as a grade. Found 2 solutions by Alan3354, Maths68: Answer by Alan3354(67103) (Show Source): You can put this solution on YOUR website! 8 years ago. = 2.8 = 280%. For example, in order to get a decimal fraction, 3/4 is expanded to 75/100 by multiplying the numerator by 25 and denominator by 25: Are we missing anything? How to convert fraction to percent. The mathematical process in converting a decimal to a percent is as follows: Convert 0.5 to a percent: "Percent" means "per 100" or "over 100". 8 years ago. Answer by Maths68(1474) (Show Source): You can put this solution on YOUR website! 5 years ago.

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