rear 33 psi. > 2001, Navigation: Index — Motorcycle Specs Handbook — Honda — 2001, 2001 Honda CB750 NighthawkBack to Honda Motorcycle Specs Index Page, Manufacturer – Make – Model – Year: Honda CB 750 Nighthawk 2001 Motorcycle Style: Standard, ENGINE SPECS Engine Type: 747 cc (45.6 cu-in. has been (0.8-0.9mm), MISCELLANEOUS SPECS Tire type, front Dunlop K505F Front tire size 110/ 80-18 58H Tire type, rear Dunlop K505 Rear tire size 140/ 70-17 66H, DID chain DID 525 V9/ 110 RK chain RK 525 SM4/ 110, Alternator charging coil 0.4 -0.6 ohms Alternator field coil 2.1 -2.6 ohms Front turn signal/ running light 12 Volt, 32 & 3 CP Rear turn signal/ light 12 Volt, 32 CP Regulator / rectifier regulated voltage/ amperage 13.0 -15.0 V/ below 0.5A/ 2,000 rpm, Instrument lights 3 bulbs 12 Volt / 1.7 Watt Battery capacity 12V @ 14 Ah Oil warning light 12 Volt @ 3 Watt Normal Batt charging rate 1.4 A / 10h Side stand warning light 12 Volt, 3 Watt Main fuse 30 A High beam indicator light 12 Volt, 3 Watt Other fuses two 10 A, one 15 A Turn signal indicator light 12 Volt, 3.4 Watt Headlight (high/ low beam) 12 Volt, 60/55 Watt Neutral indicator light 12 Volt, 3 Watt Tail / brake light 12 Volt, 3 & 32 CP, DIMENSIONS Overall length 86.0 in. Dennis Kirk carries more 2001 Honda CB750 Nighthawk products than any other aftermarket vendor and we have them all at the lowest guaranteed prices. Are They Really That Expensive? How to Title a Motorcycle Without Title. 0.06 in. And if longer trips are on your list, adding some optional luggage systems will transform this bike into a nice road touring machine, perfect for weekend getaways and even a trusted holiday partner. Ground clearance 5.5 in. Whether it’s extreme temperatures, high-rpm riding or stop-and-go traffic, our motor oils will keep your 2001 HONDA CB Nighthawk protected. Footpeg height 12.6 in. Specifications listing with fuel economy, top speed, performance factory data and ProfessCars™ estimation: this … We produce synthetic motorcycle oil, oil filters , transmission fluid , primary fluid and fuel additives – everything to keep your CB Nighthawk … 3/ 4 in. on Inspiration Friday: Speed Danger Adrenaline & Femmes Fatales! Power’s industry-leading valuations data drives ë׋âñøµ�ân}�±²Ü”ÒùçGÂp©œ»1ğ²\Ö7+ö ¬äªBp«İJš…®õƒÅ½«´¯´«Ğ–¾S{àT›"Dı~Äs}É-Y‚n#ÓmRÉ�)¦ˆ˜¼ïHå}SÊ„«WL;ä¤sà a£óH+nHş'ŒQ8 ´&_uc–ÙĞ™6AˆúÃG;Ó_#¢ˆ˜‚o  Can You Register a Motorcycle Without a License? on Honda Vehicle Wins Delta Award for Industrial Design, on Cutting Edge Style BMW Motorrad Rider Equipment – 2021 Collection, on Moto Guzzi Black Friday Sales with fantastic financing and Cash Back Offers, on Yamaha and ParkinGO Reunite for 2021 WorldSSP Season, on Cyber Week 60% off select Indian Motorcycle Accessories, Back to Honda Motorcycle Specs Index Page, Inspiration Friday: DUB West Coast vs East Coast Customs. ¾ e˜rÈHç†!HsTĞ*N€Òúw§œûDA:4»�ˆİ½qˆCM}-Èø~Ñs�ç¤A«“:ö¸MÊsâŞ�/xç¼1ß ™öÈygÿ¸HDçaeüKìãù` V5Ê endstream endobj 351 0 obj 350 endobj 352 0 obj << /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 351 0 R >> stream 2001 MANUFACTURER SPECIFICATIONS. With a generous 18-liter tank, the CB750 Nighthawk is great for longer outing, too. Bore & stroke 2.6 x 2.1 in. How To Adjust Motorcycle Suspension To Your Weight, How Much Do Motorcycles Weigh? Overall width 31.5 in. Ground clearance 5.5 in. HONDA CB750 Nighthawk (2000 - 2001) Segment: Naked / Road The 2000 Honda CB750 Nighthawk brings forth a nifty combination of value, rideability and power that's hard to surpass. © 2008-2020 SoftNews Net SRL.All rights reserved. (67 x 53 mm) Engine weight 179.2 lb. Index ENGINE SPECS. (67 x 53 mm) Engine weight 179.2 lb. Manufacturer – Make – Model – Year: Honda CB 750 Nighthawk 2001. Overall height 44.7 in. Dry weight 463 lb. (3.0 liters) Front Brake Hydraulic disc brake Front suspension Telescopic fork Front wheel travel 5.5 in. Caster angle 29 ° Rear damper Dual spring & shock Trail length 4.6 in. Models Honda CB750 Nighthawk 1991-2003 (North America) Honda CB750 F2 Seven Fifty … Rear suspension Swingarm Rear brake drum Rear wheel travel 4.3 in. Not only that, but we have them all in-stock and ready to ship today. autoevolution® and the autoevolution® logo are registered trademarks. Max weight capacity 364 lb. autoevolution® and the autoevolution® logo are registered trademarks. engine performance, reliability, repair costs, etc. And adding in the slightly retro styling makes the package even more desirable, while the one-piece two-up seat makes riding with a pillion as easy as it is comfortable. Specs Handbook > Honda Claimed horsepower was 19.98 HP (14.9 KW) @ 9000 RPM. 795 mm (31.3 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting. Established in 1948, Honda Motor Company, Ltd. Is a multinational Japanese corporation primarily known for manufacturing automobiles and motorcycles.

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