Thus, x-direction component of the acoustic intensity is represented by the following formula: Next, assume that this acoustic field is measured by a pair of unidirectional microphones. The premium measurement usually takes two hours depending on the acoustics of the room. Acoustic Measurements . However, the condition of (2) is not essential but even if the microphones are arranged such that contributions of respective dimensions are not equal, serious problems do not occur by making appropriate correction as long as the condition of (1) is satisfied. That is, the plurality of microphones should be arranged such that the total sum of the square of the component of the unit vector of each of the plurality of microphones is equal among the plurality of microphones. Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique - Cnrs, ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST;ASSIGNOR:HANYU, TOSHIKI;REEL/FRAME:025316/0724, PAYMENT OF MAINTENANCE FEE, 4TH YEAR, LARGE ENTITY (ORIGINAL EVENT CODE: M1551); ENTITY STATUS OF PATENT OWNER: LARGE ENTITY, Acoustic Energy Measurement Device, and Acoustic Performance Evaluation Device and Acoustic Information Measurement Device Using the Same, Apparatus and method for deriving a directional information and computer program product, Acoustic-optical imaging methods and systems, Re-creating a sound profile of a stored acoustic space in a second acoustic space utilizing an array of speakers, A kind of sound bearing angle positioning method, Microphone system for teleconferencing system, Teleconferencing system with visual feedback, Audio signal processing apparatus and audio signal processing method, Energy density control system using a two-dimensional energy density sensor, Sound source direction judging device and method, Residence acoustic performance measuring device on site, Sound field correction method and acoustic device, Speaker array device and audio beam setting method for speaker array device, Device for measuring acoustic characteristics, Method and apparatus for noise suppression in a small array microphone system, Sound source localizing apparatus and method, Acoustic energy measurement device, and acoustic performance evaluation device and acoustic information measurement device using the same, SoundCompass: a distributed MEMS microphone array-based sensor for sound source localization, Concept for determining an orientation of a mobile device, Stochastic backgrounds in alternative theories of gravity: Overlap reduction functions for pulsar timing arrays, Geometric reconstruction of the environment from its response to multiple acoustic emissions, Method and a system for determining a plurality of load components on a wheel, Sound field separation with sound pressure and particle velocity measurements, Highly directive underwater acoustic receiver, Allan variance analysis on error characters of MEMS inertial sensors for an FPGA-based GPS/INS system, Spatial visual effect creation and display such as for a screensaver, Distant sound field analysis of noise sources, System and a method for determining one or more parameters of a source of a potential-energy field, Sound source location and quantification using arrays of vector probes, An acoustic velocity microphone using a buoyant object, 3D source localization in the spherical harmonic domain using a pseudointensity vector, Tracking determination based on intensity angular gradient of a wave, Method for reconstructing an acoustic field, A kind of detection instrument calculating the buried conductor degree of depth, Spherical harmonic analysis of wavefields using multiple circular sensor arrays, Current measuring device and current measuring method, Patent Document 1: International Publication No.

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