Our Promise: You'll Lose 15% or More. See and embrace a journey that shapes your present and future health. We promise you will lose 15% of your body weight, or more, in the first year, guaranteed! ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach (Chris Kresser’s program) Ph.D. in Immunology from Stanford University; Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed; My background is in science, education, and behavior change. Subject to our terms and conditions*. As an ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach, I work with both individuals and groups. Helping you adapt to new situations life throws your way AdaptHealth is a full-service home medical equipment company that uses tailored products and services to empower patients to live their fullest lives – out of the hospital and in their homes. “The ADAPT Health Coach course has been a life-changing event for me. Help decide where to start and help you figure out the best way forward. I can help you to: Create awareness of habits and behaviors to develop new healthier habits. Get Started. He grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area just north of the UC Berkeley campus and has lived in SE Asia (Bangkok and Singapore) since 2011. My science background allows me to help people understand the science behind their medical challenges. During Adapt, you will work with your health coach to zero in on your successes and challenges for lasting weight loss. Johnny Cordova is an ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach and longtime student of late American spiritual teacher Lee Lozowick (1943-2010). Ace Fitness Health Coach – $749/Plus Plan, $599/Basic Plan (both one-time fees) Adapt Health Coach – $9,997 one-time fee; Health Coach Institute – $6,450 one-time fee; Institute for Integrative Nutrition – $5,995 one-time fee; National Society of Health Coaches – $595 one-time fee I went into the course thinking I would be learning about nutrition and lifestyle knowledge to help my clients and grow my business, but have already taken away so much more.

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