Response from Javier at Thorlabs to jliu: The reflectivity of our UV enhanced aluminum G01 coating at 45 degree angle of incidence and 325 nm is ~82% (unpolarized light). Thus measurements of household aluminum foil reflectivity spectra on both bright and matte sides were undergone. Optimal UV reactor design ensures UVC light is delivered in the most efficient manner by maximizing overall UV dosage for all parts of the fluid entering the reactor (e.g., all of the fluid needs to be uniformly exposed) for disinfection. Protected aluminum front surface mirrors are used whenever a high reflection in the ultraviolet wavelength range is required. Table 1 shows the UV reflectivity of standard materials used in disinfection reactors. Porex is a global leader in developing custom-engineered porous polymer solutions that become high-value functional components in our customers’ products. While this surface is These measurements were done using an integrating sphere, over a 250–2500 nm range. Our SEA-UV protected-aluminum mirror series has a metallic aluminum coating covered by a thin SiO2 (quartz) layer. of an SiO 2 -Coated Aluminum Mirror. Unprotected bare-aluminum metal coatings quickly oxidize when exposed to oxygen. UV reflectance data for aluminum sheet. Our UV-enhanced coating offers >90% reflectance from 250 to 450 nm. Reflectivity of a thin layer of SiO 2 applied to Al-coated glass was measured using the 10Spec accessory. If you wanted 99% reflectivity, you'd need a broadband dielectric, but from the sound of it aluminum foil would do the job for you. The folks who professionally make mirrors out of aluminum can get you R>90% at 400 nm, and R>80% for most of the visible. for Uniform UV and Visible Light Reflectivity ... Aluminum NOTE: Stainless steel below 50% reflectivity. UV reflectance data for aluminum sheet. For ultraviolet light reflectivity, manufacturers trust our POREX Virtek sintered PTFE sheets and molded 3-D parts. TABLE 1 MATERIAL REFLECTIVITY e-PTFE 95% Aluminum—sputtered on glass 80% Aluminum foil 73% Stainless steel (various formulas) 20 – 28% A common material used in commercial UV disinfection systems is stainless steel. We can also offer custom sizes. Household aluminum foils was chosen as reflective material to build the concentrator. July 29, 2011. Our UV-Enhanced Aluminum mirrors are a cost effective solution for UV applications. A. Hi, Al I know that some manufacturers of infrared reflectors for infrared drying systems use the same general technology mentioned above, of brite dipping and anodizing, but they add a gold dye step. Maximize performance with UV reflectors. algorithm along with addit. July 29, 2011. A. Hi, Al I know that some manufacturers of infrared reflectors for infrared drying systems use the same general technology mentioned above, of brite dipping and anodizing, but they add a gold dye step. Modeled and Measured Reflectivity . Because bare aluminum is extremely delicate and susceptible to damage, a protective overcoat is layered over the aluminum to prolong the life of the mirror. With over 97% average reflectance from 250nm to 400nm, POREX Virtek ® pure PTFE reflectors can maximize disinfection rates and minimize system cost. I will contact you directly for further assistance. $\begingroup$ Then I'll just repeat what Martin Beckett said: aluminum is a decent reflector at 390-400nm as well as in the visible. This choice raised the question of which side to use. Ultraviolet (UV) Reflectors . Our material solutions leverage a variety Reflection spectrum was used as input data for FilmStarTM software to predict film thickness.

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