This ensures the consistent supply of safe, ethical, quality and legally compliant products. The National Council on Pet Population is the leading resource for timely, science-based data, information and trends on the population of cats and dogs and the mutually beneficial Woolworths can access this CCTV during audits and upon request. Its success saw the brand expand into VIC, QLD, WA, SA and NT, all the while building direct relationships with Farmers from key provincial areas within these states (Margaret River WA, Otways Regions VIC, Sunshine Coast Hinterland QLD and Barossa Mid North Region SA). Woolworths encourages livestock transporters to have independent transport schemes in place such as TruckSafe and must adhere to the National Transport Guidelines. The Woolworths Group Animal Welfare Policy and all related Farm Animal Welfare policies unless explicitly stated, set out our minimum sourcing requirements and expectations for Own Brand products across Woolworths Group. We have recently launched our Welfare Outcome Measure programme across beef, lamb and pork. 1Mellor, D.J. Woolworths also holds a Sustainable Supplier of the Year Award which recognises excellence in the areas of animal welfare, sustainability, and human rights. (2016). This is verified at audit and captured through our welfare outcome measures. COVID-19 UPDATES: We are committed to providing animal welfare professionals with accurate and timely information to support your work within your communities. The Sustainable Agriculture team provides regular training to team members in the animal welfare space. Any non-conformances will be reported to Woolworths Group Limited’s Animal Welfare Manager for investigation and resolution. Step 2 – Enriched environment – like straw bales for chickens or shade structures & scratching posts for cattle Similarly, within our non-food business, we will only use animal products (e.g. It is integrated into how we do business. THE GAP 5-STEP ANIMAL WELFARE RATING PROGRAM Woolworths works closely with industry to ensure a collaborative approach to Antimicrobial Stewardship. Step 5 – Animal centered – always on pasture and no physical alterations permitted 6th Edition. The ABSF allows Woolworths to engage with a variety of stakeholders to identify and protect high conservation value areas within our supply chains and work with suppliers, governments, producers and other corporate and NGO partners to achieve this. GAP ensures their farm animal welfare standards are being met on every farm – not just a sample. Including focusing on areas such as new production methods and technologies. Step 4 – Pasture raised – access to pasture and the outdoors all year round All fresh beef, pork, chicken, lamb and turkey (except kosher turkey) in our Meat department is certified to meet 100+ animal welfare standards by the Global Animal Partnership. We have recently launched our Animal Welfare Horizons Fund. It is important that where antibiotics are used, they are used responsibly within our supply chains to protect the health and welfare of animals when they are ill, as well as reducing the threat of antimicrobial resistance on human health. We hold regular training sessions around animal welfare for our team members concerning the overview of policy and commitments, changes in policy, and updating of standards. Visit The Association’s new online Learning Center – your one source for upcoming webinars, recordings, and more. All our beef, lamb and pork is sourced by our dedicated Woolworths expert Livestock Team. Committed to strengthening communities by supporting pets and those This helps to identify any areas that require improvements in the next half year. These freedoms are the framework that guide the development of  Woolworths Group policies and procedures in this area. Woolworths Group Limited is committed to protecting the welfare of animals in our supply chain. We support and encourage industry best practice, guidelines and initiatives around responsible antimicrobial stewardship within our supply chains. Our livestock team are based regionally across Australia and, between them, have over 250 years of experience, spending most of their time out on the farm with our producers. Woolworths seeks to reduce where possible the use of medically important antibiotics, whilst preserving animal health and welfare. 34kg per m2 stocking density for tunnel, extractive or other mechanically ventilated systems. Routine tail docking and euthanizing of bull calves on-farm and induced calving are prohibited other than for health and welfare reasons. Suppliers should target 8 hours or less transportation time. They set the standard for how farm animals are raised – positively impacting 416 million farm animals each year through their 5-Step® Animal Welfare Certification Program. Its purpose is to help support research and development for suppliers to address welfare opportunities, challenges, projects, and initiatives. We have regular Sustainability Lunch & Learns open to the 200,000+ team members of the Woolworths Group. Step 5+ – Entire life on the same farm. In Australia we work to the national beef industry standards. Woolworths Group non food products will only use animal products (e.g. More information on Woolworths Drought relief milk can be found here. Perches are given so birds can perch to rest and keep their bones and muscles strong. The Woolworths Pork Blueprint is currently undergoing review. Woolworths Group is committed to eradicating the practice of routine mutilations and is working with suppliers to find alternatives. We have worked closely with Compassion in World Farming, World Animal Protection and other animal welfare organisations to improve our internationally recognised Business Benchmark for Animal Welfare (BBFAW) score. GAP 4 starts to include pasture based systems and incorporates more robust animal welfare … Global Animal Partnership (GAP) is one of the largest animal welfare certification labeling programs in North America. Endeavor Group is excluded due to its nature as a drinks business. We recently announced The Woolworths Dairy Innovation Fund which will commit $5 million over 3 years to deliver innovation grants to dairy farmers in our supply chain. All our customers can access via hard copy delivered to every store or online our monthly Fresh Magazine. The GAP label program offers 6 levels of certification primarily for animal welfare. Our Farmers’ Own fresh milk comes from farms regionally across Australia. GAP Certified products can be found in stores throughout North America. By December 2020, 100% of canned seafood that meets our commitment will be offered. We are also committed to all supplier branded whole shell eggs being cage free by 2025 and we have seen a decline in caged egg sales since making this commitment. Woolworths animal welfare standards cover all practices from animal rearing, health, welfare, feed, production systems, environment, stocking density, through to transport and slaughter. Animal welfare is fundamental to our business because our customers trust us to do the right thing and good animal welfare results in quality products. Animals are also not fed drugs on a routine basis at all levels. Where appropriate, diagnostic tests (for example, culture and sensitivity tests) should be deployed under veterinary advice to ensure an effective antibiotic is selected. Median scores are reported for all measures. Mutilations should only be undertaken to protect the welfare of the animals, and any procedures must be carried out by a trained and competent individual using the most humane techniques and recognised best practice with appropriate analgesia administered to minimise pain. The GAP's 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Standards is a voluntary certification program for farmers, ranchers, packers, and feeders. Third-party certifications preferred by Woolworths are: If these, are not commercially practical Woolworths will accept: Within each of these standards are requirements for animal welfare. RSPCA Approved Standards are publicly available to download here. It is integrated into how we do business. All Woolworths Group Poultry, Beef, Lamb, and Pork abattoirs must have CCTV in place within key animal handling processing areas. Tess Herbert, the chair of the Sustainability Steering Group (SSG) of the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework, as well as a supplier of Woolworths cattle says. Recently one of our Lunch & Learns featured RSPCA Australia discussing the importance of animal welfare, the collaboration between Woolworths and RSPCA Australia and the achievement of Woolworths meeting our RSPCA chicken commitment. 26 out of 27 Woolworths Own Brand frozen, chilled and deli seafood products are now sustainably sourced or have been reformulated so that they only contain environmentally responsible raw material, and all new products must also meet our sourcing commitment.

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