intonation. On the underside of the bridge, I scribbled with a white pencil. You can see the sandpaper at work. Unlike the usual acoustic guitars utilized in jazz, it was loud enough to take a more prominent position in ensembles. That’ll let me set it back up quickly. In 1922, Lloyd Loar was hired by the Gibson Company to redesign their instrument line in an effort to counter flagging sales, and in that same year the Gibson L5 was released to his design. This one’s a bad fit: even under string tension, a feeler gauge slides around under this bridge easily. Speaking of fingerrests, take a look at this little sticker on a new Gibson guitar: The Samick corporation sells archtops under its own name besides manufacturing for other companies. rattle. The arched saddle is compensated for a wound G string with nickel-plated posts and knurled thumbscrews are. And here I’m done sanding. time to time. In Europe, companies such as Framus, Höfner, and Hagström took up the manufacture of archtops. An archtop guitar is a hollow steel-stringed acoustic or semiacoustic guitar with a full body and a distinctive arched top, whose sound is particularly popular with jazz, blues, and rockabilly players. Renewed interest in acoustic music has also led to the revival of purely acoustic archtops, such as the Gibson L-7C, The Loar Lh-600, Godin 5th Avenue and the Epiphone Century Series. lots of pick scratches. A few words about is an acoustic place, I'll ignore the electronic part, and concentrate on the acoustic That’ll let me set it back up quickly. Regular masking tape isn't my first choice because the adhesive sometimes reacts with lacquer instrument finishes, leaving marks when the tape comes off. Archtop bridges need to be fitted to the arch of the guitar it is being used on for the best sound. Similar models remain popular in rockabilly. things screwed to the body, such as this fingerrest support: Fumes from its new finish and plastic parts tarnished the plating on the hardware (this happens a lot, especially to inexpensive gold plating.) Instruments with semihollow bodies constructed from plates of wood around a solid core, having no soundholes, such as the, Instruments with a solid core but hollow bouts and soundholes (usually f-holes), such as the, Full hollowbody semiacoustic instruments, such as the, Fully acoustic instruments with either a pressed laminate wood or hand carved top. There's something of a tradeoff here, tonality vs. intonation. of string tension, it needs to be repositioned from time to time to achieve good elements of the jazz guitar. Fender's most popular pick shape in different materials. It provides players with a way of achieving vibrato (minor pitch waves) without bending the strings through your fingers. Archtop guitars were particularly adopted by both jazz and country musicians, and in big bands and swing bands. I also put position marks on the guitar using low-tack drafting tape, about 1/8" away from the ends of the bridge. Save on Over 900 Items, Fitting an archtop bridge, easily and accurately, Learn About Guitar Bridge and Tailpiece Installation and Repair, Find the proper fret position with the official Stewart-MacDonald Fret Calculator, Stewart-MacDonald is PCI compliant and validated for secure e-commerce. Most of the accessories (pickguard, bridge, tuner buttons, knobs, etc.) It's a good idea to keep an eye on these things, checking them for tightness from Ibanez sells an extensive range of archtops under the Artcore marque. can get the bridge in a good position by using just the two "E" strings, The Benedetto style of acoustic/electric archtop has itself been copied by luthiers such as Dale Unger and Dana Bourgeois. best action height. Follow that with some Preservation Polish, and it shines like a mirror: DON'T MISS A BEAT, sign up for StewMac news, Black Friday Sale! Here I’m experimenting by adding a steel weight to apply extra pressure as I sand: a machinist’s V-block. Back to Index Page. I also put position marks on the guitar using low-tack drafting tape, about 1/8" away from the ends of the bridge. Regular masking tape isn't my first choice because the adhesive sometimes reacts with lacquer instrument finishes, leaving marks when the tape comes off. The belly normally has two f-holes, the lower of these partly covered by a scratch plate raised above the belly so as not to dampen its vibration. Compensated bridge w/base, for arch-top guitar, 6" long x 9/16" wide. The easiest way to accomplish this is to play the harmonic at the twelfth fret, and And as StewMac’s chief tool designer, it’s a problem he solved: Don’s bridge fitting jig is ingenious, and it works in a jiffy as you sand the base of the bridge with Stikit sandpaper. 7/8" to 1& 1/4" height. Mask off the top Updated on Jun 22, 2017 at 4:34 PM. are made of wood (ebony or rosewood) instead of metal and have a clean acoustic look. When I do use masking tape, I reduce its grip by sticking it to my shirt once before putting it on the instrument. Some electric archtops also have piezoelectric pickups, making them hybrid guitars. Ebony stained Rosewood bridge & base for arch top, with Gold hardware, 5-3/8" x 9/16". mighty difficult to remove. New or used. Capture and amplify the acoustic sound of your archtop guitar with our floating bridge pickup. In 1958, the L5CES was redesigned with humbucking pickups; most, but certainly not all, subsequent archtop guitars conform loosely to the pattern set by this model. It wasn't really needed, but I liked the way it sped up the sanding. The picture above shows that wood is coming off the ends first, since the bridge was so high at the center. A typical acoustic archtop bridge looks like this, with individual string scale length Description This archtop guitar bridge can give your archtop guitar a new voice with this innovative machined rosewood bridge. . These bridges are most often found on hollow or semihollow electric guitars, where drilling into the top to mount a fixed bridge could weaken the structure of the guitar or impede its acoustic resonance. Here I’m experimenting by adding a steel weight to apply extra pressure as I sand: a machinist’s V-block. High-end models traditionally have "block" or "trapezoid" position markers. The bridge quickly takes on the archtop curve. Gibson developed, and others copied an individually adjustable bridge top: And here I’m done sanding. Don’t overdo it: inexpensive plating is thin, and you don’t want to polish the gold right off! James S. Back obtained patent #508,858 in 1893 for a guitar (which also mentions applicability to mandolins) that among other features included an arched top, which were produced under the Howe Orme name.

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