Forte di Nizwa, Bahla e Jabrin per visite culturali (a partire da USD 200.00) Forte Bahla, e il Forte di Jabrin (a partire da USD 200.00) Nizwa Bahla e Jabrin Fort (tour Muscat) come viaggio privato e personalizzato (a partire da USD 200.00) Vedi tutte le esperienze di Forte Bahla su Tripadvisor 1. The fort and its oasis (with date palms, old houses and a mosque, which also are in the core zone) are surrounded by a 12 km long wall. Top image: Bahla Fort, one of four historic fortresses in Oman Source: Hamdan Yoshida / Adobe Stock) By Ed Whelan Bahla Fort dates back to the late Middle Ages, and was the stronghold of a tribe that controlled this region and the trade in incense. The fort had come under the threat of losing its authenticity as many modern ways of restorations were being used. Bahla fort is closed outside of visiting hours. Visitors entrance to Bahla Fort ( Adobe Stock) Roads and paths allow tourists to explore the mountain, which offers stunning views. It was built in the 13th century. Forte Bahla (Arabo: قلعة بهلاء; traslitterato: Qal'at Bahla') è una delle quattro fortezze storiche situate ai piedi del Djebel Akhdar in Oman.Venne costruito nel tredicesimo e quattordicesimo secolo, quando l'oasi di Bahla prosperava sotto il controllo della tribù di Banu Nebhan.Le mura in adobe e le torri si elevano 55 metri sopra le fondamenta in arenaria. Questi biglietti e tour a Forte Bahla sono disponibili in più lingue: Tour di un'intera giornata a Nizwa da Muscat (a partire da 90,00 USD) Nizwa a Birkat Almouz e Jabal Akhdar (a partire da 378,95 USD) Scopri la storia dell'Oman: il suk di Nizwa e il forte di Bahla (a partire da 237,00 USD) Vedi tutte le esperienze a Forte Bahla su Tripadvisor Bahla Fort Source Bahla fort is a fine example of a defensive complex engineered to enable the tribes settled there to survive, prosper and carry out their trade during the medieval Islamic period. Bahla Fort (Arabic: قلعة بهلاء ‎; transliterated: Qal'at Bahla') is one of four historic fortresses situated at the foot of the Jebel Akhdar highlands in Oman and the country's only UNESCO-listed fort added in 1987.

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