At that time, this was considered to be a large army, causing the Muslims to be filled with overconfidence in achieving an effortless victory. They would benefit much from it! The sacred months began and it was the first of Dhul al-Qa’dah when the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) together with the Muslims withdrew from Ta’if heading for Makkah. When Malik ibn ‘Auf heard this news he promptly appeared before the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) and declared his Islam to him. Then when you go to your mother and tell her you killed Durayd b. al-Simmah. What is your story?" Instead, he moved his troops up into the hills of Hunayn in the most inaccessible part of the valley, where he organized them carefully in strategic positions. When the tribe of Hawazin heard how the Muslims had liberated Makkah, they feared that they might be raided and their quarters stormed by the Muslims. In order to calm the Muslims and bring them back the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “I am the Prophet of Allah and never tell a lie and Allah has promised me victory.” His men took notice of his words, and were reminded of putting their trust in Allah (SWT) . The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) stood where he was, surrounded by a small group of the Ansar, Muhajireen and his family, and he called to the people, “Where are you going O people?” But the people were unable to hear his call, they just continued running without turning back fearing death all the while. Some of the books of Seerah narrate that two entire Muslim tribes were exterminated. The plan was carefully worked out, while he waited there for the arrival of the Muslims. Malik ibn ‘Auf al-Nadri assembled Hawazin and Thaqif together and marched with them until they reached the valley of Autas. The defeated Muslims heard him and they remembered the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) and their duty of Jihad. Black Friday? Eventually, the people feared that their share of the spoils would diminish if Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) continued to give out the spoils to whoever came to him from Hawazin. The Prophet was calm in his faith and wisdom in that hour of danger and spurred his horse forward. He (pbuh) gave others, in addition to their share, fifty camels each. After the enemy was defeated. When you were happy with the number of your men who proved to be of no help to you and the whole vast earth seemed to have no place to hide you (from your enemies) and you turned back in retreat. [Tabari, The Last Years of the Prophet, Pg 16][12], Because Malik ibn Awf al-Nasri had brought the families and flocks of the Hawazin along, the Muslims were able to capture huge spoils, consisting of 6,000 women and children were taken prisoners and 24,000 camels were captured. A man (got up and) said, "O Allah's Apostle! Then the man repeated his question, and Ibn Abbas repeated his answer. [1] His uncle Abbas was on his right and Fadl, the son of Abbas, on his left. The battle took place at Hunayn, a valley between Mecca and Ta’if. Under category : When the Moon Spilt. The leader of the Hawazin was intimidated that the Prophet’s (SAW) army outnumbered his own. Ten thousand of them were of those who accompanied him during his journey from Madina to Makkah, and the remaining two thousand were those from amongst the Quraysh who had just embraced the message of Islam. This formidable force marched towards the battlefield and reached Hunayn in the evening, where they rested until just before dawn. His reaction to the hopeless turn of events was outstanding. Take this sword of mind that is in the rear of the saddle Take this sword of mine that is at the rear of the saddle in the howdah and strike me with it above the spine but below the brain, for I used to slay men in that way. Thaqif were experts at archery and they showered a group of Muslims, as they attempted to advance on the city, killing them. They stopped in al-Ji’ranah where their spoils and prisoners had been left. Did I not come to you when you were erring and Allah guided you? Such is the recompense of disbelievers. He instructed his men to attack the Muslims, once they had entered the valley so as to cause confusion among them which would lead to them breaking ranks. Then the Muslims launched a counter offensive against Hawazin and Thaqif without any fear for their lives. He decided that if he was to defeat Prophet Muhammad (SAW) , he had to devise a plan. Watch: How Should We Understand Life In a Pandemic? In distributing the booty, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) showed a great deal of generosity and forgiveness. Ibn Sabigh, who was beaten by Umar ibn al-Khattab because he was notorious for asking foolish questions." As Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) troops were approaching the valley, barely equipped in their armor, they were showered with arrows. Hijra Hydaybia The Message Conquest of Mecca Birth to Message 571-610 AD 40 years Mecca Phase 610-622 AD 13 years Madina Phase 622-632 AD 10 years Secret Phase 610-613 AD 3 years Declaration Phase 613-622 AD 10 years Inside Mecca 613-620 AD 7 years Outside Mecca 620-622 AD 3 years Defense and Attacks 622-628 AD 1-6 Hijra Treaty Phase 628-630 AD 6-8 Hijra The Last Phase … By Allah (swt) have nothing but a fifth of your booty even to this hair, and the fifth I will return to you; so whoever took anything in dishonesty, even a needle, it will be a shame and a flame and an utter ignominy on him and his family on the Day of Resurrection.” The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) took a fifth of the share for himself and split the rest among his Sahabah. Thank you so much for posting this! Only the Imam can make ijtihad. The Battle of Hunayn was fought between Muhammad and his followers against the Bedouin tribe of Hawazin and its subsection the Thaqif in 630 in a valley on one of the roads leading from Mecca to al-Ta'if.The battle ended in a decisive victory for the Muslims, who captured enormous spoils. As mentioned in the Qur’an: Allah has helped you on many occasions including the day of Hunayn. Al-Muwatta, 21 10.19, Coordinates: 22°58′24″N 38°49′11″E / 22.9733°N 38.8197°E / 22.9733; 38.8197, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, The life of Mahomet and history of Islam, Volume 4, By Sir William Muir, Pg 142, The sealed nectar, By S.R. The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) returned to Madinah with the Ansar and the Muhajireen. It was built like a fortress and its people were experts in the art of siege warfare. Battle of Hunayn. Este es un sub-artículo a Muhammad después de la conquista de Mecca. Here’s How to Fix a Democracy That No Longer Represents the People, Rihanna Apologizes for Using Hadith in Lingerie Show, Here’s How the Prophet Muhammad Demonstrated the Importance of Empathy In Activism. Nasr, Jashm, Sa‘d bin Bakr, and people of Bani Hilal. I got up and said, "Who will be a witness for me?" your great numbers elated you, but they availed you naught: the land, for all that it is wide, did constrain you, and ye turned back in retreat. The Battle of Khandaq and Muta were visible examples. (Surah al-Tawbah, 9:25). Allah (swt) helped the Muslims gain a great victory that day, and the following verses were revealed in conjunction with the events: “Truly Allah has given you victory in many battlefields, and on the day of Hunayn when you rejoiced at your great number but it availed you naught and the earth, vast as it is, was constraitened for you, then you turned back in flight. They passed by the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) without stopping and continued running en masse.

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