Other name: Beryllium difluoride CAS no. Melting Point: 554 °C, 827 K, 1029 °F: Boiling Point: 1169 °C, 1442 K, 2136 °F: Density: 1.986 g/cm 3: Solubility in H2O: Highly soluble: Crystal Phase / Structure: … In the solid state it exists as a glass, with four-coordinate Be(2+) tetrahedral centres and two-coordinate fluoride centres. : 232-118-5 Molecular formula: BeF2 Molecular weight: 47.009 Melting point: 545 ℃ Boiling point : 7787-49-7 EINECS no. As a gas it adopts a linear triatomic structure and in the liquid state a fluctuating tetrahedral structure. Beryllium difluoride is the fluoride salt of beryllium (+2 oxidation state). Reduction of BeF2 at 1300 °C with magnesium in a graphite crucible provides the most practical route to metallic beryllium:

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