This cutting torch kit is an oxy-fuel torch capable of welding, cutting, brazing, soldering, leading and preheating a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It was one of the most expensive models we tested, but it is exceptionally well made. Both torch kits also include the highly durable Edge 2.0 oxygen and acetylene/propane regulators. The Victor cutting torch series has a wide range of cutting outfit options that are ideal for metal workers and welders at both the professional and hobby levels. With the right product, you can cut through almost anything. This was done by one person to see how easy it was to turn on the torch with one hand. This is a heavy duty cutting torch. Right now, our top pick is the Lot of 3 Victor Style Oxygen Propane Cutting Torch … Two AA batteries power the torch and these are kept behind the flashlight itself. The Victor Contender cutting outfit is the ideal option for heavy duty welding and metalworking projects in a professional or hobby setting. This is very pleasing…, Despite Covid-19 and its widespread effects, land as an asset has remained resilient this year, with values in north-west England steady and demand only growing. So, when it came to finding a selection of current models, that’s exactly where we went. It has a camera-type lens adjustment on the front with a natty sliding knob, and you can adjust the power setting with a lever on the battery pack to save battery life. As it’s designed to be a “spotting” light, it uses a parabolic reflector to throw a narrow beam easily to the hedgeline, but it’s not possible to adjust it. Comments must be approved before appearing. It is on the heavy side, though. There is enough peripheral light for navigation, though. Emily Padfield and David Cousins gathered 15 torches on a snowy February evening in Warwickshire to see which were best for farm use. While you can also pick up an inexpensive adapter if your gas supply options change, there are two acetylene options to choose between before making a purchase. This has everything you … But we also added a few newcomers that seemed to offer something a bit different. Again, it swivels through 90deg and is very well made, but the on/off setting is a little fiddly for larger fingers. Unlike the Night Searcher, this torch stores its three AAA batteries in a neat box at the back of your head. This kit gives you everything you need to start cutting and torch welding except gas bottles. The torch in the Journeyman kit comes with an industry leading ten-year warranty. This welding system is made in … Victor’s cutting torch outfits are the best selling torch brand at Baker’s Gas and Welding. You can. On first impressions, this LED torch looks a lot like a speed gun. The dual-bulb arrangement gives a high and low setting. This is a popular and best-selling cutting torch system that you can check out yourself. Visit Baker’s Gas and Welding for the best prices and discounts on cutting torch kits by Victor. When you consider all of the features, options, and warranties available, you’ll quickly see why Victor is our most popular selling cutting outfit. 20 foot oxygen/acetylene hoses; Quality Regulators; Torch body; Cutting tip It’s also submersible to 2m for 30mins and it floats. Like the Journeyman, the Contender offers the option of heating and brazing as well as cutting ¾ inch material on its own or up to 8 inches with accessories. When you consider all of the features, options, and warranties available, you’ll quickly see why Victor is our most popular selling cutting outfit. However, the Contender cutting kit costs a little less than the Journeyman because it goes a little lighter on accessories (click to “. The big change in torch technology since Farmers Weekly last did a torch test (way back in 2000) is the arrival of LEDs. The 8 Best Cutting Torch Kits: 1. This 3kg twin-bulb-equipped torch was the most powerful on test. Each model, ranging from the professional grade Journeyman series to the personal Performer series, offers specific capabilities and sturdy accessories that are backed by the best warranties in the business. ZENY Gas Welding Cutting-Torch-Kit w/Hose; 8. The Performer series offers a torch with a 10 year warranty on the torch and lifetime on the regulator. This was enough to see the sheep pen clearly, however it didn’t quite make the hedgeline. The three beam settings have no adjustment for width, but it was more than powerful enough to reach our pen and even on low would be enough to lamb a ewe on the ground. It’s a bit slippery to hold despite the knurled barrel, but the action of the on/off switch is positive. Updated to feature a super-bright krypton bulb, the Classic is a no-nonsense affair with one light setting. Even professional welders use this. Bulbs, however, are far from defunct; in fact some of the most expensive torches we tested make a point of using bulbs rather than LEDs. Taking into account the safety issues … Victor Contender 540/300 Edge 2.0 Heavy Duty Outfit, Victor Contender 540/510 Edge 2.0 Heavy Duty Outfit, Victor Performer 540/300 Edge 2.0 MD (Acetylene), Victor Performer 540/510 Edge 2.0 MD (Acetylene), Victor Medalist 250 Acet. Nevertheless, we found it great both for lighting large areas and seeing a fair distance away. Firepower 250 Cutting-Torch Kit; 6. The Edge series offers a nob that is easier to adjust, displays that are more intuitive, and a single point of contact that is far more rugged and safe than previous models. Brightness is OK, enough to reach the lambing pen but not really enough to see the details of the ewe – for instance, if a lamb’s head was out but not its legs. If you’re not sure, you can always ask the online customer support staff at Baker’s. Stay up to date on all sales and news from Baker's Gas! Takes three D batteries, which aren’t cheap. Here are some of the best ones in the market. XtremepowerUS Welding Cutting Torch Kit; 7. With attachments the Performer can slice through metal up to 6 inches and it can weld up to a ¼” thick metal. Most importantly, be sure to choose carefully between the 540/510 torch kit option and the 510/300 option (which is less common) depending on your gas supply. Instead of a button, the Waypoint has a trigger, which you can either pull to illuminate or click to stay on. However, if you don’t want to spend extra then we have another great option for you is Victor Type CA2460 Cutting Attachment 315FC Torch Handle Oxygen/Acetylene Cutting Welding Torch Tool Set. It will last about 3hrs 30mins, but after the first couple of hours you’ll notice the range drops significantly. There are two settings, one extremely bright and one very wide-angled dimmer setting, ideal for lighting a wide area. Bog-standard torch. MD Outfit 540/510, Victor Medalist 250 Acetyl. It can be found at most dealers and its price makes it a reasonably good buy. The button was a bit awkward to press. Copyright © 2020 Baker's Gas & Welding Supplies, Inc.. Military & First Responder get an Extra Bonus on Miller Welders - Learn More, Military & First Responders get a Bonus on Miller - Learn More. This is a really useful little torch that you can detach to use as a mini flashlight if required and there’s also a handy pen clip for hooking round a pocket. However, you still get a rugged torch with a sturdy handle and a seven-year warranty. The LEDs emit very white, diffuse light. Altogether, the Classic remains a sturdy torch that still has a place on farm. This has everything you need. It’s a traditional lambing torch, good on the low setting for lambing a sheep. You can view our comparison video here and then check out our guide to choosing the right cutting torch kit for your workshop or workplace: The Journeyman series was designed according to the needs of professional metal workers. You will still get a heavy duty, fully capable torch kit that provides good value for the money, but it will be limited in what it can do and in the accessories it offers.

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