Again, Northern Irish football isn’t usually given much love on FM – although Work The Space’s ‘Larne Project’ is well worth watching! It’s most certainly that. Again, your task would be two-fold: increase the reputation of Northern Irish football, and build Carrick Rangers into a club to be reckoned with. By Ben Pringle. Please refresh the page and try again. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? I like to play Chinese Super League saves like a fast car: I spend a few years here buying and selling players while I watch how things go in Europe, and when the cash reserves are dry or my key players start to hang up their boots, I skip town and go back to Europe and play in a new and interesting league. Temporarily based at the home of Birmingham City, St. Andrews, Coventry are one of the better sides in League One – despite the controversy that surrounds the club. Yes, you. Sunderland. But a challenge? In the following season, McInnes’ first full season in charge of the club, Aberdeen won their first trophy in nineteen years: besting Inverness via a penalty shootout in the Scottish League Cup final. So the question becomes, do you cash in on the young starlet likened to Andrea Pirlo or keep him for as long as you can to increase his transfer value? Athletic Bilbao (LaLiga) It’s far too easy just being Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico in Spain. New York, In FM19, you could purchase Sandro Tonali for as little as £5m, Fast forward a year, and Brescia’s chairman, Massimo Celino, said he wouldn’t even consider a bid of £250m. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Miles was asked that question a few weeks ago, at the time I think SI were still seeking legal guidance from the EFL. Forced to play outside of the city for the second time in a decade (due to a mixture of legal quagmire, bureaucratic ineptitude, and boardroom stubbornness), you will be taking control of a club swinging from pillar to post. Holland’s best side might have lost De Jong and De Ligt, but Ajax is worth a save for the strength of their world-class team and stellar youth academy. The second – and perhaps most pertinent – reason as to why you should consider taking the helm at the Metropolitan University is because you would be charged with completing the fairy-tale. They are, but they’re not my pick. Zagreb's domestic league isn't the most interesting, despite Croatia's surprising success in the 2018 World Cup, but the draw here is the team's Champions League football this season. ( Log Out /  For you, the challenge could be that Maidstone need a bit of a push: after a back-to-back run of promotions, they hit a bit of a block in the Vanaman National and finished dead last. Under the management of Edd Vahid and Matt Hale, the Academy is in the best hands to produce some of the best English players for the forseeable future. Learn more, Choose your new club wisely with our FM 2020 best teams to manage guide. I know, I know - Manchester United are one of the most famous teams in the world, but they're also a shadow of their former selves - when the biggest challenge they had was where they were going to fit their growing silverware collection, while also trying to spend their tremendous transfer budget. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Black Friday gaming deals 2020: PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC offers compared. This is literally a university team, so they are hardcoded into the game as an amateur outfit and you're going to have trouble both recruiting players and keeping them for longer than a couple of seasons. So, let’s take the Potters back to the big time? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The challenge is making themselves a dominant force the world over, something that has eluded the team over the last few years. Take the Potters back to Wembley. New signings Julian Brandt, Thorgan Hazard (Eden's brother), Mats Hummels and Nico Shulz could make a team by themselves, but they're actually adding depth to a squad that already has Marco Reus and the somewhat prodigal Jadon Sancho, who has netted 18 goals and 31 assists since he joined the club in 2017.

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