Because I’m telling you – and in all seriousness, that this Blackberry Clafoutis from Julia Child is a recipe a 10-year-old could make. Be sure to join our email list to receive conference information and updates. So, I have to use other fruits now. Your clafouti looks delicious. February 21-25, 2021: The North American Raspberry & Blackberry Conference will be held virtually. i will make you. Thanks for telling me there was a book. So satisfying. I am so impressed with the blackberry clafoutis..! All have been fab, but I actually like this recipe better with less fruit than the whole two cups! Your designs are so cozy and sweet. I have made clafoutis with varying amounts of fruit. ★☆ Thank you! 2. x. Mmmmmm! It will sink slightly as it cools.). Pour 1/2 of batter in the baking dish. Julia Child’s Berry Clafoutis 1 The first time I made it, I used cherries but Paul picked all of them out. I put the clafoutis on the windowsill to cool, because that's what kitchen windowsills are for. This recipe can be made with blueberries, raspberries, or other fruit, and you can vary the sugar to taste. It is such a treat and your looks delicious! Such fun! I’ve made cherry clafoutis once, and totally loved it! Anyway, one thing we didn’t learn in that movie is that some of Julia’s many recipes are so incredibly easy, it’s a wonder we didn’t learn them as children. Still use Julia's cookbook. Looks absolutely delicious. Use less flour using fewer berries and more flour if using the full 2 cups or if very juicy. (nobody). ). I didn’t realize this until I made my own Clafoutis and realized that Clafoutis is what I had eaten on vacation! Lightly butter a medium-sized (1.8L or more) heatproof ceramic dish or enameled cast-iron pan. It’s a great recipe to use up just a little, for instance, one small package of raspberries (6 to 8 ounces) or more. I am off work.. ;-( but am taking advantage of the time to do "fun" things. That will ensure the batter sets up nicely and your clafouti doesn’t take on too much color from the fruit you use. It’s maybe best made for family and/or a friend or two. Again Aldi has great prices and know that berries are often on sale before any summer holiday. I’ve always wondered how to pronounce it, thank you. I'll bet some almond flour would be delicious in it, too! So make some Blackberry Clafoutis for breakfast sometime as well! So just to clear it up, here’s the proper pronunciation. I like cherry clafouti, but the mr. loves cherries, so there are seldom any left for baking before he eats them all. I used it when I turned over a package of strawberries only to find a little horror but managed to save the ones on top…I have no idea exactly how much that was! I love hosting because then I make sure to keep up on my visiting, lol!! She not only blogged about this project, but wrote a Book, which was then made into the film. I learned more than I ever wanted to from the hundreds of comments on this recipe, but since it’s a “thing” being a famous recipe and all, I’ve gone back and found Julia’s recipes in print, below. Cracks are to be expected; it will sink as cools. It’s a perfect breakfast or brunch dish because it is mostly milk, eggs and fruit and is not as sweet as most desserts. Place the milk, 1/3 cup granulated sugar, eggs, vanilla, salt and flour in a blender. Love the apricot blackberry combo! Stay safe, hun! I’ll never get it!! The weirdness doesn’t stop there, though. I can’t pronounce it but it sure looks delicious! By clicking "I Accept" or clicking on a link on this Website, you consent to the use of cookies. and then. we buy things by the punnet here but only certain fruits! I love love love your blog -- these photos of the food have really inspired me to take photos of my cooking. We are on the same wavelength this week. Have you read My Life in France by Julia Child? Mine too!! Hi Jhuls!! In a blender, mix the following ingredients on High speed for about 1 minute, until smooth and frothy:  milk, half of the sugar, eggs, vanilla, salt and flour. Make them, use them, love them. I agree - the movie looks like a must-see. I haven’t had this before, I think, but if you are saying it’s a cross between a cake and a pudding, then I am sure I’ll love it! I adore Julia and have had so much fun reminiscing, watching old French Chef episodes, and remembering how much my family enjoyed watching Meryl Streep's portrayal of her in Julie and Julia. I miss Julia's burbly warble on tv. Please try again. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. I’m so glad to bring back some memories…and you know exactly, then, how people look at you when you say clafoutis, lol!! Preheat oven to 350F. My youngest daughter and I are planning to see it together. Hope you can stay tuned! oh ha ha how funny! And yup, I have a post for that, too. Learn more here. Your comment could not be posted. I adapted my recipe from the New York Times (they have waived subscription on thousands of their recipes which I love). I read the book several years ago when it first came out and I absolutely loved it, and Sarah has actually met Julia Child. For the record, we use all seven of these dishtowels constantly in our little pleasant kitchen, and my original plan to keep them permanently in the living room, and not let them anywhere near the kitchen or a dish — I got over that the first time I went to reach for a new dishtowel and found the regular ones all in the laundry. Can't WAIT for the Julia Child movie, I even love the trailer! You’ll want to mix up the batter in a blender (a whisk works, too, but I like the blender versions better) then pour a little into a well-buttered (that’s key or it will stick and not come out easily) dish. I just finished it, and it is a wonderful acoount of how Julia learned to cook and how she became a "cookery bookery" author as well as tv star.

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