Periodic monitoring to gather vegetation and land use trends in the sagebrush transition zone may be needed to identify threats and prevent loss of habitat. Learn more ››. 1999). This assessment … 0000001187 00000 n CommentNarrow Specialist. Back and rump brown, the latter streaked with black (Rotenberry et al. Partners in Flight (PIF) identifies the Brewer’s Sparrow as a Regional Concern Species and a Common Bird in Steep Decline. A total of 15 Brewer’s Sparrows were counted in North Dakota during two summers of field work, or were recorded in 7.4% of the sites surveyed. The vast majority of their population lives in urban areas. Forage in tall, live shrubs or on ground for alfalfa weevils, aphids, caterpillars, beetles, or seeds. CommentRecovery of sagebrush communities may take 30+ years. 0000001486 00000 n Sagebrush, brushy plains; also near treeline in Rockies; in winter, also weedy fields. You can easily create a free account. A sagebrush obligate, Brewer’s Sparrow is closely associated with shrub communities dominated by big sagebrush. Sagebrush landscapes play a critical role in the hydrologic cycle of the … It is included on the National USFWS Birds of Conservation Concern list and BCR 17. Adapted to arid environments year-round (sagebrush in summer; desert grasslands in winter), Brewer’s Sparrows can go weeks without drinking. 161 p. Werner, J.K., B.A. The Brewer’s Sparrow is typical of the Spizella group of sparrows: dainty and slim, with a long, notched tail, short rounded wings, and a small, sharply conical bill. 0 <<54B144325A71FA4DB62D6367D17185B1>]>> Please enter your name. %%EOF In sagebrush areas in central Montana, Brewer's Sparrows nested in sagebrush averaging 16 inches high (Best 1970). Invasion of non-native grass or forb species (e.g. Division of Biological Services. ScoreB - Narrow. Brewer’s Sparrow abundance decreased significantly with increasing well density/km² in Wyoming (Gilbert and Chalfoun 2011). 387 0 obj <>stream trailer Here is a to the audio instead, ScoreG - 200,000-2,500,000 km squared (about 80,000-1,000,000 square miles), Comment380,531 square kilometers based on Natural Heritage Program range maps that appear on the Montana Field Guide, ScoreD - Moderate Decline (decline of 25-50%). All rights reserved, the state of North Dakota. 0000002880 00000 n H��VkoG����OőfȒ�����0��*�*j�CLp����;�Cb��؅����;��5Z8�?�J���*�(���)z�Y���7�m���J-H�zv�ɓr q+E0nb2���r�_H�J��P�B{v��I���s������nV����=:-~(���c�@���M�)Z�. Boulder, CO: University Press of Colorado. They differ from birds in the rest of their range in having darker upperparts and bills, with more contrast to the underparts and facial pattern. endstream endobj 373 0 obj <>/Metadata 370 0 R/Pages 364 0 R/StructTreeRoot 144 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 374 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC]>>/Type/Page>> endobj 375 0 obj <>stream You may also spot a small, gray-brown bird unobtrusively foraging within or on the ground below a clump of sagebrush. startxref Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: Your request to send this item has been completed. Adults are dusky gray-brown, with grayish underparts, a thin white eyering, and a streaked nape. Habitat Evaluation Procedures Group. Brewer’s Sparrows are at first glance so subtly marked that they’ve been called the “bird without a field mark.” These streaky, gray-brown sparrows are notable for their reliance on sagebrush breeding habitat, and their plumage is elegantly tuned to their muted, gray-green home. Habitat suitability index models : brewer's sparrow, by Henry L. Short Resource Information The item Habitat suitability index models : brewer's sparrow, by Henry L. Short represents a specific, individual, material embodiment of a distinct intellectual or artistic creation found in Indiana State Library . In sagebrush areas in central Montana, Brewer's Sparrows nested in sagebrush averaging 16 inches high (Best 1970). About the size of a Black-capped Chickadee; noticeably smaller and slimmer than a Song Sparrow. Brewer’s Sparrows are dusky gray-brown, with grayish underparts and a thin white eyering. 0000000616 00000 n Key Areas and Conditions for Brewer's Sparrow in North Dakota. 0000003480 00000 n In central Montana, an average of 37 breeding pairs were found per 100 acres. x�b```f``:��$�13 �0P��9�x�@,(��(P��ѣBb;��'��E��Z��_D��xভ�xHC~�伅G��� In sagebrush areas in central Montana, Brewer's Sparrows nested in sagebrush averaging 16 inches high (Best 1970). 0000243684 00000 n Occurs in North Dakota from May to mid-September. Thin, white eyering is not always obvious. Please enter the message. The oldest known Brewer’s Sparrow was at least 5 years, 2 months old when it was recaptured and rereleased at a banding site in Colorado. 1999). Copyright © 2001-2020 OCLC. 1999). Publication No. Brewer’s Sparrows live in the arid sagebrush steppe of the interior West of North America, where they are the region’s most abundant bird. May also occasionally occur in juniper woodlands. Maxell, D.P. CommentSagebrush cover drastically reduced in Montana (25-50% decline) since European arrival. Species matures quickly, reproduces frequently, and/or has high fecundity such that populations recover quickly (< 5 years or 2 generations) from decreases in abundance; or species has high dispersal capability such that extirpated populations soon become reestablished through natural recolonization (unaided by humans).

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