This House is resolved that communism was better than capitalism for Russia. R R › « » » » Ï Ï Ï Ï 8 $ + Ä Ï œ $ ï ÿ L K K K K K K ? is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. Simply stated, a “case” consists of one or more arguments supporting the Prime Minister’s interpretation of the motion. Find articles and treatises about debate in the 'DEBATE RESOURCES AND REFERENCES' section of this site. This House believes that we have sold our souls for gain. This House believes you can’t handle the truth. This House believes that the truth is out there. First, in most ordinary situations, the Leader of the Opposition should explicitly accept the definition and interpretation of the motion as presented by the Prime Minister. This House believes that President Clinton should/should not be forced to face civil charges while in office. Our amendments have been few and minor. Use this site as reference for learning debate and adjudication. This House would dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee. This House would have a new song for America. $! 1. This House would put pragmatism before its principles. is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. The question is debated. This House believes that convicted rapists are as bad as murderers and should be sent to prison for life. This House believes that the United States should/should not start a dialogue with the Front for the Islamic Salvation of Algeria. Normally MPs will speak only once in a debate, although they may 'intervene' with a brief comment on another MP's speech. One of the most effective ways is to identify the most crucial issues in the debate and discuss how each side has dealt with each. Page 8 of 8. This House believes that space exploration and development should be an international priority. Second, the Member of Government should continue refuting arguments made by the First Opposition team. e aö f4 ğ ñ ( c ˜ Ì î } r r r r r r In many cases, the Prime Minister will state that the First Proposition team will have a certain number of arguments and that some will be presented in this speech and the Deputy Prime Minister will present the rest. This House would develop a strategy rather than a theory. Hey, my name is Peter and I’m the author of this website and all the content on this page. If you wo. Celebrating people who have made Parliament a positive, inclusive working environment. Prime Minister The debate begins with a seven-minute speech by the Prime Minister. Remember, the Prime Minster has the right to define the motion and the responsibility to do so in a reasonable fashion. This House believes that advertising degrades the quality of life. Second, the Leader of the Opposition should refute part or all of the Prime Minister’s arguments for the motion. ! $1$ If gd¬Y"  kd® $$If –e 4Ö Ö0 60 ú Ö0 ö ö Ö ÿ ÿÖ ÿ ÿÖ ÿ ÿÖ ÿ ÿ2Ö x 2Ö : 4Ö 4Ö This House is resolved that affirmative action is unfair. This House believes that capitalism is detrimental to social justice. This House believes that developing nations need strong dictatorship. The rules and structure of a debate The format that the UK predominantly debates in is British Parliamentary (BP). This House believes that collectivism is better than individualism. This House believes when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true. This House believes that winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing. This House believes that the First Amendment applies to the internet. This House believes that we learned everything we needed to know in kindergarten. They should consist of the most persuasive reasons that the Leader of the Opposition can present to convince the audience to reject the proposition. Finally, the Member of Opposition should present an extension—an argument consistent with, yet different from that presented by the First Opposition team. Sometimes points of information are made to force an opponent to clarify a position but more commonly, they are made to attempt to undermine an argument being made by the speaker. Sign up for the Your Parliament newsletter to find out how you can get involved. • This House would prohibit professional atheletes from competing in Olympic Games. 3 B E G U W q € ƒ … “ • ® ¥ ¦ { “ ´ úöìöß×ßúöÏÈÏÈÀȸȸÈÀȸȸÈÀȸȸÈÀȸȸÈÀȸȸÈÀȸȸÈÀȸȸÈÀȸȸÈöìö°ú hïX¦ h¬Y" 5�h{o h¬Y" H*h{o h¬Y" 6�h{o h¬Y" h{o h¬Y" 5�h"4ì h¬Y" 5�j h"4ì h¬Y" 5�U j h¬Y" 0J Uh¬Y" h¬Y" 5� B ( L u v w l

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