Material Safety Data Sheet Calcium chloride, ACS - 4 - Evaporation Rate: Not available Viscosity: Not available Boiling Point: Not available Freezing/Melting Point: 175°C Decomposition Temperature: Not available Solubility in water: Soluble Specific Gravity/Density: Not available Molecular Formula: CaCl2.2H2O Molecular Weight: 147.01 Section 10 - Stability and Reactivity Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited, LLC is a leading supplier of ice melt, decier and snow removal tools with locations in Bethesda, Silver Spring and Cambridge, Maryland. Our ComboTherm(Calcium Chloride mixed with Sodium Chloride) is way less expensive than Calcium Chloride on its own, yet it melts in much colder temperatures than rock salt by itself. Calcium chloride is relatively harmless to plants and soil. We buy and sell in bulk and we try to offer you the best prices in the area. Generally, we would recommend getting the ComboTherm blend, because it is not much more expensive than rock salt, but it is going to melt at those lower temperatures. Solutions of calcium chloride can prevent freezing at temperatures … By depressing the freezing point of water, calcium chloride is used to prevent ice formation and is used to de-ice. Not only do you use less of it, but Calcium Chloride does not negatively impact plant life as drastically as Sodium Chloride. Boiling point - the temperature at which a liquid turns into a gas; Melting point - the … Rock salt only melts down to 20°F, or a full 40°F difference. As a deicing agent, it is much more effective at lower temperatures than sodium chloride. Calcium Chloride is the Nascar of ice melts while Rock Salt is just “Driving Miss Daisy.” Calcium Chloride works fast to pull water in and change the melting point of the water, and so when speed is necessary, Calcium Chloride is hands down your best option. Calcium Chloride is the Nascar of ice melts while Rock Salt is just “Driving Miss Daisy.” Calcium Chloride works fast to pull water in and change the melting point of the water, and so when speed is necessary, Calcium Chloride is hands down your best option. Most of the northern states of the US easily dip below 20°F during the winter. As stated earlier calcium chloride has umpteen number of usage. When distributed for this use, it usually takes the form of small, white spheres a few millimeters in diameter, called prills. Holy Guacamole, rock salt is cheap. By reducing the melting point of the water, calcium chloride prevents the formation of ice. It is difficult to prepare pure anhydrous CaCl 2 since it easily absorbs water and is readily hydrolyzed. Sometimes it feels like you need to dump 5 lbs of rock salt on a small patch of ice just to see it melt. When we compare the two, you will quickly find, there is no “winner.”  Instead, it is a matter of using the right tool for the job, and sometimes it is a blend of the two materials that provides the maximum benefit. If you are in Maryland, the DC area, or would like a shipment, feel free to give us a call! Rock Salt is relatively easy to find throughout the world and it is easy/inexpensive to extract for use. Two of the best loved tools to fight winter are Calcium Chloride and Sodium Chloride/Rock Salt. The diverse physical and chemical properties of calcium chloride make it a very useful compound for various industries. We are glad you asked. Melting points - freezing points - Documents giving melting or freezing point of elements and different kind of chemical species at varying conditions; ... calcium chloride water freezing point density specific heat dynamic viscosity boiling point ; Sponsored Links . Calcium Chloride can melt the water in lower concentrations meaning you will have to spread a lot less on to get rid of that same patch of ice. The value of melting point of this compound is 772°C. Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited, LLC. Calcium chloride dihydrate, puriss., meets analytical specification of Ph. If you want the best ice melting product out there, definitely choose calcium chloride, you can’t do better. Read this ScienceStruck article to know more about calcium chloride. If you are very concerned about the environment, first, make sure you are ONLY spreading enough ice melt product to melt the ice (over-salting is generally a bigger problem than which product you choose). environmentally friendly ice melt product, Calcium Chloride vs Calcium Magnesium Acetate. There are times when sodium chloride just won’t cut it. Yes, blending both together gives you some of the benefits of both! It is cheap, cheap, cheap. This is the reason why rock salt is the primary ice fighting product at homes and on highways, it is the most cost effective way to prevent accidents and injuries during winter events when temperatures stay above 20°F. Sodium Chloride is one of the most caustic ice melts out there not only on plants, but on concrete as well. Eur., USP, FCC, E509, 99-103%, <=0.0001% Al Calcium chloride dihydrate, suitable for cell culture, suitable for insect cell culture, suitable for plant cell culture, >=98%

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