The interaction of cyanamide with alcohol is well-known. Calcium cyanamide also functions in other facets in addition to being a fertilizer. In all cases of accidental exposure to calcium cyanamide, call the Poison Control Center. It is prepared starting from a reaction of calcium carbide with gaseous nitrogen at about 900-1000 ° C, in special electric arc furnaces. This preliminary note concerns the use of calcium cyanamide as a fertiliser and its potential to pose an unacceptable risk to human health and/or the environment. The fertilizer calcium cyanamide helps plants to reach high yields, thus maximizing profits for farmers. This process happens relatively speedily, and depending on the soil temperature takes between 1 to 4 days. As a result, acetaldehyde, a decomposition product of alcohol (! Therefore there is neither an accumulation in the body nor any long-term damage. In particular this effect promotes the valuable lower grasses that provide for a dense sod/turf in the pasture. The chemical is applied directly to the soil, where it breaks down into ingredients that are beneficial to plan growth. Nitrogen fertilizer with beneficial side effects: Calcium cyanamide has one particular feature that distinguishes it from other nitrogen fertilizers. A special feature of calcium cyanamide is its delayed nitrate formation, which largely protects it from leaching losses. 10 days), during which phase the calcium cyanamide in the soil works to counteract the eggs and larvae of pasture parasites. Soluble calcium in water 60%, derived from cyanamide. The calcium cyanamide converts in the soil over various stages into ammonium nitrogen. This process proceeds very rapidly even at low temperatures: with adequate moisture and good soil contact for the fertilizer granules - by working in the fertilizer to a shallow depth, for example – practically all of the nitrogen is available as cyanamide in the soil solution after just one day! ), accumulates temporarily in the blood, leading to dizziness, nausea and hot flashes. We must always take into account that it is a toxic product : it must not be used in the organic vegetable garden and anyone who decides to use it must use precautions. What Are the Benefits of Bat Guano Fertilizer? It is dissolved in the soil water and through the soil water accesses the roots, where it is taken up into the plant. In addition, soil acidification is prevented. Calcium cyanamide contains nitrogen (19.8%) almost exclusively in the form of a calcium cyanamide bond. 10 days), during which phase the calcium cyanamide in the soil works to counteract the eggs and larvae of pasture parasites. Cyanamide taken into the body is completely degraded in the body within 24 hours, and the degradation products excreted in the urine. The nitrogen fertilizers provided contain various forms of nitrogen in different combinations and proportions. The lime (calcium carbonate) content is so small that it cannot counter the acidifying effect of the nitrogen, so CAN has a slight acidifying effect on the soil. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. It is not typically used in home gardens. Calcium cyanamide is the only fertilizer whereby the calcium cyanamide in the soil passes through the so-called cyanamide phase (max. To give you a summary answer: calcium cyanamide is a chemical that is not allowed in organic farming . This chemical is used as fertilizer and is commercially known as nitrolime. The high nitrate portion involves a certain risk of leaching and can also lead to elevated nitrate levels in pasture grass. The ammonium is retained in the soil by the clay minerals and is not at risk of leaching. The lime content is over 50% and is, moreover, extremely reactive. The incompatible phase of calcium cyanamide acts only in the top 3 to 4 cm of the soil, affecting as a result most of the weeds that have germinated from seeds and even small weeds. Functional Chemicals; Product Summary. Calcium cyanamide 156-62-7 Hazard Summary Calcium cyanamide is used as a fertilizer, pesticide, and in the manufacture of other chemicals. It has to first pass through the conversion stages in the soil described above before it is finally available as ammonium nitrogen and nitrate for the plants. if nitrogen is not given as nitrate when used as a fertilizer but rather in the form of urea (= ureic nitrogen or amide nitrogen) it must first be converted to ammonium nitrate in order to be absorbed by the roots. A part of it binds to the clay and humus in the soil. With these fertilizers the ammonium conversion is delayed. Protective gloves, goggles and a breathing mask are required for those who work directly with calcium cyanamide. Remains of the fertilizer granules which you can still see lying on the soil are the lime and carbon portion of the fertilizer. What is important is the carbamide nitrogen as contained in urea, or the ammonium and the nitrate nitrogen as contained in calcium ammonium nitrate. Using it during cultivation would risk damaging the plants. Unintentional absorption of cyanamide can therefore take place only through the inhalation of dust or prolonged contamination through the skin. Suffice it to say that the chemical reactions that cause it can also be used as herbicide. However, when calcium cyanamide is used in the garden properly it is unlikely that a sufficient amount of dust to trigger this unpleasant reaction would be inhaled. Calcium Cyanamide is a chemical compound used in industrial agricultural fertilizers.

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