See FAQs. For example, if you have speed in mph (miles per hour), time should also be in hours. Some fruit plants can have a high chill hour requirement (like some apples, cherries, etc. sautesmom Sacramento. Comparing that to the chart tells me that my area experiences a little under 400 chill hours using this method. Free online hours calculator. In these colder climates they can grow McIntosh apples with a 900 hour chill requirement or the Rome Beauty with 1000 hour chill requirement. Chill Hours with base temperature of 10ºC 9ºC 0 1 8ºC 0 2 7ºC 0 3. Page 2 6ºC 1 4 5ºC 2 5 4ºC 3 6 3ºC 4 7 2ºC 5 8 1ºC 6 9 0ºC 0 0 -1ºC 0 0 -2ºC 0 0 For kiwifruit and apples a base temperature of 7ºC is often used in the calculation of Chill Hours. Any of the methods detailed here will at least get you on the right track. Follow us on Twitter If you have a particularly hot and dry summer in you area it can stress trees beyond repair. Select the coldest one (usually July in Australia). UC Davis has calculators for many California counties here. One way to calculate chill hours is to count the number of hours with a temperature below 7°C (45°F). Next you will use this data to calculate the average temperature for your coldest month (or two months for high chill areas). Calculating Chilling Hours: Method 1: Chilling hours were calculated by counting the number of hours between 32 and 45 degrees F, from October 1st through February 28th/29th. So far I have not been successful in finding a Georgia-specific map on average chill hours, but I did run across several other sources of information that you might find useful. : Historical Date of First and Last Frost and Chilling Hour Data For my area I have a July (Australia’s coldest month) mean maximum of 21.2°C and a mean minimum of 7.6°C so my average July temperature is 14.4°C. You will have to select a weather station, just pick the closest one to your property. This model assigns different chill units to different temperature situations to give a much more complete chill hours picture. Search. Please excuse another California-centric post, but if you're in the Golden State and like to geek out on keeping track of your chilling hours between November 1 through end of February. It was found that low chill varieties required a different kind of chill compared to the high chill varieties early methods were based off. Metrics that are calculated are Chilling Hours, Chill Units according to the Utah Model, Chill Portions according to the Dynamic Model and Growing Degree Hours. And customers have told us that sometimes they get 2 crops a year from these generous apple trees. You simply find the mean temperature of your coldest month (January in the northern hemisphere and July in the southern hemisphere) and use it to read the chill hours from a linear chart. The Utah model is the most popular of the more complicated models, at least for high chill varieties. Compare the average temperature in your area to the chart below to calculate the number of chill units you get in your area. Mr. Homegrown. ). This will give you an average temperature for that period. A chilling unit in agriculture is a metric of a plant's exposure to chilling temperatures. If using this method for high chill areas and varieties then the average of the two coldest months is used (January-December in the northern hemisphere and June-July in the southern hemisphere). Use the same method as step 1, but change it from minimum to maximum average temperature in the input field. There are similar sites all over the world and most countries will have recorded historical data that you can use. You will often hear these trees referred to as low and high chill varieties, with a medium chill variety being somewhere in the middle. I needed this information. Chilling Accumulation: Its Importance and Estimation. Click the bubble of the closest station and write down the Station ID shown at the top (for example, KCALAKES1).

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