Wouldn’t this be great for a make & take class! Were you lucky enough to get a bottle or 2 of Citrus Bloom? By making these yourself, you can be assured this is a safe, non-toxic repellent for mosquitoes and other flying insects. DIY Christmas Scented Candles With Essential Oils, Homemade Thanksgiving Potpourri with Essential Oils, Large Pot that will fit your metal pitcher (or metal container you are using). I have an absolute love for Grapefruit essential oil at the moment. Continue reading Buddha Wood Rollerball Blends. This year, my girls started piano lessons, so Glenn and I sit outside chatting quietly whilst they are in their lessons, but there are always lots of mozzies. The complex answer is it is different for each person since everyone’s body is different. Required fields are marked *. Do you smell a chocolate undertone when you smell dōTERRA’s insect repellent blend, TerraArmour? Once the wax is completely hardened, you can trim the wick, and it is ready to light. Add the number of drops of essential oils needed in the recipe to the roller bottle. Please do not ask me for medical advice. Once wax is completely melted, remove from heat and stir in the coconut oil. https://www.recipeswithessentialoils.com/energizing-roller-blend These are some of the top recipes I use with my own family, friends, customers, and clients daily! They are tried and true, and cover a lot of areas people need support in the most. It’s also a great way to detox our bodies, and a digestive tonic. Use a pencil or bamboo skewers to tie the wick around and place over the jar. dōTERRA’s proprietary blend called Whisper works with our individual chemistry to create our own personal signature pure-fume. A simple solution and a general rule of thumb for an adult is to use anywhere from 20-30 drops of essential oils. I suggest checking it out to see the types of books and courses I’ve read over the last couple of years that have helped me learn how to use essential oils safely and effectively. But, did you know that citronella is much more than that? Continue reading Grapefruit Rollerball Blends. I keep an updated list of all the essential oil supplies and natural living products I recommend. Once the wax is completely melted, remove from heat and stir in the coconut oil. Another way we use it, is to add 20 drops into a 50ml spray bottle with cool boiled water and a pinch of salt, and spray away. I find I always feel better whenever I drink it. Essential Oils for Mosquitos & Homemade Repellent Spray Recipe https://www.simplyreeni.com/essential-oil-rollerball-recipes I love having options, and playing with blends so that we don’t ‘smell like insect repellant’ but rather smell like a divine pure-fume (aka perfume). I was completely drawn to using it in pure-fumes as a top note with a difference. dōTERRA’s Buddha Wood has this amazing smoky woody aroma. Your email address will not be published. Continue reading Black Spruce Rollerball Blends. I love hearing your feedback! Turn heat down to medium stirring occasionally until all the wax is melted. I find it utterly addictive. They are such a great alternative when used correctly. Related: Learn how to make essential oil recipes plus get access to 150+ non-toxic recipes for the whole family! Related: Get More Calming Roller Bottle Recipes, Related: How to Naturally Reduce Stress with Essential Oils. I am however pleased to say that it’s since grown on me. Continue reading Whisper Rollerball Blends. New to essential oils? Add in 30-50 drops of citronella essential oil. Place the metal container into a large pot of water and bring to a boil. Personally, I feel it’s from the combination of Arborvitae and Vanilla Bean Absolute. make sure you refer to the correct dilutions. As you can see, they cover a variety of ways to support your body throughout the day. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, it simply allows me to continue creating these posts. Those are the top 5 essential oil roller bottle recipes to have on hand to support your health! Pour the wax into a metal pitcher or metal can. All of My Best-Selling Guides for One Low Price! If you make our Rollerball Recipes, please share on social media and tag us. Nowadays, I like the spicy base note depth it adds to blends. Once the wax is completely hardened you can trim the wick, and it is ready to light. Plus, I love how you can create custom blends depending on your specific needs. Continue reading Tranquil Rollerball Blend. Citronella has been used for years to repel insects during the summer months. This process is so easy, and one that reminds me each time how much I love using natural solutions to support my health! *This post about essential oil rollerball recipes contains affiliate links. Thank you for your love and support! Checkout my getting started with essential oils guide! Continue reading Turmeric Rollerball Blends. 3 drops lavender essential oil. This pure-fume blend is an example of one of those thank you gifts. It has been used by our First Australians for many years for it’s powerful properties. One of my favorite ways to use essential oils is by creating essential oil roller bottles. There are certain simple steps to take in order to create these oil roller bottle recipes. Looking for more essential oil education? “Bug Repellent” Roller Bottle Recipe. Here are the few materials that are needed for the recipes: Once you have these tools, you are ready to start creating the essential oil rollerball recipes! I do. © 2020 | SIMPLY REENI 119 S LYMAN ST #819 WADSWORTH, OH 44282|ProPhoto Custom Blog. © Essential Olie 2019. I find it incredibly refreshing. I often receive compliments when I wear this blend as a pure-fume. I managed to get 1, but wished I brought at least 1 more bottle, as I can’t get enough of it. It was another story when I got my first bottle, as I was slightly repulsed by the smell.

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