Classify soil types from the determination of their basic soil properties. This module provides learners with a prospect to develop the skills needed to devise and implement a project scope, scheme of work, critically analyse and present the project. Evaluate the effectiveness and productivity level of business operations. It is concerned with managing the transformational processes that convert inputs (in the form of materials, labour and energy) into outputs (in the form of goods and services). Course Timing. Describe the link between operations management and strategic planning. National University of Singapore (NUS) Singapore. Civil Engineering courses in Singapore - Hide. This module will aim to teach learners geology of Singapore & ground investigation, classification of soils, basic soil properties, groundwater flow, Darcy’s law and permeability measurement. This module also covers the skills required to test soils to current codes of practice and the associated analysis of laboratory data. Skills in the correct use and application of calculus are enhanced by introducing learners to partial differentiation and the application and solution of differential equations. This module will enhance learners’ application of trigonometry, algebra, calculus and statistics. Construction & Civil Engineering Technology 2. Diploma in Civil Engineering. Learners will develop skills in data gathering and analysis by considering the common forms of distribution. Learners will discuss the significance of the ground investigation element of site investigation. Learners will understand the main requirements of an effective health and safety policy and its successful implementation in the workplace. Programme Overview. To view part-time course fees, please click here. 15 courses in Civil Engineering are offered by 7 institutions in Singapore. Learners are encouraged to work with real-life examples and develop the skills needed to produce effective and economic designs. Click to view details on payment mode, please click here. Learners will also develop skills to carry out evaluations of their group project and be able to present solutions. Autodesk. It includes the responsibility of ensuring that all business/organisational operations are efficient in terms of minimising costs by using as few resources as possible, and effective in terms of maximising quality and meeting customer requirements. Check out the list of universities. DIPLOMA IN CIVIL ENGINEERING WITH BUSINESS (DCEB - S68) OVERVIEW. This module provides learners with an understanding of standard methods and techniques used in complex civil engineering activities. Adopt systematic approach to soli analysis and testing. BIM Fundamentals for Engineers. Admission is subjected to these institutions or universities entry requirement the point of application. Filter By Course Location. Click to view details on Fees Protection Scheme (FPS), please click here. The Higher Diploma in Construction & Civil Engineering is a broad-based course that provides students with in-depth knowledge in civil engineering within the context of a construction environment. Implement the research project within agreed specification. Apply the use the energy management technology and equipment, Know the design or processing of harnessing clean energy, Discuss how clean energy can be used to substitute costly and pollutant energy resources. This module aims to teach skills to analyse and design mathematically derived structures in compliance with current codes of practice and standards. Course Location (6) All Singapore; Central (19) West (2) + View More. Learners will design common structural elements to the appropriate Singapore Standard code of practice and British Code of Practice. To develop learners’ skills of independent enquiry and critical analysis by undertaking a continued research investigation of direct relevance to their Higher Education programme and professional development. The scheme of work should give individual learners an opportunity to take responsibility for their contribution to the outcome and exhibit their ability to work as a team. It also helps the learner to identify and analyze Engineering design problems and to communicate effectively. Students will be exposed to various types of civil engineering works, including case studies of building and civil engineering projects in Singapore and overseas. This module provides learners with skills to classify soil types and establish primary design parameters for soils. Learners will draft risk assessments to counter health and safety issues in the built environment. all subject areas. In this course, you will acquire these skills through industry based projects, case studies and assignments. Search for Civil Engineering institutions in Singapore and start your trip abroad now. This module has been designed to enable learners studying construction or civil engineering to explore scientific principles and the behaviour of materials used in the construction and built environment sector. Rate it! 15 courses in. 70% assignments 30% examination for 2 modules. This module focuses on the skills required to analyse construction designs and appraise statistically determined structures. Your training in Civil Engineering is within the context of a business environment since a successful technologist or engineer should also possess good business sense. To know how to create a project scope and scheme of work. All Singapore ; Central (19) West (2) North ; North East ; East ; Choose an Area. Singapore. Read more Appreciate the methods and techniques used in tunnelling activities, Apply the methods and techniques used in hydraulic structures, Appreciate and apply the methods and techniques used in marine works, Recognise the methods and techniques used in highway construction and railway works.

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