In each chapter you learn 8 key phrases that you will use every day. Medical Spanish course designed specifically for hospital nurses. 4-day intensive Workshops in several major cities in the U.S. and México. This is not merely conversational Spanish with a “Medical Component”, consisting of some medical terms and vocabulary, but is expressly and exclusively designed for Healthcare professionals’ immediate practical application with their patients. R ios Associates has been teaching CME Medical Spanish and Cultural Competency Workshops since 1983, in both the United States and Mexico. Medical Spanish is a skill of clinically competent and culturally adaptable Spanish linguistics. Wondering about the look and feel of course materials ? ©2020 Copyright Rios Associates. The workshop and material are expressly designed for The Healthcare Professional. Webinars/Personalized One On One (internet courses). If so, we offer a MED-Spanish On-line option and a great immersion program that is the only existing MEDICAL ORGANIZATION* in México, that provides increased cultural awareness and international/global health experiences for physicians and health practitioners seeking CME, medical students (1&2), (MS4) and residents who are looking for electives, as well as nurses and pre … Learn Medical Spanish: Books, Certification, Online Classes, Immersion Trips, Interpreting & More Why learn medical Spanish? Created by an ED clinician, Essential EM Spanish is organized around the most common ED chief complaints and clinical presentations. Please check your entries and try again. Everything is designed to help you communicate with your (*Students and EMS personnel may contact to request an individual discount code.). Medical Spanish is a tool for health care providers to communicate with their Spanish speaking patients in a manner that ensures high quality, safely managed and accurately facilitated care. Please check your email for further instructions. This is all done through the use of humor, games, role-plays and many group interactions which provide for a dynamic, exciting and supportive learning experience for healthcare professionals. Thus, one can formulate and put together one's own questions, sentences and explanations for the patient. Have other questions or concerns? For each of the above sections you’ll learn all the Spanish you need to take a history, guide a physical exam, and explain your plan for testing, treatment, and disposition to the patient. Thanks for subscribing! Medical and general Vocabulary is introduced by visual association with the actual item, thus eliminating an entire and irrelevant translation step. Since 1983, Rios Associates has offered CME Medical Spanish and Cultural Competency workshops to doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, and other related positions. *The button above will take you to, where you can sign up for Essential EM Spanish. (A discount code may be applied at checkout, if applicable. Learn more... Conveniently brought to you. Complete Medical Spanish Book, Third Edition, Medical Dictionary English-Spanish / Spanish-English, Improve rapport and engagement with Latino patients, Promote preventive care and expand knowledge of culture bound syndromes, Learn more about the Latino culture and medical terminology in Spanish, Steps to secure a successful patient interview. The Hospitalito Atitlán 26-credit CME/CNE Spanish & Cultural Immersion Course will not only improve your medical Spanish, but also provide exposure to the culture and customs prevalent in Central America. ). Imagine yourself a year from now. Essential EM Spanish is organized around the 10 most common chief complaints in the Emergency Room, along with 4 bonus sections. Earn Continuing Medical Education credits in a beautiful destination that offers an immersion experience while improving Are you tired of struggling to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients? This simple and enjoyable Spanish for Medical Professionals course will give you the basic tools you need to bridge the communication gap. Rios Associates is now offering a category 1 AMA CME Medical Spanish Self-Study Program based on our McGraw-Hill’s Medical Spanish text and workbook with 45 Category 1 AMA CME Credits available. Or, with the help of this course, will you gain the confidence and skill you need to communicate clearly with them, resulting in an improved experience for both you and the patient? Use the “REGISTER/TAKE COURSE” tab to login or create an account. Do please take a look at further details of the medical Spanish program By starting today, you can build a skill set that will serve you for the rest of your career (and life). Learn more... Our mission is to better serve the Latino community by teaching medical Spanish and cultural competency to healthcare providers. Medical Studies Abroad provides Medical Spanish CME conferences for Physicians, PA's, NP's and CRNA's. Best Medical Spanish immersion program for healthcare: Earn CME & CE, Daily Spanish Classes, Health Education w/ Underserved, Host Family Stay, Learn more! If you don’t know a word, you can point to a related image for the patient. “Medical Spanish Made Incredibly Quick!” also offers a picture dictionary. Save even more when you purchase the package that includes all three competency levels. Rios Associates is now offering a category 1 AMA CME Medical Spanish Self-Study Program based on our McGraw-Hill’s Medical Spanish text and workbook with 45 Category 1 AMA CME Credits available. See samples and demos here. The course uses yes/no questions so you can easily understand the patient’s responses, and layman’s terminology so the patient can easily understand you. Created by an ED clinician, Essential EM Spanish is organized around common ED chief complaints and clinical presentations. This unique immersion training method is based upon the same concepts by which we learned our native tongue. Will you still feel frustrated when you encounter Spanish-speaking patients? Grammar terminology such as "indirect object pronoun" is essentially omitted; however the grammar is reinforced by constant repetition. Verbs are acted out rather than translated. The 40-hour medical Spanish curriculum, spread into 3 proficiency levels, perfect for all levels of learners from beginners to native speakers. Home » Courses Spanish for Medical Professionals Overview Each course course has 25 chapters. The course also uses a variety of learning tools to maximize your convenience and cater to any learning style. Whenever necessary, grammar concepts are explained in a simple, clear and concise manner. Experience, strategically developed materials, as well as caring, All our courses are approved for CME credits. You can truly master medical Spanish with the research-validated ACT pedagogy that naturally fits your learning curve. Do you wish you didn’t always need to wait for an interpreter (or just try to “get by” without one)? All rights reserved. Medical Spanish Immersion with Common Ground Int’l is The Best Way to Learn Medical Spanish and earn CME & CE credits! Something went wrong. You will receive the tests and filing instructions that are required to receive the CME’s via email once your order has been submitted through our “shop” section of the website when … ), The course materials are designed to guide you through, Bonus phrases (that didn’t fit on the main list), Spanish basics (pronunciation, numbers, time, common vocab, etc. The course materials are designed to guide you through every step of an ER visit. With increasing numbers of Spanish-speaking patients entering the healthcare system every year, it's more crucial than ever for health professionals to learn medical Spanish. Over 36 medical specialties are covered to meet your daily clinical needs. It has steadily developed, kept abreast of the newest and latest medical discoveries and research, while the materials are constantly being reviewed and updated. Doctor Joanna Ríos initially created the program's precepts for the National Health Service Corps during the 1980's. What are the primary components of our program? See the FAQ list here. The Medical Spanish eLearning Course Earn CME credits while learning medical Spanish at your own pace with these proven NIH-supported courses. Essential EM Spanish is the online CME course that will prepare you to confidently perform a complete H&P and explain testing, treatment, and disposition in Spanish. Each concept builds upon the previous one, allowing the student to understand how the language is structured while NOT simply memorizing phrases and questions.

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