It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. For a pizza with “bacon” in the name, we agreed it needs way more bacon than was on the pie we tasted. What is the trick to stopping this? We say: Bacon lovers unite! The thin crust remained tender and chewy, and the olive oil and garlic sauce was smooth and creamy so you can enjoy each flavor. With a flakey, buttery, handmade crust and Connie's signature ingredients, this is an all-natural deep-dish pizza that will bring out all the nostalgia of our Chicago roots. We say: Both the crust and the sauce were on the sweet side. And let’s face it, the box does claim it is “4 servings”. We say: A good option for those looking for gluten-free pizzas, though we wish it had a bit more cheese and was more consistent in its coverage of the crust. We say: This crust is paper thin, so the cauliflower is barely detectable. We use cookies on our website. And that ends up being over $5 a month! Calories 350 | Fat 15g | Sodium 1040mg | Carbs 38g | Protein 15g, Box says: “Beer cheese flavored sauce, sausage, mozzarella and cheddar cheese on a pretzel crust”. And the seven varieties all manage to meld well for a rich texture and flavor, yet you can taste the individual cheeses as well. Hours. The tangy sauce shines through despite the thick crust. I dome the entire pizza almost every time yet I still cut it before. So, in each of our meals, we dial up the taste. Pepperoni made with beef, chicken & pork.”. For instructions specific to your DIGIORNO pizza, check out Our Menu. To cook a frozen pizza at home, preheat your oven to the temperature specified by the instructions listed on the box. We say: Visually unappealing, the cheese saved this pie when it browned and melted nicely to give more texture. Calories 410 | Fat 22g | Sodium 870mg | Carbs 37g | Protein 15g, Box says: “All of our ingredients are prepared from scratch daily and then par-baked giving you the highest quality pizza with the freshest flavor possible.”. The crust crisps nicely and was tasty, and the mild and creamy beer cheese sauce was a delicious change of pace. With a flakey, buttery, handmade crust and Connie's signature ingredients, this is an all-natural deep-dish pizza that will bring out all the nostalgia of our Chicago roots. We say: The toppings shine atop this crispy cornmeal crust. Zesty sauce.”. Thanks. Original thin preservative-free crust. Overwhelmed? See where your favorite landed, and find a new one (or five) to try. -- Palermo's - A Family of Brands. To avoid oven spillage, place foil or pan on lowest oven rack. The reason is you don’t really have to cut it. I usually eat it shortly after though because it is calling me. One member of the team felt it was “pricey for what you get.”, Box says: “Made with 100% real cheese. Nevertheless, it was a tasty nibble. Tip: With cardboard removed place pizza on a flat clean metal surface to naturally speed thawing process. Jalapeno, applewood smoked bacon, mozzerella, cheddar, roasted garlic, bourbon barbecue sauce and malt crust”, We say: The box says it all -- this is damn good pizza. Pizza is finished when crust is golden brown, cheese is melted, and internal temperture reaches 165°. Kirkland Pepperoni Pizza Cooking Instructions On this episode Mr. Or like trial and error? A nice option for those seeking a healthier pie, but are not big fans of the vegetable. The “pepperoni” was rubbery and the “cheese” didn’t melt. Where we bought it: Nature’s Oasis (Shaker Heights location), $7.99, Box says: “Harvest tomato sauce, mozzarella, provolone, parmesan”. We say: This one looked nothing like the picture on the box once cooked. We say: Crunchy crust along the edges hosts a sweet sauce. It’s frozen and super processed so it will last quite a while. This process is going to vary depending on what brand of pizza you have because they have different radius and thicknesses that will cook faster or slower based on how hot your oven gets. To help you decide which frozen pizzas are worth the money and the calories, we conducted a taste test of 130 pizzas found in Greater Cleveland grocery store freezer cases. We say: One bite into this oversized slice, Cain was confident it would score well with everyone. Any suggestions? Box says: “Made with 100% real cheese. The entire team was big fans of this pizza. While the veggies are good, the sausage was the best! The dough would be soggy yet the fake cheese and 3D printed pepperoni on top would burn. No mystery in here. But is the crust wheat or sourdough? Red Baron also offers breakfast pizzas but you might have to be under the influence of a mind altering substance to seriously consider consuming one.

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