Use something non-metal to poke down the sauce and remove any air bubbles. Family members will gush over your homemade Sauce, made with all that love … and orange zest, orange juice, and lovely fresh cranberries … they can taste it in every bite. Best used within one year. Perfect for Christmas morning or a fancy brunch, these Orange Cranberry Scones are rich and buttery while still remaining light and soft. I should clean out my junk drawer more often. And that’s OK! Thank you Leslie for letting me share your work with not only the page but to have it be a part of our canning community for years to come! You can make this cranberry sauce to eat fresh or follow the canning directions to have home canned cranberry sauce without dirtying a single dish. Add NEW lids heated according to the manufacturer's directions, then add rings hand-tight. Final count – 13 half-pint jars, some of which are destined for Christmas gifts, one quart jar for Christmas dinner and one pint jar – not pictured – of leftover sauce, which was immediately placed in the fridge and which will be used tomorrow at lunchtime for Rosy Meatballs. The price keeps going up, though. Store in a dark cupboard. Back into the boiling water and let it bubble – 15 minutes for little half-pints. Jellied cranberry sauce was a staple of my childhood holiday memories, … Simmer and stir until all of the berries have popped. 4. Make sure to fill your water bath canner and get the water to a simmer. Makes about 1 pint. Remove to a towel on the counter. Just four ingredients make this easy and delicious Saucy Cranberry Chicken. The best homemade cranberry sauce recipe to compliment any holiday meal! But if you are buying that jellied cranberry sauce from a can, you are missing out on how good real cranberry sauce can be. If you are preserving at an altitude higher than 1,000 feet above sea level, adjust pressure pounds as indicated. While we love mom’s classic recipe, we also can’t wait to try these twists and changes to the stuffing we’ve always known. When it was boiling, I moved it off the stove. The tart flavor of these scarlet-hued berries pairs well with oranges and another great fall fruit, apples. don't have an online Add the cranberries and return to a boil. Remove from heat. This 3 ingredient Cranberry sauce made with orange juice is probably the most simple Thanksgiving side dish you will make this season. Quick note – this made a very sharp sauce. However, the orange and the apples are pretty sweet. All of that froth means that most of the berries have popped and released their yumminess. All MOTHER EARTH NEWS community bloggers have agreed to follow our Best Blogging Practices, and they are responsible for the accuracy of their posts. the INSPIRED home's mission is to inspire, inform and encourage you to make your house into a home, lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle and to create moments to celebrate and connect with your friends and family. Like to read more content, Join the Mother Earth News Community Today! Will keep for up to one year. Place filled jars in a water bath canner. 5. 4 1/2 pounds of berries is the maximum if you want the sauce to thicken and gel properly. Because I tried doing 10 pounds at once and I ended up with slightly gelled cranberry juice with floating berries. (Sauce will continue to thicken as it cools.) Truthfully, you can use any cranberry sauce recipe for canning. Want something satisfying on a cold day? … Prepare your cranberry relish chunky or blend for a smooth sauce and add spicy accents as desired. Combine Orange Juice, Sugar and Cinnamon in a large sauce pan. Hurrah for Ocean Spray and its corn syrup filled blobbiness! Taking a clean papertowel wet it with warm water and wipe the rims of the jars removing any food particles that would interfere with a good seal. If you want it sweeter, increase the sugar.

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