Dalby State High School - Class Reunion Websites. 6/8/2017, "Ttanks for your support. I just wanted to thank you and thought you should know how useful it is as it's made collecting information a lot easier." 9/14/2017, "We have been using the website for more than 10 years now. Best Classes     9/23/2017, "I love your service and will continue to support you." We had the best 50th reunion with the most attendees ever! It looks GREAT!" It's so easy to manage our reunion events!" 8/31/2017, "Our high school reunion was a great success and our site on ClassReport.Org was a HUGE help in that success! 9/25/2017, "Thanks guys, you are Good!!" 116 talking about this. Please enable scripts and reload this page. 9/11/2017, "Thank you for your assistance. Staff at both of the school’s campuses (Nicholson & Bunya) work closely together to deliver a unique learning experience to all students. Support. Looks good!" Enrolling at our school; Newly enrolled students; Curriculum. A Blue Star indicates 5/5/2018, "THANKYOU so much for handling this for us! We've had 7,900 hits in less than a year. I will spread the word!!" 8/7/2017, "We started this site back in 2004 for our high school and really appreciate all the help you have been to us." Address: 28 Nicholson Street, Dalby Qld 4405, Email for inquiries only: admin@dalbyshs.eq.edu.au, Email for student absences only: absences@dalbyshs.eq.edu.au, Visit Dalby State High School on Facebook, Address: 463 Bunya Highway, Dalby Qld 4405, Email for residential enquiries: admin@dalbyshsbunya.eq.edu.au. Classreport.org It's still the best website out there for classmates to meet, collect their info and advertise their reunions. The resources you have are very helpful! 7/11/2017, "Just want to send you a huge 'thank you' for your awesome website! This class reunion website is a complementary addition to your existing alumni resources. WebPartZone0_1. Mission and values; Rules and policies; Class times; Contact us; Enrolments. paid for by the Gold Star classes. If you have an original photo of the school, please send it to support@classreport.org. Dalby State High School is recognised as one of the state's most innovative and progressive secondary schools. Good job." Visit the Dalby State High School Bunya campus residential on Facebook. 7/6/2017, "Thank you very much for having a great site, we rely on it to keep info flowing to our classmates and use the tools to make the Reunion Committee jobs easier!" Address: 463 Bunya Highway, Dalby Qld 4405. Thank you and good luck in all your endeavors." 7/21/2017, "We had our 50th reunion in June. ClassReport.Org is by far the best platform on the Internet when it comes to high school reunions!" Bunya Campus was acquired by Dalby State High School at the start of 2011 and has since provided students who live out of the catchment area the opportunity to attend Dalby State High School and participate in all it has to offer as a boarding student. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Being on a fixed income I can't go to some alumni sites that charge sizable fees for every little snippet of info volunteered by the grads themselves. All funding is through voluntary contributions. It was a great success in large part due to the creation and use of the Classreport web site. It is a huge support in keeping track of everyone and getting the word out about reunions." WebPartZone1_2. generosity of contributing classes and class members. 8/30/2017, "Thanks for all of your help and the great web site you have. 4/27/2018, "Your site is amazing. the complimentary Blue and Green Star subscriptions listed below. completely free of charge. Email for residential enquiries: admin@dalbyshsbunya.eq.edu.au. Classreport.org provides free Class Reunion Websites for every graduating class of every high school… Home; Site Map; Contact us; About us. WebPartZone1_1. Setup Your Class     Visit the Dalby State High School Bunya campus residential on Facebook. you folks Rock!" 7/27/2017, "Thank you so much for doing this. Of our 379 classmates, we've located 322 and confirmed another 46 are deceased. Again, thank you for this awesome website." 10/3/2017, "Thanks for all your hard work and ingenious spirit." 2/9/2017 a Self-Funded Class which supports these class websites financially and provides for Our school. a complimentary subscription for 5 years following graduation which is Thanks for making available a great product that we will continue to use!" . 7/14/2017, "My name is Debbie and I'm a teacher. No Ads, No Spam, No Pop-Ups, No Fees. PublishingPageContent. . Your class site would not be possible without the Dalby State High School opened on 2 February 1954. Funding     6/8/2017, "Thank you . A Gold Star indicates Bravos   Saturday November 28, Does your High School Class have a full-featured Alumni Website? (Beginning 51 years after graduation.). The fact that you did this in a noncommercial manner in a world where everything has a price tag deserves recognition and respect, in my view. Wednesday November 25, 2020. classes. You have benefitted so many high school alumni in organizing their class reunions." It is a product of Classreport, Inc. and may not be affiliated with Dalby State High School or its alumni association. This class of ours has had a reunion every 5 years since graduation. 7/10/2017, "I want to thank you for running this site! Dalby State High School - Bunya Campus. We are so appreciative! Your class page at Classreport.org is Our Story     Page Content. Your site is amazing." We greatly appreciate your wonderful support." Thanks for inventing it all!" 8/6/2017, "I love Classreport! 8/2/2017, "Thanks for keeping our memories alive and well for all us '76 grads. There are no setup fees, no hosting fees, no We have a great response for our upccoming reunion events in September." a complimentary lifetime subscription which is paid for by the Gold Star FAQ This is an Australia-wide phone and internet service. I've posted a link to the website on our FB group page and vigorously encouraged other classmates to contribute"

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