2��*k�rӪ!fa:D)��/�'�HlXS This lesson includes a graphic organizer, writing frame, and class debate form, which work equally well with the short story or novel version. Create a statement related to that topic that is written in the affirmative, and then write the counter point. What else does the school provide? Each speaker in the debate gives a 5 min speech, in a zig-zag order: 1Prop, 1Opp, 2Prop, 2Opp, 3Prop, 3Opp. Got a 1:1 classroom? Choosing a Debate Topic Preview candidates, issues, expectations, and details about the location and moderators. %PDF-1.7 %���� Lesson Plans were prepared by Dee Burek, Middle School Educator at Stone Bridge Middle School (Allentown, NJ) and Garden State Debate League President. Help in guiding and developing novice debaters is an inherent part of the class work. Lesson Plan: History Debate . Evaluate candidates for political office. Debate Topics and Ideas For Teachers 6th - 12th. Love this lesson? Teachers' Guide to the Middle School Public Debate Program, For more information on the benefits of debate, see: Debating the Evidence, an ESU International Research Report, For further resources, visit www.middleschooldebate.com, East Coast High School Public Debate Program, Copyright ©2020 The English-Speaking Union of the United States. Showing 1 - 94 of 94 resources. endstream endobj startxref h�b```"FnAd`f`�sl�g�)���������y�ҕ���f�ͳ5N)0xt�v444�� ��f`Z��y�Xl^�Ď���,`�`Va``9�Pӕx@���ᔝ��X6F�3�] � .0d�T*c`*���˄���(D�a@� ��#} What do we receive? High School Debate Curriculum. Download fillable PDF versions of this lesson's materials below! Then ask students to reflect on the debate experience. The ESLDebates team we would like to thank you for downloading our free lesson plans and using them in your classroom. After the first mini-lessons are complete (whether you assign all or just one), assign your students to watch the upcoming presidential debate. h�ĚY�G��J>�Me�`Z,[0��Z�I>��e���j�]b�?绑ً-����TeT�q�sύlW�0���5=�y�!W=T�qpu�S��X����ՠB����MI##5y��Ƞ2T4S�CM� ���G�W�S�}^Ϊ:��~�ƶ�rp^�紶��V����OO�߶gW���g�/.Ϸg�G��q������ų�mN����ɳ��?���ۼ��~������'��q�y��q�����5��������������q���������x�����ޜ|x��lw��a�1���նy����� 6�y�}��n���q��m�z�{!��'g۷WC�>��}��%R�4Z��l�5>ٞ��>~�l�_��_����.�������n�����x�M�����g�K�qr��߼[�F�뾽8�������̓�۳�0nN����.4�����������T1� j���G0�4���ofcl�����Z���fz4�|����Lvrk?���8�QV���e���9i�����P�Sk�e�����MqTl[��Ǟ��N�d�t��}�R�֝gжK��7�:y�L��4$i!y�9����膠߹�!9����)��S��[e�[��:��'CQ]�G����ПI���F���\��5�癴Um�}h����hQu^��r��ڒB��$��d�a��A{Ѿ��8?��4'C&��&���Vd�&��&��,J�Ϊ���P�mt�Q}�ڴ)�e�PZ`�� �D�G��=�7�%�ȼ:|+̝M�� �$Y8��y?T�$i�t�h�HQ�4i� '�k��T��Zu��%HyѴƯ�~z�F��]Ʋ^���^�Q�A�$h��T @AJ�('Y�N:��O�j�ki�p��j�$pY�����1O�;�ISҮYF�+pi��g����,�{7I�ܼ��G�����Oh?��8��Z^ Lesson 1: Assertion, Reasoning, Evidence (ARE), ARE: Assertion Reasoning Evidence Lesson Plan, Debate Format Roles (Teacher Information), Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center (ARNIC), The English-Speaking Union National Shakespeare Competition, Secondary School Exchange: 2021 Application Now Available, Frankenstein: A Writing Contest from the ESU and The Morgan Library & Museum, National Shakespeare Competition Endowment Fund, Common Core State Standards: Language Arts, How Middle School Debate Meets the Common Core, Common Core State Standards: Speaking and Listening. Then ask students to reflect on the debate experience. Compare different perspectives and prioritize issues according to personal views. z?�B��ey���M���M�^+o�b�^����P#��dtNJQe��̓�Ȕ4F�^�� ���F���R�%gs#���:����s���)� |�$���R��a 7. Lesson 1: Assertion, Reasoning, Evidence (ARE) ARE: Assertion Reasoning Evidence Lesson Plan Track what the candidates say and how they say it. A Debate Against Slavery. Give non-verbal time cues to the debaters. Course Description: This is a general study of the techniques of interscholastic debate. Excellent two to three day plan that can be shortened, lengthened, and differentiated to suit your needs. Identify America's current political parties and illustrate their ideas about government. ��q&��g0e ٵץN���߬%yٞE�������`� ���e�R Show your students a map such as Reynolds Political Map of the United States, designed to exhibit the comparative area of the free and slave states, New York and Chicago, 1856. It is our mission to make lessons more informed, questioning, and intellectually gripping. Got a 1:1 classroom? Students are involved in detailed and extensive analysis of debate theory and technique with application of skills in competition. Who administers the program? 1. These questions should be responded to not by the Track what the candidates say and how they say it. Listen to a social studies song or watch a video. You may also want to prepare a list of debate guidelines and etiquette “rules” to ensure focus and order during the debate. Find Debate lesson plans and worksheets. ��m��@]��Y��J�e��� ��9H!����Ox|����樃G���� !a�kx��%/6�3|� �/Y����1[���ce(7���1���5�� k:O��)ތwSY�k�J�6.��˼�݌C�:�O}\A���+�b��֛q���b��C�m�By6:�@�Ţ9�����F�;�J�S���h �c5��#��dH�7�$0+Y���AsD�€3��z�v�^ǁq��t�!A����uJ�m?D}SDL�j�c�Bl'\$�=0I=��&� Y��Z+0ѼJ�;���� �K�����v�����9�80# np�歆j��!h�9�А0P _F�Z�L��p�!GRڅD��Y�r!�,G ��\(�4����z�C�����A�؉�������i�s߯�~RX�3{���3�'�N%�L�l&�0 VfcA*�,'�QT���E�p����9�k2%��}��'�8�4j3����PFI��ue�0�\�!E�e2�$ed�]����b��d`�US~l����b4�b��cTE�;�ˎ��������jᣈ�

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