Moreover, ever user has his own access permissions and password. These functions include playing games, accessing the Internet, running software and manipulating or viewing media like images, videos and music. Its ability includes hosting for the application of Remote Desktop and possesses a file system considered to be self-encrypting for guarding data against theft. THE FIVE TYPES OF COMPUTERS . Every user needs access to certain resources such as intranet websites, Internet gateways, email and databases. The micro-computers are widely used & the fastest growing computers. Below are some examples of their uses: Tablet Computers-The increased sales in tablet computers in 2010 such as the iPad, the touch-screen tablet from Apple, led Microsoft to develop new Windows versions. While a computer user at home only uses his PC to sort out his emails as well as play games on it, a certain business has to deal with network permissions as well as provide many users continuous access to resources which are shared. Day 6 Lesson Notes to be WRITTEN in YOUR JOURNAL:. These computers are the cheapest among the other three types of computers. One of the types of computer windows used in business computers is the ‘Windows XP Mode,’ a feature of ‘Windows 7 Professional,’that runs legacy software. Microsoft develops several Windows versions to meet the needs of its markets. One of the types of computer windows used in business computers is the ‘Windows XP Mode,’ a feature of ‘Windows 7 Professional,’that runs legacy software. The Micro-computers are specially designed for general usage like entertainment, education and work purposes. § It can execute a prerecorded list of instructions (a program). Types of Computers & Their Functions By Peyton Brookes Computer architecture includes several computer types. Each computer user has his individual preferences. Business Computers-Business computers have specific requirements as to the features they need which are not required by typical home computers. You will then be able to assess which version is more appropriate for your computer needs. Since servers have different functions compared to typical business computers, they need specific operating systems. Windows have differing features and accompany new features each time a new edition is released. Thus, Windows 8 is one of the types of computer windows that is used both on tablets and standard PCs. Types Of White Blood Cells And Their Functions. As a result, computer functions and the models themselves vary based on usage and application. ‘Windows 7 Enterprise’ has a data encryption feature for storage devices that are removable. The computer was born not for entertainment or email but out of a need to solve a serious number-crunching crisis. Its principal characteristics are: § It responds to a specific set of instructions in a well-defined manner. Different types of computer windows are developed each time a new technology is introduced. These types of computer windows editions are designed basically to also keep costs down, thus such editions have limited advanced features compared to those required by business users. Â Companies/people pick a computer based on what they NEED to do.. Â Price can be an issue since some of them are $100,000.. Â If you get one that’s more powerful than you need, it’s a WASTE OF RESOURCES for a company.. Â WHY would anyone or any computer ever spend more than $100 million dollars on a computer? Home Computers-Windows have home editions developed for home computers. The types of computer windows include Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 95,Windows NT, Windows 3.0, Windows 2.0 and Windows 1.0, Windows 3.1, and Windows 2.03. The strong computer which is needed to provide a big user base with network access is known as a server. Servers– Usually many users log in to the computers of many business networks simultaneously every day. It consists of a large box called the system unit that contains most of the essential components. By checking this out you will be able to compare the features of each edition and be able to know which features are available for different types of servers and computers. Its ability includes hosting for the application of Remote Desktop and possesses a file system considered to be … Personal computers fall into several categories, differentiated mainly by their sizes: 1 A desktop computer is designed to be used at a desk and seldom moved. Computers are used for a variety of applications—from scientific data recording to engineering to everyday personal use. § It can quickly store and retrieve large amounts of data. The ‘Home Premium, Windows 7’ and ‘Starter, Windows 7’ provide the standard functions that home computers specifically need. Thus, Microsoft developed the Windows Server line for all network server types from small offices to network infrastructure. Computers types I, Computer: Definition A computer is a machine that can be programmed to manipulate symbols. Information as to the different versions of the types of computer windows is provided by Microsoft online. There are many types of computer windows that have been developed periodically over time. Computer Keyboard Keys and Their Functions Ppt Computer Keyboard Pdf Create Keyboard Shortcuts Windows 10 Display Shortcut Windows 10 ... different parts of the keyboard and its functions different types of keys in keyboard draw keyboard and its key with their function f12 key function five functions … Well known manufacturers of Micro-computer are Dell, Apple, Samsung, Sony & Toshiba.

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