Of course finally I did not get the kind of eggs I wanted. He helped me to further develop my thinking about language communities. In this essay, specifically speaking, the metaphor helps readers to understand the concept of duality of language, raises the author’s argument as well as demonstrates Rios’s central idea. Later, we spoke of official languages. / That I must love a loathed enemy” (I v 138-140). © 2020 Chengzhi Zhao   Provided by WPMU DEV -The WordPress Experts 3 0 obj She has over 11 years’ experience in the field: she graduated from the University of Sherbrooke in 2008 with a degree in communication, writing and multimedia, and has been a French certified editor since 2016. Get tips and ideas in OUTLINE. In the play is says, “Turn from their office to black funeral; / Our instruments to melancholy bells, / Our wedding cheer to a sad burial feast, / Our solemn hymns to sullen dirges change / Our bridal flowers serve for a buried corse, / And all things change them to the contrary”(IV vi 86-91). In this quote, Friar Lawrence explains how the earth provided a womb and a tomb. After my studies, I was offered my first position in a government department in Manitoba and, there again, I received a lot of support. Rios, Alberto Alvaro. We can also a… During the period of time known as Elizabethan England, the roles men and women played contrasted in many different ways. In the play it says, “Alive in triumph—and Mercutio slain! Although as a matter of fact most Americans are polite, friendly, and eager to talk to me even my English is poor, it does not necessarily mean I feel easy when I hear some expressions that I cannot understand. Rios explained it with the concept of duality of language. The boy, seemed not to respect the author at all, said: “you really like this poetry shit” to Rios. In this essay, specifically speaking, the metaphor helps readers to understand the concept of duality of language, raises the author’s argument as well as demonstrates Rios’s central idea. And that means equality of both official languages. Over the years, I developed networks and made contacts. Just as Rios said, the duality of language is “clumsy” (506). 4, Issue. /Length 1412 These are recognized rights. He may be used to using the word “shit” as a pet phrase. Before we started using the term, we talked about official bilingualism. Translated by Line Lalande, Language Portal of Canada. Moreover, numerous events display the primary theme of the play. The author, not only applying the lense of normal English, but also applying the lense of understandings of the boy’s culture and life condition, realized that the boy was showing his respect and trying to communicate with him. CrossRef Google Scholar Wedel, Andrew Jackson, Scott and Kaplan, Abby 2013. To explain further, Rios claimed in his essay that “in this sense, we forget that words aren’t simply what they mean – they are also physical acts” (Rios 506). This website uses cookies to provide you with the best browsing experience. As an international student in America whose native language is Chinese, I have faced a lot of problems and challenges reading and writing English essays. I got something like a “B” or “B+” on this one. In Act III, Juliet says “O serpent heart, hid with a flowering face!”(III ii 74). Actually, at the beginning of the essay, what Rios mentioned was the physical preparation required when translating one language into another language. Namely, it is hard to equip yourself with the duality of language when you just went to a new place. So I think it’s appropriate for the terminology to change as well. She holds a master’s in education and a bidisciplinary bachelor’s in French and moral education. You also confirm that nothing in your comment infringes third party rights (for example, the use of a text from a third party without his or her permission). OLB: Did you have a mentor? Actually, it was the metaphor of binoculars that helps me a lot on understanding what Rios was saying. The two families despised each other, which alluded the idea that Romeo and Juliet would never be together. The topic of my research is a philosophical inquiry into the nature of Duality (i.e., ‘dual-ness’, or ‘two-ness’). Actually, being an international student in a foreign country is sometimes not that exciting and interesting as many people once expected. Also, if a statement is false about C, then its dual has to be false about Cop. / Prodigious birth of love it is to me. Examples and Observations "Human language is organized at two levels or layers simultaneously. Here we can see the importance of the “binoculars”, namely, the duality of language in translation and communication. In the article “Translating Translation: Finding the Beginning” by Alberto Alvaro Rios, the author demonstrates his interpretation and understandings of language and translation. However, the metaphor of binoculars did provide me some ideas regarding this problem. To explain further, Rios provides several examples of the concept of duality of language in life, which could be understood and interpreted by using the metaphor of binoculars. We must never forget that linguistic duality has always been and will always be a part of Canada. Although it is only a three-page article, it seems more difficult for me to understand it. OLB: As a linguist, do you think that the expression “linguistic duality” could be subject to change? Some may argue fate was to blame for Romeo’s […], “Romeo and Juliet,” a tragic play written by William Shakespeare, tells the story of two teenage lovers who get caught in the clash of their family’s ongoing conflict. Throughout the play Shakespeare effectively shows how the love of Romeo and […], Romeo and Juliet written by Shakespeare, portrays the life of a pair of star-crossed lovers who’s passion ultimately leads the pair to their unfortunate deaths. Later, the Francophonie expanded to include the Francophone regions of Canada, and we started identifying as Franco-Manitobans, Fransaskois, Franco-Albertans, etc. I really had a hard time dealing with the short sentences and abstract ideas of the essay. 4, p. 297. How this metaphor raises Rios’s argument? We must ensure that it becomes easy to use and learn official languages in the workplace. He frequently established the theme of duality in Romeo and Juliet, which is a play about […]. I worked in linguistics, and I never imagined I would one day become Commissioner of Official Languages! >G��B�-Sd��D�H;�,�D���%L�����!���tэ��5�6:��i'�5�X��QR���H��N��h=��tg�Bg����vZD��yq��W�a�A�r����H�&��O=4��4��`c���l�p`S���HSW[/��nRo���D�s�x"y�6v��$A��Qc�|,���ae��x��'Y:q`�8\z��I: �c����ôj�f�a'C��|�ǁ����=7aC_�i���B7�u�B�T�Z���4�� ]G}���u��ѳ��u�5���N�"����:k�S� �-�2 ���Γ2jÁd�!��e=h�@��ʆ'�\'ʼn0���N6o��#J���d��x:7���\Vp7 Ed. By using particular vocal syllables and written characters, people are able to communicate ideas, thoughts and concepts. In fact, she spends countless hours volunteering in the field of sports and in other areas. These sounds, called phonemes, represent the secondary and lowest level of articulation in the hierarchy of the organization of speech. A metaphor is a figure of speech, which, when applied in an essay, generally helps readers establish the connection between an abstract perception and a particular object. What’s more, Rios claimed that: “the apparatus, the binoculars, are of course physically clumsy – as is the learning of two languages, and all the signage and so on that this entails – they’re clumsy, but once put to the eyes a new world in that moment opens up to us” (Rios 506).

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