In this paper, both linear and third-order nonlinear optical properties of two-electron in a semiconductor core/shell/well/shell quantum dot (QD) heterostructure for cases with and without a hydrogenic donor impurity have been investigated in a detailed manner as depending on the structure parameters. Maxwell–Garnett method are used to calculate effective dielectric function of dots-host material medium. -An accelerating electric charge will create a magnetic field associated with the moving electric charge....... in j.j thomsons experiment with the cathode rays,it was proved that the negative charge was carried by a particle called electron. Finally, obtained results have been presented comparatively for cases with and without the impurity. Computations are performed in the framework of the effective mass approximation and rectangular potential barriers model. The externally-applied magnetic force initiates current in the thin rectangular conductive plate. The effect of spin on the magnetic susceptibility is also investigated. In particular, for quantum dots with two potential wells, the binding energy presents a large steep change. The electron energy spectrum in inverted core-shell quantum dot driven by magnetic and electric fields is studied. It should be noted that the peak positions and amplitudes of absorption coefficients are strongly dependent on the parabolic potential. r F ="e r v # r B ( ) (2) To examine the motion of an electron in a magnetic field, we will use a cathode ray tube. In the expansion (12) we took into account the enough amount of addends to provide the condition that the sum of coefficients squares was equal to one with the error less than 0,01%. The results are expressed as a function of dot radius, incident photon energy and magnetic field strength. In the strong spatial confinement case, energy level is relatively insensitive to the magnetic field, and electron spatial confinement prevails over magnetic confinement. It is shown that magnetic field takes off the spectrum degeneration with respect to the magnetic quantum number and changes the localization of electron in the nanostructure. For this purpose, first, the energy eigenvalues and corresponding wave functions of the structure have been computed as a function of the layer thicknesses by means of the self-consistent solution of the Poisson and Schrodinger equations in envelope function effective mass approximation. The effect of magnetic field on electron ground state energy decreases when the external fields are perpendicular. Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures, skin effect) shield you must be careful to make good electrical contact each time. It is found that the exciton binding energy as a function of the core radius of the quantum dot shows a strong non-linear behavior. © 2008-2010 . A magnetic field parallel to the filament is imposed by a permanent magnet. However, it is impossible to change the sizes of inner nanostructure layers after its grown. In a magnetic field, it acquires an additional energy just as a bar magnet does and consequently the original energy level is shifted. The absorption and emitting spectra can be changed by the varying characteristics of electrical or magnetic field, controlling the operating parameters of semiconductor devices at the same time. Increasing quantum dot radius causes the reduce of quantum size effect. When the electric field intensity increases, being perpendicular to the magnetic one, the cylindrical symmetry of problem is broken and the wave function of electron ground state is obtained as a series, containing the states with different values of magnetic quantum number. In magnetic fields above 10 tesla or so additional plateaus of the Hall conductivity at σ xy = νe 2 /h with ν = 0, ±1, ±4 are observed. Geometrical and potential energy schemes are shown in the Fig. We have calculated the wavefunctions and energy eigenvalues of spherical quantum dot with infinite potential barrier inside uniform magnetic field. When this magnetic field encounters another magnetic field, the interaction between the two magnetic fields will exert a force on the moving electric charge (in this case the moving electrons). It is also revealed that by increasing the applied electric field a blue shift in optical curves can be detected. It is shown, that in the first case, the quantum states are characterized by the certain value of magnetic quantum number m and the expansion contains the wave functions of the states with it only. However, the effect of magnetic field on electron energy spectrum is not studied yet. Magnetic moments and the Zeeman effect •Electron states with nonzero orbital angular momentum (l = 1, 2, 3, …) have a magnetic dipole moment due to the electron motion. It is shown that size of the middle potential well causes the smooth change of the electron location due to the effect of magnetic field, what is displayed on optical properties of nanostructure. And how to factor. The sensibility of energy spectra to the magnetic field can be enhanced using the multilayered quantum dots with several potential wells because in such structures the electron can tunnel from one well into other. The energy shift may be positive, zero, or even negative, depending on the angle between the electron magnetic dipole moment and the field. Therefore, it is urgent to propose the other way to change the optical properties, which can be performed in practice at arbitrary moment. The spherical quantum dots considered have a central core and several concentric layers of different semiconductor materials that are modeled as a succession of potential wells and barriers. It is found that the strength of S→P transition is stronger than P→D and D→F transitions. Also, while m varies from −1 to +1, the peak positions of the optical transitions shift toward higher energy (blueshift). The effects of magnetic fields on ion-electron collisions has been studied for some time. The results indicate that, by adding QDs, dielectric constant of host material changes dramatically at frequencies which are corresponding to the intersubband transitions of quantum dots. [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9].

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