4. The landlord shall be entitled. He is entitled to a sixth share of the gross revenue of the country. We are entitled to calculate. CK 1 2954940 You're entitled to your opinion. They are entitled to an opinion. CK 1 1789188 You are entitled to your opinion. Entitled; Entitling; Entitles; Entitle (base) 1. Spamster 2247170 You are entitled to have a lawyer. It's difficult to see entitled in a sentence . 2. W entitled to obtain an. 2. There are 50 example sentences for entitled, and this page shows no. CK 293132 He is entitled to better treatment. CK 17527 You are entitled to try once again. Examples of entitled in a sentence: 1. : The mere fact that a person calls himself an expert does not entitle him to be believed or accepted by reason of that very fact. He’s entitled to his privacy. 1. From Iemon he is entitled to relief. 4. 3. sentence; 1: His executive position entitled him to certain courtesies rarely accorded others. After that you are entitled to tell him anything about the corn crop that you care to. 2. He was entitled to a little look. 9. 3. : These warrants entitle the holders to sell shares of the common stock to the Company on certain dates at specified prices. As the pardner of the originator of this stupengous scheme you are entitled to respect. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Entitle" in Example Sentences Page 1. 8. You are entitled to it, but. 2. It was entitled, Please Help. These sections entitle everyone to have access to health care services provided by the state within its available resources. 50. The family is entitled to whatever it can get as well. His rations are his rights, and he's entitled to 'em. He felt entitled to sex, no matter what she said. Aren’t we entitled to due. I'm looking tan and entitled in my Calvin Klein shades. 2: Old Roger Chillingworth followed, as one intimately connected with the drama of guilt and sorrow in which they had all been actors, and well entitled, therefore, to be present at its closing scene. 6. entitled in in a sentence - Use "entitled in" in a sentence 1. People are perfectly entitled in an open society to express their opinion. This only entitles you to the most basic services, however. How to use Are Entitled in a Sentence? 41 to no. 2954939 You're entitled to the truth. Entitled in a sentence. The pupils are paying for their lessons and are entitled to courteous treatment. 7. 3. 10. entitled sentence in English. 5.

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