Join our Discord! From Europa Universalis 4 Wiki. This feature was later also unlocked for owners of Common Sense (see below), even if they didn’t own Res Publica, due to how it tied in with that expansion’s mechanics. I could certainly live without ruler traits. It's aaaalmost as if that achievement was designed for them. Gold is treated as a special case and does not have any trade value (see full treatment below). Countries will get cores on those provinces that have majority of population belonging to their primary or accepted cultures. Colonists can now be used to improve development in colonial provinces instead of colonising new territory. OBS: Det här ska BARA användas för att anmäla spam, reklam och problematiska (trakasserande, bråkiga eller grova) inlägg. Centres of Trade now have levels, and you can invest in them to make them more powerful. It’s almost an automatic yes based on the Nation Designer alone, which is a ton of fun to mess around with (though I find myself using it less and less these days). Coal is OP. Culture mapping has now been fixed so one will see a much wider variety of cultures, as defined in config files. It will be of least use to players who don’t like playing Muslim nations or anywhere in the vicinity of the Middle East. Coal furnaces count as 3 regular manufactories. Keep in mind that these are all non-sale prices, and most older Paradox expansions are discounted anywhere from 25% to 75% off during special sales, such as holidays or a new DLC is release. All the extra spy stuff is pretty reasonable to live without as well. This expansion has come under significant criticism for introducing a feature as fundamental and borderline essential as provincial development and putting it behind a paywall. As of Dharma, owning this DLC will now also grant you unique mission trees for Russia, Muscovy, Novgorod & the principalities. Adds tons of new mechanics for Coptic Christians and Fetishist (African traditional religions) nations. Icelandic and Slovene now added for incoming 1.30 games (though they existed previously). Nations can now transfer trade power as part of a treaty. And for everyone else, Army Professionalism adds a new dimension to military dominance. New systems, events and content for HRE and any nations connected to them. Large cleanup of postcolonial decisions and their broken localizations. The can also force certain government types. It's present on certain tiles from the get-go, however you can only access it once you've embraced the Enlightenement, and if you have 20+ innovativity OR if the tile has 20+ development . Content is available under Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Adds Ages to the game with different rules and objectives to model thematic eras from the game’s time period: Age of Discovery, Age of Reformation, Age of Absolutism, and Age of Revolutions. Higher legitimacy and stability leads to lower consciousness. When using Eurocentrism, no longer European (or whichever tech group is set to westernization 10) countries will convert as uncivs, no matter how behind tech they are. This applies to sub-saharan africa, excluding Horn of Africa. I wanna go for the achievement of building ten furnaces but I’m not sure which nation to play as to get it. 20 innovativeness or if the province has 20 development and the province must have Enlightenment present there then the coal is available to be mined in that province. It will be least valuable to players who prefer landlocked, non-colonial, land warfare-focused powers in Central and Eastern Europe.

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