Manner adverbs express how action of a verb is carried out. Interjections of Understanding/Misunderstanding. (after the verb) Liliana played the piano beautifully. Adverbs of manner listHere’s a list of 50 common adverbs of manner, with examples of verbs we can use them with. Where politely is an adverb of manner providing more meaning to the verb ‘speaks’ by telling actually how it is being done. The player said she will come back strongly. Adjectives of manner are mostly placed either after the verb or the object. If the adverb is placed after a clause, then it modifies the whole action described by the clause. Boost your skills using our free printable Adverb Worksheets. The team _______ left for the next match. I _______ told him about the shortcomings in his thesis. (He doesn't put in any efforts. In most cases for adverbs of manner, you can take an adjective and simply add -ly to form an adverb. Examples: Clara travels passionately. Despite being intimidated, he reacted _______. In order to form comparatives from long adverbs that end with – ly, we use the words "more" or "less". Try this activity from Penny Ur. Adverbs of Comparison Some common examples of adverbs of manner are: quickly, slowly, loudly, quietly, beautifully and badly. These common adverbs of manner are almost always placed directly after the verb: well, badly, hard, & fast. "Make sure you write neatly." Frustrated with the commotion, he screamed angrily. Fearing action the thief was walking ________. Sally spoke more interestingly than Maya. Adverbs of Conjunction 3 Adverbs of Manner. Adverbs such as "hard", "fast", and "well" are placed after the verb most of the time. You can identify the adverb of the manner by observing the italicized words or phrases. He was moving nervously towards the examination hall. I request you to _____ consider my leave application. Sentence Examples for Adverb Of Manner. An adverb of manner cannot be put between a verb and its direct object. ), I came late. (after the verb), Liliana played the piano beautifully. Answers-: softly, angrily, eagerly, slowly, badly, beautifully, carefully, carelessly, frankly, easily, gently, happily, gently, loudly, neatly, promptly, patiently, politely, promptly and powerfully. That is-‘politely’. Remember that it ends with ‘ly’ and provides explanation as to how a verb is being performed. The interrogative Adverb ‘how’ is used to ask about the manner in which a verb occurs. Adjectives of manner are mostly placed either after the verb or the object. Go ahead and complete the quiz. A drowning man _______ looks for something to hold on. angrily, anxiously, awkwardly, badly, beautifully, calmly, carefully, carelessly, cautiously, cheerfully, clearly, closely, correctly, deliberately, eagerly, easily, enthusiastically, fast, fondly, frankly, frantically, gently, happily, healthily, hurriedly, innocently, kindly, loudly, mysteriously, naturally, neatly, nervously, noisily, obediently, patiently, perfectly, politely, powerfully etc. Suddenly the ambulance started moving ______ towards the hospital. The sentence becomes ‘He speaks politely’. If the adverb is placed before or after the main verb, it modifies only that verb. The flowers were placed beautifully in the vase. "One student goes outside, and the others choose a manner adverb (for example, 'quickly' or 'angrily'). You could have easily got the ticket if you had wanted. If intimidated, any wild animal can charge __________. He deliberately chose to opt out of the competition. Please act fast to avoid further problems. Adverbs A-D| Adverbs E-M | Adverbs N-Z A… Consider the examples given below-. Here is a list of common adverbs of manner with example sentences. She read the letter carefully. Adverbs of Manner: Exercises with Answers. The mountain was _______ visible from where I was.

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