hey guys, Im on console and Im just trying to find the absolute perfect travelers judgement PvP roll. Make a mistake and immediately and always correct for it to maximize your damage/shots fired efficiency, as this is the most positive way to deal with aiming related errors/mistakes. Legendary Pulse Rifle Void Review Rating. That's all I need to hear, thank you for that. Maskirovka67. Edit: I don't know my own guns apparently! Im still loving my Y1 Swift Ride. Was hoping for a better review from some better players. I think it’s the only viable MW because it can prolong the Rampage perk. I don't solo queue into Crucible and my buddies haven't played much this week so I haven't had the chance to really test it out. Headseeker or not, you should always be maxing out the number of crits you land. I enjoyed steamrolling with Inaugural Address, so am interested to hear thoughts of what would be the god roll for this weapon. Join us as we embark on the end game of Destiny 2. Last Perdition. If you like inappropriate jokes and shenanigans you came to … Scopes have a hidden range multiplier, so a perdition won't need as high of an actual range stat as Bygones. It shreds. Last Perdition seems to have some punch, though. My point, with this anecdotal material, is simply that headseeker has a terribly negative mass opinion, and one founded more on the viral nature of such opinions, and also the lack of player realization of how its benefits are valid and worth its cost of the perk slot, especially when perks like killclip provide much more easily observable and quickly resolved benefits with which to measure its own worth by, as well as other perks against. Will sit on this one until they buff pulse rifles. The one you get from Shaxx is pretty much perfect. high handling and seemingly high range, one cb mod and youre good to go. An argument for Rampage vs KC as the “perfect” last perk node comes down to personal preference but that shaxx roll has monster range. I don't know if it does that at all these days, but I remember in D1, it was handy on a certain impact class. Press J to jump to the feed. I'd probably go ahead and shard for the masterwork cores. Headseeker is a neutral benefit to your overall efficiency with a weapon, one that can only be appreciated over a longterm accumulation of engagements. Not a bad roll, but not the god roll. Had a MW (+10 handling) drop and it seems like it could do work in PvP. Killclip is not always working for you like headseeker, and even when it is proc’d, most times the perk timer will run out before you get to take advantage of it. Anyone play with one for any length of time? The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Adaptive pulses, in contrast, honestly have little incentive to choose headseeker over killclip, which is just plain going to do more work on adaptive or highimpact/aggressive pulses than headseeker. I find them both ideal for their respective archetypes. Getting the optimal TTK requires basically all 9 crits to three-burst. In regards to PvE, a roll of Moving Target and Rampage or Full Auto Trigger System makes it quite nice at dismantling shielded enemies. throw infinite paths on there man. Definitely good, but not god, keep it, use targeting adjuster, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the sharditkeepit community. Silver2Dink. 4 Lincoln green 5.heart of time. This is my roll; Short and Long zoom projection sight options. Oh well...I'll hang onto it, who knows which direction pulses will go... New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the CruciblePlaybook community. From my understanding hedseeker is relatively worthless. Thoughts on Last Perdition 2.0 This season has seen this pulse rifle return to Shaxx's inventory, and gathering a lot of interest from some YouTubers. To get Headseeker to proc, you have to hit the body with the first bullet of a burst to get a slightly increased damage on the remaining bullets of the burst. Rapidfire pulses are a perfect fit for headseeker, and a rifle that this perk will carry its own weight on. Its an energy weapon, so it opens up the possibility of using TLW, Thorn, or other weapons in the kinetic slot. So they aren't entirely hopeless, just very much sub-optimal. unless the other guy is wearing a blind fold or has no thumbs. Not sure if there even is a Pulse meta right now, I know they're a bit underpowered and underused. Adaptive frames, if you have been around you know that Jian-7, Last perdition, and Bygones are all amazing, with peek shooting capabilities and fairly good TTK they can compete with hand cannons, and if at range with 600Ars in the current meta. r/ShardItKeepIt was founded on the principle of whether a weapon should be kept or sharded. ... good. I do have Antiope and New City as well for the kinetic slot. Seems like almost a carbon copy of the last iteration of it however with some interesting masterworks to improve it. Headseeker is a more low key, more frequently beneficial, more effortlessly usable, neutral game perk, and one that doesn’t make an easily observable case for its own usefulness, unlike killclip which quickly speaks for itself when used. if it's not 540 its not worth using when it comes to pulses in PVP right now. What everyone else has said here is correct - It's a bad archetype if you don't have perfect aim. Spend gobs of time acquiring it, play with it for a few hours, suffer decreased overall performance, blame it on Redrix, labeling it a poor performing or faulty weapon. Before this, the only pulse I ever ran (occasionally) in Crucible was Vigiliance Wing...I usually run Better Devils/Manananananabanana otherwise, sometimes Uriel's in the energy slot.

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