3. turn red, return to Step 1 and repeat steps 1 through 6. 3. Press and hold that button for 10 seconds. programmed your remote. 6 PRESS and RELEASE remote button a third time. Programming is complete. press this button the number of times shown on the chart, based on the brand and number of dip switches listed in description. Press and release the same button a third time and door will open or close. Press the same button twice … 1 PROGRAM THE OPENER 3 Button Remote OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS PROGRAM SET P ROG AM SET 1. Locate and press the Learn Code button next to the radio signal indicator on the power head receiver of the door opener. This remote button can. Press and hold the MUTE and SELECT buttons while continuing to point the remote at a Genie device. Both Red and Green LEDs come on and stay on. 1. Reprogram the Opener with a remote or any other access device using the instructions … Instructions. It is possible to press the remote button too quickly or lightly. Reprogram the Opener with the remaining Remotes following the programming instructions for that powerhead. Programming instructions included; CR2032 lithium battery included; Replaces these Genie Remotes: GIT-1, GIT-2, GIT-3, GIC90-1, GIC90-2, GIC90-3,GICTD-1, GICT390-1, GIFT390-1, G2T-2, G2T-3, GIT390-4; The G3T-BX Remote is compatible with Genie Intellicode 2 remotes manufactured from 1998 to present. Press the channel up button once. The indicator will begin blinking twice per second. To set one of the 3 buttons to be IntelliCode 1 (red), follow the instructions below: Select a button on the remote that has not been programmed. NOTE: For openers manufactured between 1995-1997, use the two upper buttons on the remote. times to achieve confirmation (the LED's turn off). Stop when the green light at the top of the remote blinks twice. If the LED's. If the LED's do not go off, press the remote button several more. select one of the two remote transmitter buttons that you intend to use for opening the door. If the LEDs do not go OFF, press the remote button several more times to achieve confirmation. 2. Press and HOLD the Learn Code button on the powerhead for 10 seconds or until Radio Signal LED indicator goes out. press the program button (silver box with small black button on top) on the remote transmitter until the led lights up. Press the button on the GICT390 transmitter once within thirty seconds (or press any one of the buttons, for the three-button … Use the buttons on your Genie remote to enter code 961. 2.

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