Here’s the deal. Besides, you can quickly get in and out of bed without feeling trapped. Check it out: So now, I own a Natural Escape and two Kiwi mattress but I’ve also laid on all the My Green Mattress in their Chicago showroom and the Natural Escape is still my fave. The importance of these factors varies from individual to individual based on what you value. Under the organic cotton cover is a layer of fire-retardant wool followed by another, thicker layer of Birch wool. All of the mattresses in this review are: And, of course, these mattresses are all made using organic materials. I wish I had known about the Pure Echo when I was in the market because I would have gone with that one all the way for my boys. This is good to know because when you buy from a new company, you may get a 10 year warranty but guess what, they could be out of business next year and then you are left in no-mans-land. With organic mattresses, it’s pretty straightforward. Air channels carved into the latex help keep you cool and comfortable. (This mattress is Certified Vegan.). There are six layers of natural materials in total. I own 4 of them. The purpose of this guide is to help you narrow down your options so you can select the best organic mattress for you. Cover photo by @MinimalWall in Instagram. Thankfully, most organic mattress companies offer sleep trials that are generally about 100 days. The top brands I’ve discovered through my research. And with firm edge support, you won’t have to worry rolling off the bed as you have a fantastic time on the mattress’s entire surface. If you like a mattress on the softer side (especially for stomach sleepers), consider getting the Avocado Green pillow-top option or going with Happsy. If you’re not a fan of reactive or bouncy beds, this is not the mattress. For a plusher and more luxurious feel, add the Happsy Organic Mattress Topper. We even make a new Vegan Mattress made without wool. Sleep Well and Save with a Discount by Mattress Zone. ], Essentia Mattress Reviews 2020 [Organic/Natural Memory Foam], Idle Sleep Mattress Reviews 2020 [Longest Sleep Trial Option], Latex for Less Mattress Reviews 2020 [All Natural Bed], Latex Mattress Factory Reviews 2020 [Factory Direct Pricing Mattresses], Layla Mattress Reviews 2020 [Reasons To Buy/NOT Buy], Leesa Mattress Review 2020 [Buy or Avoid? Deciding which one is right for you is easy! Required fields are marked *. As for me and my hubs, we have a 14-year-old Stearns and Foster king – and we still love it. Wrapped in 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric. In contrast, what’s called “natural latex” is generally sourced from rubber trees, which grow mainly in South America and the Philippines. With organic mattresses, there are three materials used to promote air circulation: Organic mattress manufacturers use various techniques to maximize airflow using both of these materials. So, between years 1 to 10, the warranty is not prorated, but the warranty is prorated from years 10 to 20. And at $750 a pop I didn’t want them ruining this mattress as we were still in the thick of potty training at that time – so I thought it was perfect. ], Amerisleep VS Puffy Mattress 2020 [Features Comparison Chart], Amore Mattress Reviews 2020 [Affordable Quality Mattresses], Aslan Mattress Review 2020 [Worth Buying or Not? The quality of our sleep influences every area of our lives including emotional regulation, cognitive performance, and immunity. The wool acts as the only flame retardant, and is hypoallergenic, temperature regulating, and 100% biodegradable. The primary difference between them is firmness: Avocado Green may be slightly more firm than Happsy. The next layer is a 2-inch organic latex. When added on the mattress, it adds 2-inches, making the bed to have a thickness of 12-inches, instead of 10-inches. And of the two, based on the reviews, my sense is that Avocado Green has better construction and quality control.

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