I was always surprised that others were calling both builds Mech Hunter, even though they were fundamentally different. Also I would remove the Druid decks from the lists, I haven’t seen many of them at all and if anything they are Tier 3. Definitely not – regular version is much better than Malygos build! C. Take a break from hearthstone, but keep up with news on free pack promotions, new sets, and changes in the meta so that you can return to it when your class is strong again. and the other 2 have mid-30s win rates against Galakrond Shaman meaning they’re likely to be forced out soon. You are right that I am basing my opinion based on my own plays only as I don’t have anything else to compare atm. I pray for a Comeback in the new expansion. ). When a deck is overpowered, the idea is to nerf it until it’s not overpowered anymore, yet still viable. If I would have known about the second shaman, my dude would still have Vessina and a good playable evolve shaman.. You claim you dont care if people say you probably just suck but you are in the same message throwing around with ban talk. I think that you’re judging the decks’ strength too much based on the deck you play. I find it really surprising myself that Baleful Banker versions report lower stats (I did see the statistics, so I believe you :)) . Very true, glass Knight is easy to setup a defile clear for, but eat my weapon on turn 5 and cubelock becomes not fun. I wouldn’t be surprise at this at all since they lose more players than they gain because this game is going to shit. A Hearthstone player and writer from Poland, Stonekeep has been in a love-hate relationship with Hearthstone since Closed Beta. # Class: Mage i’m playing a different deck that i uploaded on my profile and i’m winning a ton. Dont feel bad about your call on Reno, i called the obelisk would eventually get nerfed…. The issues you point out about the flaws of Pure Paladin are correct in the fact of devolving missiles, this is because you lose buffs and libram’s of wisdom in the process. I’m no legend player, but I find it pretty easy to beat any of the decks listed on tier 1 provided I don’t get incredibly unlucky. I recently got past round 20 and went on to win against a Control Warlock with my Spell Hunter. 48 hours into the expansion, and I’m already sick of Galakrond Shaman. It has a ~45% win rate on HsReplay right now, and generally loses to all of the archetypes mentioned above except Face Hunter. Are you aware, that not all people keep spending lots of money on this game, to make sure they can play a 10.000 dust deck? The stats I’ve shown have Quest Shaman as a good matchup (63%). That’s Hearthstone for you. It’s the most powerful card in the deck by Drawn winrate as well, and if you nerf Warrior’s other tools and keep Dr. Boom Mad Genius as is, then Warrior is gonna fall off a cliff when the April 2020 rotation sends him into Wild. SHudderwock shaman in the same tier as mill druid?? Is the strongest deck in the meta? Who could have guessed at the start of the year that Highlander decks and versatility would make such a comeback…. Any help to climb to Legend? Warrior (B TIER) 5.Mage (B TIER) Or are you going to wait a few more days before you update this list? After the huge nerf patch that severely weakened huge amounts of armor (Druids), infinite lifegain (Kingsbane Rogue), and infinite swarm (Odd Paladin), odd-taunt (quest) warrior has been performing rather well. We’re immensely curious to see more of the most giants meta. But on top of stats, I base those on my own experience (usually in R4-Legend), as well as reading thoughts of pro players / streamers and talking with some (and they basically play exclusively in Legend). Renolock and Dragon priest is hard to deal but that decks arent teribly unfavored. where is the skill there? # 1x (7) Archmage Antonidas # 1x (5) Zilliax Overall, Recruit Warrior depends on value generation from your recruited minions (Yip, Rotface, Ysera, Lich King are all devastating value engines if unanswered) and that greedy playstyle falls short when compared to Recruit Hunter’s less-rng dependent deck. My win rate with Quest Rogue at rank 15 was terrible last night, like 25% – I’d have probably dropped to rank 18 if it wasn’t for the safety buffer at 15 now . https://www.hearthstonetopdecks.com/decks/malygos-shaman-rise-of-shadows-feno/ but swap both hauting visions for lightning storm and feral spirit. I’ve been beating up zoolocks with a dragon hunter build and that isn’t even on the tier list lol. Tempo Rogue always plays Backstab, Eviscerate, Sap, Edwin etc. You literally can’t beat druid or shaman assuming they get any heals or board clears at all, and most of the other aggro decks are just better, unless, again, you get the perfect opener. And if so, why? I have most TIER 1 decks crafted and I haven’t spend a single cent. As for the decks. It hasn’t been updated for Scholomance Academy yet, we’re working on that. It’s maybe 60/40 at best. Also stumps other players forcing some miss plays or people running out of time. Brawl might be a good candidate, but I’d really like them to nerf Dr. Boom too. I knew that Reno’s effect is strong, but it wasn’t enough to carry the deck. I have an 80% win rate with that deck in ranked, if played correctly it’s completely insane. Learn to read. The problem is not that you’re wrong, it’s that you’re a cunt about it. it’s only okay – somewhere in Tier 2. Stats indicate that Combo Priest is a Tier 1 deck no matter what rank you play it at, and it includes Ranks around 10. Glad you like the site! Even at 10 mana people would still probably run it (just like they run Elysiana just for the Control mirrors). I’m at D2 with it and still climbing. Additionally to the 2 legendaries in kobolds, everyone got packs too, with the dungeon run quests immediately given out. The provided decks are sample lists and aren’t always the only option when building for that particular archetype (for a full list of decks, click the link below description). unless of course you’re playing for fun and want to enjoy the crazy meta that comes upon the release of a new expansion. I will update it once again after the meta is more stable (probably a ~week from now) and we’ll see then. Well organized and short and sweet write up is just what we need to get an overall look at the current meta. Already done that in effect as I’ve not played enough standard ladder to keep my rank up … yes you get some bad decks at rank 20 (encountered someone who was obviously seeing how far they could get using nothing but basic cards yesterday) – but more often than not you just get net-decks piloted badly. It does really well against most of the top decks and has a chance against almost everything. An addition of baleful banker allows you to go infinite with Elise, Kun, Zephrys and an extra card of your choice. sorry maybe is obvious but I can’t see it, how do u play Luna’s Pocket on turn 5? Quest Warlock’s only good meta matchup is Control Warrior. Odd quest has a lot of AOE……. Yeah, the win rate I’ve posted was from R10 – Legend. You can use both to climb, but since Odd Paladin is a much stronger deck based on the current meta, it’s a meta deck and Spiteful Priest isn’t. the longest game is over on turn 5… Btw i’m really hype about WCG for making Hearthstone as their official game titles, i can’t wait for it to start to learn some techniques. # 1x (3) Messenger Raven Thanks for the update! most of them have the full deck (which surprises me that they got t1 full decks and are r20. What a dbag. Actually if you get lucky and curve out razorpetal weapon backstab elven into kobold and maly evasion vanish vanish kobold prep vial break weapon both razorpetals you can beat out zoo. I even heard about HoFing the Mountain Giant. One explanation might be that players are going for infinite Kun no mather what, when in reality, in certain matchups the deck should be played as original quest druid. I hope y know that y are funny…First i dont care about reports 2nd is that you cant accept that you are bad if you cant pass beyond rank 17,so i didnt say anything bad myself its just the truth i see from what you said, well today I reached rank 5 for the first time because of the advice I received . It’s unreal and no one knows about it. I have a question, are all tier one decks equally strong or is it strongest deck on top then gets weaker as it goes down? At priest section there is a problem; its Blackrock Mountain not Blackwing Mountain. but Luna is the most broken Card. It contains also reliquary of souls, which is very nice as the upgraded version is extremely powerful in the deck if you draw it quick enough. I know, but it’s mostly a SEO thing. I personally have been playing Brian Kibler’s Quest Warrior. Arena Tier List. It shud at least be tier 2 or 1. However, a person wouldn’t know that by browsing this listing. The game is infinitely more fun since the fall of cubelock. Control Warrior already has a very awkward turn 9, which can be exploited by playing giant minions that would be prime targets for Omega Devastator’s Battlecry right before Warrior’s turn 9.

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