Argent Commander is similar to Doomguard in that, while powerful, he costs too much mana for this early in the game. You always keep Tour Guide, no matter what the match up. See what works well for you. 75 is the value of TIMEOUT in the log file. Mulligan objectives vary by format, deck type, and opponent: The starting hand becomes less important the more cards are drawn, since the chance of having drawn any given card increases as more and more of the deck is accessed. While sequencing is an important part of Hearthstone, one would be hard pressed to argue that the mulligan system in Hearthstone doesn't deserve an in depth look. Sections. Or underbelly fences if you have dragons board in your mulligan! Up to date leaderboards, where you can find my name on:, Mulligan in the making... please be patient. Secret Passage and Dirty Tricks. Their combination is so powerful that we feel we’d be amiss to mulligan either against nearly any deck. In Magic: The Gathering, a player may declare a mulligan after drawing his or her initial hand, shuffle his or her entire hand into their deck, and draw a new hand with one less card. Arcane Shot is specifically weak against Warlock Giants as it will generally serve as no more than a Steady Shot that costs a card. the cheap minion you put onto the board. We may not have gotten a one drop if we hadn’t replaced all three cards in our initial hand. You can also find some general strategy advice and a breakdown of the deck’s key combos, but we will continue to add more over time. Libram of Wisdom with Aldor Attendant. All due to this deck. From here, you can Fortunately, our worst case scenario against Shaman will likely be to use the Mortal Coil to remove a totem and draw a card. This guide contains detailed strategy, mulligan, and deck-building This page was last edited on 24 July 2020, at 16:12. As a hyper-aggro deck, it is incredibly important to have the fastest opener. This hand is somewhat awkward, but we do have the minimum tools required to combat Warlock Aggro. Two one drops on turn 2 is often as strong as or stronger than playing a single two drop on turn 2. +-0. In this example, we’ve chosen to mulligan the Keeper of the Grove. utilising large amounts of card generation to pressure opponents with an onslaught is clear, or you can clear the board with no Mana expended. Mulligan Guide: Vs all decks: First day of school, Aldor Attendant, Hand of adal with one of the first two. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Mulligan Guide: Vs all decks: First day of school, Aldor Attendant, Hand of adal with one of the first two. If you think your opponent is playing Warlock Giants, it’s worth considering replacing this entire hand. We chose to keep one Ancient Watcher since we can play it early and it’s very strong against Warlock Aggro if we draw a Sunfury Protector or Keeper of the Grove. This site is a part of the network of websites and is not directly affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment. © 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. Galak Rogue [Early Legend] + Mulligan Guide. We would hesitate to Coin it out on turn 2 unless you feel it’s absolutely necessary. Please take a second to let us know if you liked the deck or not. Generally, low-cost drops playable in the early game are preferred, while expensive cards that will be unplayable for many turns are replaced in favor of more options in the beginning. This is more or less important depending on your deck and class. Against Aggro, you can additionally look for Backstab to help control Foxy Fraud in your opening hand. The mulligan stage begins with a selection of cards being chosen for each player. After both players finish the mulligan, a trained eye or a deck tracker can spot the number and position of cards which were mulliganed away from the opponent's hand. Thus it’s most important to mulligan for a turn 1 play if your deck highly values playing a card on the first turn. For example, Warlock Aggro is off to a bad start if it has to Life Tap on turn 2. Quick Mulligan Guide: Always keep polkelt. This is a Hearthstone Guide for Soul Demon Hunter, complete with mulligans, strategy, and deck-building advice. Introduction to ETC OTK Control Warrior. This means prioritising finding a strong play for your first 2 turns in your mulligan. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. While you may end up playing Slam on turn 2 and Acolyte on turn 3 and simulate staying on curve, the purpose those cards actually serve is to control the game and draw you cards that propel you into the late game. Let’s see what happens. Other auto keeps include Righteous Cause, Muster for Battle, and Lost in the Jungle. While we already have a turn 1 play, Argent Squire is by no means bad. As a Shaman Midrange player, we’re generally looking to build incremental advantage with cheap removal spells and efficient minions to set up a clear turn to deal lethal with Rockbiter Weapon and some form of Windfury (Doomhammer and Al’Akir being popular examples). we would save the Coin either to use the combo on turn 3 (if it makes sense) or to power a future turn. The animation of the opponent's redrawing was only shown if the opponent actually confirmed selection before the player did. Mulligan Guide: Vs all decks: First day of school, Aldor Attendant, Hand of adal with one of the first two. Priest: Salhet’s pride and Aldor Truthseeker are keeps in this matchup. We are content to use our Hero Power to the extent we don’t have to use our removal. Hey everyone, I finished top 300 legend last season on NA with this version of Broom Paladin and I am currently sitting at around 400.

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