In the first dream, I realized suddenly that I was harming it, and felt remorseful. First, you know you’re dealing with a weakness of hedgehog because they’re dead. If the hedgehog has appeared in your life, it means that you are unique as well. This dream can also mean that something is irritating you in your waking life and you should try to find something that will calm you down. Make sure that you visit. A white animal of this type in your dream, like the Deer and Angelfish totems, is an indication that you need to let up on yourself. One pond a foot of water, drowned hedgehog. You will stay calm in any situation and you will not have any stress in your life. We all know that the body of the hedgehog is covered with the quills and this way the hedgehog can protect itself from the enemies. If you could give me any insight I would be very appreciative. Thus the Hedgehog meaning guides you to start sharing them again. As soon as I got on my knees at the waterside and stuck the box into the water it started swimming towards me and dramatically waded itself into the carton box. First of all we have to say that you are an intuitive person and you are always listening to your own intuition. To me, a hedgehog is someone who knows a lot about a little. This spirit animal will help you face difficult situations and solve the problems in a peaceful way. In this case it would be good to read this article and to find out something more about this spirit animal. The hedgehog is also a symbol of fertility and vitality. This one seems fairly simple, perhaps if only because I’m an outsider looking in. And the hedgehog is addressed above so that’s clear I guess. I was afraid of it (though in waking life I am not), and I tried to destroy it. Plants are something that fascinates you and you love to have them both in your garden and in your home. Appreciatd <3. When I got out I moved the curtain to see many baby animals limp. People don’t seem to be sharing any ideas….. Turtle would be the best fit in this case. As we have said, you love to spend time in nature and to enjoy in every moment of your life. Death is always transitional – moving from one state to another. Or thr other way round so she hurt you? This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, If you find this website helpful - tip me a few dollars. It is the only way to make the right decisions and to choose the right path in your life. In this case, Hedgehog symbolism is reminding you that even if you feel that others do not understand you or “get” what you are doing, it is no excuse to curl up and hide. I was trying to find where the hedgehog came from so that i could put it back, but everywhere i looked i didnt feel it was safe enough for it. A toy that you were given as a kid can also hold the key. Also, this dream could mean that you will have some problems at your job. In this case, Hedgehog symbolism is reminding you that even if you feel that others do not understand you or “get” what you are doing, it is no excuse to curl up and hide. Having dreamt of a hedgehog (and having that realization within the dream) the posted comment was correct as I have been the one recently thinking and hoping to reconnect to a couple of past relationships , I’ve seen three hedgehogs in the last two weeks one was out in the day something I know they shouldn’t be then I saw a road casualty then a friend called to say she had one in the garden and he was happy healthy and alert so after a quick health check we sent him on his way ❤️ I volunteer at a wildlife rescue centre so I see these wonderful creatures every week but to see three in my normal life means a lot as everything stated in your post rings true and I’m working on the attributes of the hedgehog totem , Hi, I found a baby hedgehog on its back down the beach on the sand, it had been run over by a four wheel motorbike.

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