This is exactly what I’m hoping to do in my entry–with only 3 legs (one center column), what’s the total width When doubled? Changing Table | Jakpost. Hemnes shoe cabinets that come with two or four compartments, are also cool plain shoe storage pieces that are rather similar. This gorgeous Hemnes dresser hack from Angela Rose Home makes an impact due to its dark colour and modern lines.. But of course they are all pretty neutral and plain, so they require some hacking for a bolder look. lol. For the screws you do not even need to drill the top board – it is soft enough to turn the screws in using an electric screwdriver. The simple, classical design with a touch of tradition looks great with other furniture in the HEMNES series. No question is stupid. There are some cool ideas you may try, let’s consider some of them. Let’s take a look at some ideas. I may have to cut the standy-out bits off on some pieces. Add a wooden countertop to your Hemnes, and it will become a stylish entryway console. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I also don’t want to look at shoes through the cane. Hi, love your idea and am considering getting this shoe cabinet. This amazing hack from Ikeahackers turns it into a Victorian cast iron piece of furniture. You’re bound to find something to inspire you. This is a great idea, but I hesitate to do something that can’t be undone someday. You should also clog up the holes avoiding insects to elect them as home. This is one of our favourite Hemnes hacks because of its presence in the room. Last tip: according your firefighters, keep in mind you have to respect the hallways’ standard measures. a white Hemnes shoe storage piece with new handles that bring a fresh look and a new feel. Finally, because I don’t consider myself a handyman and I don’t even have a handsaw, I’ve kept untouched the two original top plates. Does this sound silly? You may also go for wood grain contact paper, and the result will be no worse – such paper can be easily bought anywhere. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Painting and staining is another not very difficult way to spruce up your IKEA Hemnes cabinet. a stylish modern IKEA Hemnes cabinet hack in slate grey and with tiny and cute knobs of a pearly shade. I don’t want the gap in the middle so that it looks like two side-by-side. I hope your hack can still be helpful to more people. Your email address will not be published. I will still mount it to the wall, just that i prefer not to have any wooden legs (easier my my irobot vacuum machine to move around. using only one of the pillars in the middle position. The surface is not 100% blister-free, but it will do in my relatively dim hallway. You can place the cabinet in a way your guests don’t see the holes. a dark green IKEA Hemnes shoe cabinet hack with a wooden countertop is a stylish idea for a modern home. Ikea Hemnes Shoe Cabinet Hack. Then I used Alpina’s XT high-gloss oil-based enamel with paint rollers to achieve a shiny surface. Yes, the two cabinets can be taken apart since you keep the other inner column ( you may horizontaly hide the spare one under the twinned cabinet). Apply wood glue and put the wood in place, lining it up along the top and sides. Search for the post “Yet another twinned HEMNES shoe cabinet” here in Ikeahackers. You may also clad your Hemnes cabinet with some wood pieces for a rustic look – such a craft is more difficult than just staining but it’s still cool. for a bit but its with good reason. I initially purchased the dark brown unit, thinking it would match my kitchen cabinets, not too far from the hallway foyer where the cabinet would take its residence. And it looks just right for the entrance when paired with the STOCKHOLM mirror. What a clever idea! Thanks! Materials: HEMNES; I followed the footpath of ScrapHacker (Stockholm), Paolo (Canada) and Grace Wang (UK) to create a customized, double-sized HEMNES shoe cabinet that matches the colors of the black-white-red terrazzo floor of my hallway.. First repainted the legs, frames and the top. A Hemnes dresser can become a changing table with this creative hack. Victorian Cast Iron Ikea Hemnes Shoe Storage _ The Ikea Hemnes shoe storage cupboard is a really popular way of keep your shoes in order. What type of content do you plan to share with your subscribers? Do you remember the inspiring ScrapHacker’s idea “HEMNES gets a double topping“? I was a bit afraid that I may not be precise enough when replicating the holes of the other pillar, but it was not that difficult after all, and I had no problem with the assembly. Therefore, the two twinned top plates have a bit of an overhang on each side of the cabinet as you can see in this final photo. Go for new ones that match your interior and voila – you have a stylish piece! Sometimes all you need to do is to change knobs or handles to achieve a chic and refreshed look. I let the enamel to cure for 2 days, and assembled the two cabinets using the “Paolo-Grace method”, i.e. This is a very simple and fast hack to go for. Measure and cut the pieces of wood for the top and bottom rails. Remember, the front side can not have any holes. Most of the time spent was drying time. Of all my Ikea hacks over my house, this cabinet is the better one according my guests. {Ikea Hack: Hemnes Shoe Cabinet} 01.22.15 Posted in DIY. I know I’ve been M.I.A. More Ikea Hemnes Hack Ideas: Here are a few other ideas for pieces to enjoy in every room of your home. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. By the way, I got the tip about using contact cement from this cane cabinet tutorial. The project is simple and basic: you reassemble the cabinet, then add masking tape where need and paint it in the colors you like. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I am really curious about how the paint job will withstand the wear and tear on the long run. Wedded Hemnes Shoe Cabinets [Twined and Painted], HEMNES shoe cabinet hack for a classy welcome. I would welcome your opinions on twinning two sideboards so that it appears as one long one. HEMNES Shoe cabinet with 4 compartments, white, 42 1/8x39 3/4". This Ikea Hemnes 4 Compartment shoe cabinet is only $100 on Ikea. First of all, I did 4 mirrored holes in the rear side of the central column. Changing knobs may be required here, too! 35. So, I mounted the HEMNES as a single shoe cabinet with 3 legs. I hope that you all carry on posting your wisdom with me. This hack turned out exactly as I envisioned it and I love the results. This is a simple and cute IKEA Hemnes shoe cabinet hack done in three colors, black-brown, gray-brown and white. I fixed them to the frame using the 8 screws that are in the package, and did not bother replicating the holes for the pins and wooden bits. Major thanks for the blog post.Really looking forward to read more. This is Paulo. a dark green IKEA Hemnes shoe cabinet hack with a wooden countertop is a stylish idea for a modern home. I've had… First repainted the legs, frames and the top. Well, I’ve made some improvements to the double HEMNES shoe cabinet and gave it a cleaner finish where both sections meet. Clamp in place. So, I opted to hack my Ikea Hemnes shoe cabinet. Here’s yet another version. So, ScrapHacker, you may be glad of being inspiring to someone else: me!

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