Proactive measures, such as planting resistant varieties, avoiding overhead watering and spacing the plants to allow sufficient air circulation work best here. The unusual blue color of some hosta foliage is actually due to a wax covering the green leaves underneath. Inadequate moisture, rather than too much sun, also causes leaf burning, but only on the tips because they are farthest from the roots and stressed from lack of water. Not all thrive in complete shade, however. More on growing hostas: 15 of the best hostas to grow; Hosta and fern pot display; Cosmos, hosta and bedding pot display Thwarting their attempts is no simple task, and it may require you to incorporate several strategies to save your prized plants. Hostas enjoy consistently moist, but not wet, well draining, humus-rich soil with a slightly acidic pH between 6.0 to 6.5. Underneath there is a very large hosta that is quite sensitive to sun. The hostas will need additional water during the summer months. Symptoms of sunburn appear on the foliage closest to the light source. perennials. Insects are a severe threat to hostas. Requires protection from cold winds. Once rooted, the relocated clump should expand quickly. Generally, in terms of leaf colour, most Hosta grow best if they are planted in semi shade, although the yellow-leaved Hostas will endure more sun. Deer enjoy eating hostas so much that they may pass by other plants to devour succulent hosta leaves. Having white or yellow in their leaves makes some hosta hybrids less sun-tolerant than their darker counterparts. Grow hostas in moist, fertile soil in light or partial shade. In Southern regions, protect hostas for sun from the strongest sun of the day—afternoon sun. Sunburned Hostas. The scent of a dog can ward off deer. I Googled "hosta sun tolerant" and got a list of hostas with "full sun tolerance potential" - a cautious choice of words but probably my best bet. Unfortunately, they are also tasty treats for a number of garden pests. Gardeners fill shady spots with low-maintenance hosta (Hosta spp.) They’ll do well in full shade or where they get some morning sun… OK -- 3 hostas went in the front beds today for my little "experiment". Try to find a spot with protection from wind. Protect yourself from the sun indoors and in cars. Among the best of all foliage plants (summer flowers are a bonus), hostas vary from large plants to more diminutive types that are suitable for rock gardens. Transparent window film screens can be installed to block out the sun's rays. Hostas for sun can thrive in all growing zones with an adequate supply of soil moisture. They can damage the plant so severely that the hosta may die. They love a moist environment, with plenty of dead foliage and debris to hide in. For deer damage, scatter dog hair around your hosta plants. When winter comes, however, all go into dormancy. It is the only tree we have. However, if you’re dividing hostas or moving them to a more shady and ideal location, it might do the plant more good than damage to protect them from the scorching sun! Installation of drip irrigation along with the incorporation of mulches helps in maintaining hostas in the growing areas. Sunlight is necessary for photosynthesis to occur, and most plants use this process to create food. Leaf sizes range from "Little Aurora's" 5-by-4-inch foliage to the 20-by-15-inch fronds on "Sum and Substance." The amount of sun striking hosta leaves affects their coloration, bringing out the contrasts in variegated leaves. Mary Simpson began her writing career in 1968 on a Dallas oil magazine. Hostas for sun may be able to grow in some sites, but will not perform optimally. Transplant the hosta to a new location if damage could be from sun exposure or excess heat. The waxy coating gives the green leaves a blueish tint. Remove the dying plant, in hopes of preventing spread of the disease. Hostas for sun can thrive in all growing zones with an adequate supply of soil moisture. This experience gives me the right to say that if there are signs of insect damage, you must act rigidly without any hesitation. If the plant has some shading (from a tree, for example) at any point in the day, it could reduce the stress. Hostas' popularity relies on their ability to flourish with less light than most other plants. Sunlight tolerance varies among the different hybrids, but afternoon sun easily burns hosta leaves in the summer. In full, hot sun, this waxy coating melts and exposes the green leaf underneath, changing the color of your plant from blue to green. In settling on the best locations for hostas to grow, a process of trial and error using different hostas should be conducted. As stated earlier, hostas for sun need protection from the hottest midday sun. The Hostas border along all three sides of our privacy fence and along the back of our home. Dramatic hostas (Hosta spp.) As stated earlier, hostas for sun need protection from the hottest midday sun. Hostas are favorites of deer, snails, and slugs. The key to success … What Is the Long Stem for on the Hosta Flower? Hostas are hardy perennials that are especially perfect for a garden that doesn’t get too much sun. I have planted shastas, purple coneflower, and a tall aster to the west of 2 of them, hoping to block out the hottest sun, giving them only morning and possibly noon in the sun. Rather, hostas that withstand sun are referred to as sun tolerant hostas. I read about this method … Most hostas prefer to grow in a location where the sun is strongest in the morning and is relatively shady in the afternoon. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Reliable and easy to grow, hostas are long-lived—and may even outlive the gardener! While you’re at it, if you have children or a dog, think about planting hostas where they’ll get protection from trampling, too. Plant in the spring and cut back in the fall after a few frosts. We've planted a pagoda dogwood to overhang it, but the tree won't be large enough to give good protection for a few years yet. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. However, sometimes I was defeated. Hostas that can grow in full sun can also be identified through their leaf colors, which range from yellow and gold to hues of white.

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