and the most difficult thing i have been concerned so much is the shipping methods. Handmade at Amazon has far less categories to put your products into - I'm having to put my embroideries in "artwork / mixed media" because there is not a fiber arts section so far. See here for more details on terms and restrictions. If you are serious about your online business, it's time to invest in something that will save you time and headaches. Once you've been accepted, you'll receive an email explaining how to get your account all set up. You can take your items to the post office and use their free postal scales, research the average weight of an item like yours online or estimate the weight of your item in comparison to common household items (such as a bag of flour), rounding up slightly for packaging. Now that we’ve covered external packaging, start thinking about how you’d like to wrap your product! Actual seller help from Amazon - Etsy has always been slow to respond to seller issues and does not offer phone support, but with Handmade at Amazon you can call them up and get the support you need. Your branding strategy should consist of ideas that can give your customers an insight into what makes you unique. It will be one big block of text, so keep that in mind - spacing is completely out the window! How can you ensure your item arrives safely? November 13, 2015 at 10:15 am . However, we want to introduce your talent to the world. Want to know more? Ask us and have a qualified shipping industry expert help you with your next shipment! For large, flat panels, I put in extra stiffening inserts to keep the package from torquing or flexing.". Learn more about managing dispathing from home here. Establishing your brand is one of the most important steps in selling your handmade items online. 23 Aug, 2019 by Debarpita Sen - 7 min read. Artisains are not fulfillment robots. This will limit resellers and wholesalers, which levels the playing field. My suggestion is to calculate the shipping charge high until you see how it’s working for you. -Kelsey with Bramble Berry. Rather than using a more creative name that you might have given your craft, try to name and describe your product listing in simpler language, keeping in mind the search terms your target might use while searching for similar products. You can also find simple and affordable poly mailers and bubble mailers on Amazon, or at your local office supply store. “You can refund excess postage, but you can't request more if you didn't weigh it right.”. Creating a listing on Handmade at Amazon is very similar to Etsy, though I actually find it to be a little easier! The right hand drop down menu on each listing line will be the one you'll use primarily for editing your listings. I recently lost my husband. Sellers in Canada can purchase insurance for postage labels purchased from Canada Post. With calculated postage, the package details you set are automatically imported into the postage label purchase page so you won’t need to add them again manually when creating your label. I fully understand not wanting to take photos or put yourself out there and it's hard for me too! Using flat-rate shipping charges will encourage buyers to purchase more than one item. "Priority Mail is handled fewer times than Parcel Post, and arrives quicker, which means less "time at risk". I applied back in early October, but didn't receive confirmation of my acceptance until late November, so it may take a little while if they're still as backed up with applicants. You can apply these simple ideas while writing your blog –. 8. “I’ve also added FAQs to address common inquiries about things like overnight shipping, cancellations and what happens if a customer supplies a wrong address,” explains Julia. Horrible. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the comments below! Recycle. :). Check out my "How to Start Selling on Etsy" instructable for loads of information to help you start to build an online store. You can also add an optional tariff number. Share it with us! Attention to detail will set your business up for success and encourage positive reviews and help you brand your business! While it’s important to personalise the messages you send, you can save time getting started by using saved replies to keep a library of frequently used responses on hand. The Seller Guide is amazingly helpful when it comes to styling your photos, artisan profile, and creating your listings. Pretty it up. Once your shop is open and you’ve added listings, you can add delivery profiles in your shop. Click the Mark as Shipped button next to the appropriate order, which will send a notification to the buyer. Note that you can get free packaging from USPS if you’re using a Priority Mail service (the best service for anything over a pound). Handmade at Amazon actually suggests you post listings first, but I am an eternal worrier. Why should buyers across the globe not get access to your exclusive design and style? When new delivery scenarios present themselves, it can suddenly feel like you’re on your own in very unfamiliar territory. One downside that most online sellers are concerned about is shipping. Once enabled, you can add upgrade options to delivery profiles or add them manually when listing an item. Having to ship your products isn’t the worst thing in the world with Shiprocket as your shipping partner. I always ship USPS First Class, so I went to their website and grabbed the international and domestic rates so I could calculate it. Reply For standard pricing, items come to 10 x hour. Instead, we price items by the length of time (non-stop) for completion. Items that ship free also have a better chance to be featured wherever Etsy advertises in the US—in email marketing, social media, and television ads. You can choose to ship your products from our top-rated courier partners, as per your requirements (fast delivery, low cost, etc), with no minimum shipment limit. If you have your business registered, make sure you have all that info on hand. By the time I had a couple hundred sales under my belt, shipping was second nature and I barely had to think about it. Cookies and similar technologies are used to improve your experience, to do things like: Without these technologies, things like personalized recommendations, your account preferences, or localisation may not work correctly. But do you know the best way to sell them online? Amazon handmade is horrible I sold a desk for $1600. Lean how to ship crafts and handmade items effectively, how to protect them, and how to saver the most money. Create attractive social media posts and let your customers know about your latest offerings. Also a time suck. When possible, it’s helpful to provide tracking information, so buyers can monitor their item’s progress and troubleshoot any delivery issues directly with the carrier. You can also offer a recycle incentive program by asking buyers to send back their packages and offer them a discount or free gift with their next purchase.

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