Roslindale has its own branch of the Boston Public Library, the neighborhood is covered by Boston Police District E-5 in West Roxbury, Boston EMS Ambulance 17 is stationed in Roslindale, and the Boston Fire Department has a station on Canterbury Street which houses Ladder 16, Engine 53 & District Chief 12. in addition to what everyone else has said, roslindale does have a pretty decent "nightlife" there are tons of great pubs and restaurants (mainly in the square). Naturally, real estate prices are increasing as Bostonians seek out affordable neighborhoods where it’s actually possible to buy a home and raise a family, and some fear that sense of community that gives Roslindale its spark may be fleeting due to rapid development. However, as the market has changed, and the Village has become a hip enclave, pretty much all areas walking distance to the Village have sky-rocketed in price. Residents say traffic can be quite bad, but the new dedicated bus lane between the Village to Forest Hills is greatly appreciated by locals who use the bus system. Calculated annually per 100,000 residents. If you're a scraper, please click the link below :-) Also, there is no such thing as a safe place … Boston is such a beautiful place. Low interest rates. The public schools in Roslindale are above average. Living in Roslindale offers residents an urban suburban mix feel and most residents own their homes. People were very friendly. $0 Lender Fee on Home Loans Limited Time Only. The reason is simple. Don’t listen to all these overly-negative people who are trying to deflect their personal problems onto the state as a whole; everyone’s foreign? You really shouldn’t judge a city by facts and data. Was there for 34 years, I know all of metro Boston very well, was a contractor and worked in most of the areas. In recent years, Roslindale has had some of the highest appreciation among all of the Boston neighborhoods. I lived in Hyde Park right on the Roslindale line. Everyone is polite towards others and treat each other with respect. The area nestled between the Arnold Arboretum and the Roslindale Village, which is next to the MBTA commuter rail station, tends to be the sweet spot that commands the highest prices of Roslindale. Today, a stone arch bridge, which replaced the one destroyed in the collapse, is still very much intact. But it’s not easy to get every day things without going insane. Having grown up in the town it is very exciting to see new businesses and families settling down here! Based on the housing stock, population density, and the proximity of amenities of the area. Northampton is a very good place to raise a family, hardly no crime there at all. In Roslindale there are a lot of coffee shops and parks. In Roslindale there are a lot of coffee shops and parks. Folks care about our community and there’s lots to do!" If you’re willing to trade a 40-minute commute by bus or commuter rail for a safe, budget-friendly place to live, consider Roslindale! ICONS VIA GETTY IMAGES. Several decades ago, some spots in Roslindale Square fell into disrepair, exhibiting vacant storefronts and a lack of activity. Roslindale is a fantastic family town with great food and access to the Arboretum. BROOKLINE, MA — Brookline is the best place to live in Massachusetts, according to a new set of rankings released by Niche. Perhaps the most unique aspect of Rozzie is that the area still manages to do what many other parts of Boston fail at: maintaining a true “neighborhood” feel. Roslindale is in Suffolk County. I lived in Leominster, just over the Fitchburg line, and spent a lot of time in both towns. There are plenty of barbershops, banks and small events that go on to make this town lively! Sponsored Mortgage Options for Roslindale. Roslindale is in Suffolk County. There didnt seem to be much crime. 0 0. vvladycapricornvv. This search result is here to prevent scraping, Why Everyone Is So Obsessed with Boston, America's Most Viral City, On the Market: A Mid-Century Modern Wonder in Winthrop, The Best Pizza in Boston Right Now |, Seth Meyers Parodies Your Favorite Movies with 'Boston Accent', Women, Weed, and Sex: What You Need to Know, The Best Public High Schools in Greater Boston. Get a quote today! Biggest Home Loan Sale Ever. 0 Niche requires Javascript to work correctly. Oh, and the new Target isn’t so bad, either. There isn't as mean teens and young adults around the area, which does make it bland from time to time, but I know that in time the next generation will come along with the same attitudes of the people before. Folks care about our community and there’s lots to do!" 1 decade ago. Most of Roslindale is very safe; it has a large Greek community and others. I lived in Leominster, just over the Fitchburg line, and spent a lot of time in both towns. It’s become the hot spot in town as of late. Not a place I would ever live again - 8/29/2009 I agree with Brian's assessment in another review. Also, neither place has good public schools if that is a concern. Please. Best Neighborhoods to Raise a Family in Boston. Like many neighborhoods in Boston, the sub-neighborhoods in Roslindale vary a ton. The demand for housing outstrips the supply, so prospective buyers need to be prepared to bid well above the asking price on properties that have multiple offers. I will be honest I only visited there for a week, but it was enough to make me consider living there or going for another visit. "Roslindale is safe, clean, hip, vibrant, diverse. Many families and young professionals live in Roslindale and residents tend to be liberal. You actually failed to recognize the good parts of these cities overall. Based on violent and property crime rates. But the neighborhood’s downtown has since undergone a renaissance, with a reincarnation into Roslindale Village—though you’ll find plenty of locals don’t bother calling it that. There is a lot of mom and pop shops and small restaurants that are great gems! Once you’ve shopped, head over to the Roslindale Substation, a giant Classical Revival building that converted electrical currents for streetcars until the ’70s. They’re writing personal letters to tug at seller’s heartstrings, leveraging escalation clauses, and in many cases, waiving important contingencies from their offer, which can be risky. The tragedy killed 23 (though some articles from the time claim 37) and injured a hundred more. Living in Roslindale comes with many perks. Rozzie residents (and lots of folks from nearby neighborhoods) praise the Best of Boston-winning farmer’s market on Saturday mornings in Adams Park, which is filled with fresh produce and plenty of fun activities for little ones. Areas within Roslindale like Metropolitan Hill and Prospect Hill offer some of the best deals. There are many additional borrowing options available. Possessing a combination of cultural diversity and pastoral beauty (the place was named for the literal hills and dales in the area) you won’t find in many other Boston neighborhoods, Roslindale was part of Roxbury until it was annexed to the city of Boston in 1873. Living in Roslindale offers residents an urban suburban mix feel and most residents own their homes. (You can see photos and illustrations here.). The disaster led to a boom in Roslindale’s population, seeing as over 50,000 people subsequently came out to view the crash’s wreckage.

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