The main production areas are Yamanashi and Nagano prefecture. Join the discussion today. The vendor at my local UC Irvine farmer’s market tells me this Saturday will close out her season, and they won’t be back until next July. Kyoho means giant mountain grapes. Why should you buy them?Well, because they’re absolutely delicious, that’s why!! How to eat Kyoho Grape in Japan. After chilled and peeled, the pulp is eaten. Around the end of summer and into the early Fall, farmer’s markets and Asian food stores have these wonderful dark purple/black grapes called kyoho grapes. Their skin is so thick that it is usually eaten peeled. Kyoho grapes (巨峰葡萄, Kyohō budō, literally "giant mountain grapes") are a Concord-like cross popular in East Asia.The fruits are blackish-purple, or almost black, with large seeds and juicy flesh with high sugar content and mild acidity. Kyoho grapes are large, dark purple, at times almost jet black, fleshy and thick-skinned fruits. Get your Kyoho grapes before they disappear. Kyoho Grape. With a taste, texture and juice very similar to the Concord grape, Kyoho grapes are extremely sweet and juicy. Kyoho are pleasantly juicy and as large as plums. discussion from the Chowhound Restaurants, Los Angeles food community. It is used for topping on cakes or pastry. My partner and I call them “grape grape grape grape” because they have such an intense sweet grape flavor. Although fragrant, the skin and seeds are not edible as both are bitter. They were first grown in 1937 in Shizuoka Prefecture. Read the Kyoho grapes in season yet? Kyohos are one of Asia’s most popular table grapes. It is also made into wine besides jam, juice, and smoothie. Kyoho grape comes to be in season between August and September. You may see them popping up every now and then as part of a special seasonal series. The kyoho grape is one of the most popular fruits in Japan so naturally, you will find various kyoho-flavoured products. 3. Kit Kat Japan even made some limited time chocolate bars that are made from kyoho grapes.

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