LAMY T 52 bottled ink, 50ml, comes with an in-built roll of blotting paper around the base and ink residue collecting basin for effortless and mess free refilling of your fountain pen. | Corresponding refill, please check the correspondence table. This refill does not suit the capless LAMY Tipo, Swift and Dialog 2 rollerball pens. Any Parker Style Lamy Ballpoint Refills - Black, Blue; Rollerball. 02/18/19 Check Price Video. Kindly note that refill pictures are for reference only and are not shown to scale. My thoughts are that the adapter would fit well in most LAMY ballpoints like the Safari, AL-Star, Eco, and other less complicated ones. Ten brilliant tints expand the fascinating art of writing with the fountain pen into a whole new dimension. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. I can't seem to find that seller anymore, so these may be hard to get now. It allows such pens to use the Mini/Multi D1 refills instead (not included). Suits all LAMY fountain pens except the LAMY 2000. I had a 0.5mm Zebra gel refill available in my stash to test with, which also happens to be a favorite. The LAMY M 63 rollerball refill is suitable for all LAMY rollerball pens that come with a cap, including LAMY Safari, AL-star, Studio and 2000 models. The LAMY M 63 rollerball refill is suitable for all LAMY rollerball pens that come with a cap, including LAMY Safari, AL-star, Studio and 2000 models. Product selection Official LAMY online shop for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. | Aluminum surface processing high-grade anodized coating | This product is not a jointly developed product and stationery manufacturer. If you cut a small piece of plastic tubing to fill in the backspace, any Pilot G2 refill work. Available in blue and black ink. Now, I personally don't find it too offensive to use for everyday writing, but what if there was potentially a better way? I appreciate that the D1 refill is generally a less practical refill, compared to the Lamy M16, in terms of ink volume. However, The refill is the same size & shape as a Pilot G2, except the Lamy is longer. Klik op de afbeelding om deze te vergroten . The adapter is a small piece made of two parts: a black plastic sleeve section where you insert the D1 and a metal base which you insert into the pen. Kind of a bummer, but I may try to do some "modifications" to the adapter to see if I can get it to fit. Standard: None; Length: 60.3 mm (2.375″) The Lamy M22 mini ballpoint refill has a unique size and shape that will only fit some Lamy ballpoint pens and one pen from LOCLEN. Lamy M16 Alternatives. Lowest price ever on JK copier paper. Vanaf: € 4,09 Heeft u net een mooie Lamy pen aangeschaft of heeft u al een exemplaar in uw bezit? Condition: NEW. These adapters only seem to be found in Japan, but I located a seller on eBay (from Japan) that had some listed. The M16 is sold in fine, medium, and broad sizes. Ballpoint refill adapter LM-16 (Lamy LAMY M-16 oil ballpoint pen refill correspo. 4.5 out of 5 stars 163 ratings. De Lamy M16 balpenvulling past in de meeste Lamy balpennen. It is very well made. Specifically engineered to suit LAMY fountain pens, use in conjunction with a LAMY Z 27 or Z 28 converter. Compact ballpoint pen refill with adaptor, waterproof. I'd wager that it is due to the telescoping tip mechanism which may have some slightly different tolerances. Productinformatie . All in all, this is a sweet little piece of equipment to help enhance your daily writing with the pens you love. Lamy M63 Ballpoint Refills: Black-Green-Red; Lamy M66 Ballpoint Refills: Black-Blue-Green; Fountain Pens (Piston) Fountain Pens (Converter/Cartridge) Lamy T52 Ink Bottles - Black, Blue, … This is one black medium point ballpoint pen refill. The main characteristics you are looking for are: (1) overall length of the pen refill, (2) the shape profile of the refill cartridge and (3) branding or logos on the cartridge. My initial hopes would be that it would work in my vintage LAMY Unic ballpoints, but it unfortunately didn't seem to fit properly. It is for LAMY ballpoint pens listed under Compatible Products. Single Lamy M16 Ball Pen Refill Black Medium by Lamy by Lamy. Although, I did find it from a seller (maybe the same one) on Amazon for around the same price. LAMY M16 Ballpoint Refill Adapter. LAMY PENS. 4,500 to 8,000 m. Lamy has complemented its portfolio with crystal ink – a series of extremely attractive colour inks. I present my pen refill adapter, for use in pens that take the Lamy M16 type ballpoint refill. It took a month to get here, so I was hoping it was worth the wait. Tofty on Shapeways does make adapters for Lamy: for the M16, M22, M63, and M66 size refills and designed to hold either D1, Cross Matrix, Coleto or Uni UMR-109 refills respectively. Unfortunately there are almost no Lamy M16 alternatives. This refill does not suit the capless LAMY Tipo, Swift and Dialog 2 rollerball pens. Instead, I loaded the adapter and gel refill into my stainless steel LAMY 2000 ballpoint and it fit perfectly. Parker Style Ballpoint Refills: ACME, Fisher Space Pen, Pa The LAMY M 66 rollerball refill is suitable for all capless LAMY Swift, Tipo and Dialog 2 rollerball pen models. Compact ballpoint pen refill with adaptor, waterproof, for LAMY pico and LAMY scribble. Beschikbaarheid: In voorraad. The most common color is black, but it’s also sold in blue, red, and green.

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