The Law of Vibration can be summarized as Everything Vibrates at its Own Frequency.. Besides that, being energy beings, we perceive the energy of others subconsciously. To understand attraction we have to know about vibration. Therefore, by nature, all matter and energy vibrates. The vibration from the struck tuning fork is transferred to the untouched tuning fork because they are tuned to the same frequency: They are in harmony with vibrations. It will return whatever energy you put out. Fortunately, or unfortunately for you, the universe mainly responds to your subconscious vibrations. Each particle in this Universe is made of energy and is moving constantly. The key to manifestation is vibration. For instance, people with similar vibes will always come together. SUMMARY The Law of Vibration is the primary law while the Law of Attraction is a secondary law. If you are not satisfied with the results you are getting in life, you must consciously choose to change your vibrational frequency! This has been established through scientific studies. It’s the key to a greater life. The Law of Vibration is of utmost importance as everything that we perceive vibrates with a certain frequency. Two tuning forks calibrated to the same frequency can represent this. The best way to determine your frequency is through your emotions-your emotions reflect your energy. You can do it simply by focusing on a positive idea. Therefore, you will become a magnet to success, prosperity, and experiences that you desire. Stones are dense enough to absorb your vibrations and it can serve as a physical reminder of your goals and desires. Quantum Physics postulates that each and every particle that exists in our universe is made of energy. The massive solid objects to invisible thoughts and ideas all consist of energy particles vibrating at their own frequency. When you think and feel good, you manifest good experiences in your life and vice versa. If we pay attention to our emotions, we can see the true nature of our vibration and what we attract into our lives. Your vibration sets your reality. We use our brain to interpret our life situations and then allow it to switch our entire being to a particular vibration. I hope you now more fully understand that it does work for each one of us. Whenever you perceive someone else’s emotions or whenever you become conscious of your own feelings, what you actually feel is the vibration energy. Besides that, if you really want to create a grand version of your life you must first understand how vibration works. If you tun in to a different frequency, you’ll end up listening to another station. The Law of Vibration is beyond the Law of Attraction. There is a universal law called the Law of Vibration according to which each and every molecule of this Universe is constantly pulsating and vibrating. Therefore, when you think good thoughts you are vibrating in a “positive” vibration. To test the Law of Vibration in your daily life, I want you to pick something that you struggle to do. The Law of Vibration. Only when you implement it in your real life, you can be sure if it works for you or not! Green vegetables, fruits, fresh foods, clean water has high vibes in them. A True Personality Test, What Type of Introvert Are You? Crystals can also be used. Our site uses cookies. We are energy beings and all of us are connected to the Source energy. SUMMARY Being conscious of the present moment helps you to feel the vibe of your surroundings. Be careful about your words because they have an effect on your energy frequency. First – hand experience is sometimes more valuable than any number and graph measurable data. But nothing satisfied her more than writing and hence she decided to pursue writing as a career. But it works in accordance with the vibration we send out, not merely what we want. It states that the Universe is made of vibrating energy particles. Reality as we perceive it happens by matching vibrations. Whenever you have disempowering thoughts and emotions, do this. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners. Since the universe pays attention to speed when manifesting, you will get what you want quickly. Stay in the present moment to perceive the vibrations of people and things around you. Whenever you shower your gratitude towards things you have in your life, your vibrational energy goes higher up. Our energy vibrations help us to remain deeply connected to this Universal Consciousness or get disconnected to it. On the other hand, stale foods, meat, foods with preservatives and artificial colors are low-vibe foods, therefore, try to avoid those. So let’s begin! These can make or break your affirmations. And according to the Law of Attraction, vibration of a kind will attract a similar vibration. According to Quantum Physics, everything in this Universe is made of energy. The food you eat nourishes both your body and mind.

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