If you are looking for a new way to light your building or commercial space, LED bulbs are one of the best options that you can choose. The average lifespan of a typical LED light is believed to be anywhere between 50,000 to 100,000 hours, though some of the more conservative estimates put this number at 40,000 to 60,000 hours. The LED commercial light fixtures only waste around 20 percent of the energy they consume in producing heat against up to 90 percent in incandescent bulbs, up to 80 percent in halogen lights, and up to 65 percent in the other types of traditional lights. LED lighting also will provide a far superior CRI, so you are able to see the colors of your makeup or artwork much more accurately. Our LED commercial outdoor lighting fixtures include floodlight fixtures, wall packs, sports lighting, decorative poles/light fixtures, area lighting fixtures, street lighting fixtures, and bollard lights. On the other hand, while LED lights do contain lead and some other chemicals to a certain extent, it doesn’t make them toxic. Browse our huge variety of commercial LED light fixtures - we have hundreds of products for indoor and outdoor commercial lighting. Our commercial LED light fixtures include high bays/low bays, exit and emergency signs, canopy lights, and garage lights. LED lights consume way less energy than their traditional counterparts like halogen lights, incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Energy Light, Inc. company. To talk some numbers, the right type of commercial LED lights may reduce your utility bills by as much as up to 70 percent, depending on the type of commercial light fixtures they are replacing or being compared against. This obviously leads to higher utility bills as well. Utility bills typically make up the biggest chunk of a commercial facility’s overall expenses. They are much better at distributing light by default, too, though, thanks to their 180-degree light distribution. Tax Rebates for LED Lighting and EV Chargers. If you are planning to buy LED bulbs, there are a few things you want to consider. Well, if you have gone through everything we mentioned above – or perhaps even just skimmed through –it would have become clear to you that LED lights are an absolute no-brainer over their traditional counterparts. LEDs also come out a winner when it comes to color temperatures and color rendering. Consult our lighting experts and get world-class service! Commercial retrofit kits replace fluorescent tubes with energy-saving LED T8 tubes or magnetic troffer strips that install directly into your current fixtures… One of the biggest advantages LEDs offer over their traditional counterparts is that they do not have any warm-up or turn-off period. 4 Pack 4FT LED Shop Light, Linkable Utility Shop Lights, 42W, 5000K Daylight White Shop Light for Ga… Why You Should Install Interior LED Lights in Your Office Facility? One of the lesser-known but very important benefits of LED lights is that they produce much less heat. And thanks to this, your commercial facility will demand significantly less in terms of its cooling requirements. commercial … Commercial Lighting Fixtures & LED Lighting; Commercial Lighting Fixtures & LED Lighting. LEDs are much more efficient than CFLs. Browse our huge variety of LED commercial outdoor lighting fixtures - we have over 300 products for your outdoor lighting commercial needs! From Drop Ceiling lights to old-fashioned red exit signs, we offer a range of necessary commercial light fixtures available for several applications, indoors and out. Not only are they much more energy-efficient, but they also produce a lot more heat when compared with incandescent bulbs, CFLs and metal halides. This is something we touched upon above, but there’s more to it. Some studies suggest that choosing LED lights over something like incandescent bulbs or commercial light fixtures may lower your facility’s cooling costs by up to 30 percent or more. TCP also works closely with you in the beginning phases of your project to identify your best energy efficient rebate and reimbursement program options. How Much You Can Save by Switching to Commercial LED Lighting? But as LED commercial light fixtures use the energy they consume much more efficiently, they are able to produce the same level and quality of light – typically better – with a much lower amount of energy. Not only that, but all of the LED bulbs also are compliant with RoHS and don’t contain mercury, making them much safer and better for the environment. Even though the LED bulbs used to be in a blue tone, they now come in warm white and daylight colors so that you can have just the right color for your home even though you have changed your bulbs. Our commercial exterior light fixtures include area/parking lot lighting, street lighting, flood lights, sports lights, wall packs, and bollard lights. Request a quote today and get the best of what lighting technology has to offer for your commercial space. This makes it very inconvenient especially in emergency situations when you would want them to light up fully instantly. National LED has successfully completed thousands of installations across the country in multiple major cities. This is also the reason many commercial facility managers do not turn off the lights even during short breaks as they may not fully light up on time. Thanks to optional frames they can be installed on-or-in most ceiling types. The Benefits of LED Lighting for Warehouses, Do not contain mercury, which means they’re safer and cleaner than other types of bulbs, Have a very low energy consumption, meaning your electric bill will be lower, Light quality is comparable to or better than other lighting products, LED lights are more durable than traditional options as they can operate in extreme temperatures – including hot and sub-zero temperatures – without any durability issues whatsoever, LED lights turn out to be a much better option in smaller commercial spaces as they come in very small sizes too but can still emit a surprisingly large amount of light, LED lights also come in a huge variety of design options that are both highly practical and visually appealing, something which traditional lighting options often lack, LED lights have no limitations as far as where they can be installed in your commercial facility; traditional lights do, LEDs are environment-friendly and can be disposed in landfills, while traditional lighting options like fluorescent lights not so much and require special handling and disposal, LED lights are also more versatile in that they can work well for a huge variety of applications where the traditional lighting options face many limitations.

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