I had a suspicion I saw green tones in my skin and brown. I look awful in most colors so I wear a lot of Gray and Navy. Ipkn bb cream in light/medium (light/medium coverage, I loveee this product) Yes, yes, yes!!! I don’t have the dedication or patience to mix my own stuff. This spring I found EX1, a new brand that caters to olive skin ONLY. I would like to pull off bright red and blonde shades but I simply can’t. Assume that I’m on the warmer side because gold also looks better than silver on me.I’m Slavic decent btw.Over the years I’ve learned one great trick that changed my foundation game.Buy yourself a green primer,mix with almost every fondation and you are good to go.It will lighten foundation shade a bit,so take that into consideration. Hi♡ im so happy to read this because I feel not alone. If you cleanse your skin regularly, then it became smooth and safe. I once tried a wig in this colour and I had tons of compliments since the contrast between the skin and the hair draws the attention. I’d love to show you a photo of me next to my sister to show you how I maybe olive in disguise…. My skin is such an unusual tone not in the way that people comment but I can never find a foundation match and depending on the person and lighting and how much sun I’ve had changes the view of my skin. When I’m not wearing makeup, people constantly ask me if I feel ill including my bf lol. Hey everyone! I find Sulwhasoo’s perfecting cushion intense in shade 17 Light Beige to be a decent match for my skin. Berry/ wine lipsticks tend to look great on pale olive skin! I would highly recommend asian makeup brands. Try looking for a highlighter that isn’t too pale or else it can look too plastic. Every foundation I’ve ever tried has always been too pink or too yellow. A big thank you for this post! The wet and wild powder contour pallette has a perfect contour color. Xxx. Your email address will not be published. I’ve had the same problem with finding my perfect shade. It always picks up a red tint (that I despise) , I haven’t found the solution other than to not color it either‍♀️, I have dark ashbrown hair, dark green-grey eyes with amber in it and this distinct skin color. If it is on the dry side, it may look ashy if not kept moisturized regularly. Gold looks better on me, especially with even the faintest tan (and I tan even from the light reflected in the building across the street!). Any jewel tone really. I am Brazilian but I have Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Italian roots. Not to add to the confusion, but there is such a thing as Neutral Olive tone lol….. it’s neither warm nor cool, it’s why you distinctly see your green undertones. Since I am yet to find a foundation with a similar tone in a darker shade, I hit it with a little more bronzer to get that nice summer glow. Eyeshadow, I have no freaking clue. Pale olive and gentle on sensitive skin. I always get compliments when i wear light cool shades like frosty pink, silver, pale blue bt i can pull warm colors in dark shades too. Both gold and silver jewelry are fine, though generally silver is a bit better. I’m also from Croatia, with ash blond hair, and grey/blue eyes. I have dark, dark brown hair with brown eyes. My hair is darkest brown with white streaks as I age. I have ashy brown hair and green-grey eyes with specs of yellow in them as well. Roof tops! I look best in warm purples, reds, magentas, pinks and greens (like emerald and teal). I’m fair with rosy cheeks, but have warmth to my skin as well. Most people associate olive skin with tanned, medium complexions. The berry colors for cooler skin-tones are acceptable, suggesting a cooler undertone, however I need to keep it dark. Different skin tones get damage and ruin easily while Italian skin tone is excellent and more reliable. Mixed bag of genetics and I tan freakishly easily. Italian skin tone gradually comes from the Arab in the past. For the moment, in make-up, I use L’Oréal 1,5N or 2N. My mom is like this, she’s fairly darker than me while I am quite pale. I think olive skin tends to have yellow undertones and so you need makeup with yellow undertones. I’m nearly 50, hair that is described by my hairdresser as mixed blonde and a “neutral” skin tone – both green and blue veins. Well, the Italian skin tone is very calm and appealing. I look awful in peach blush and look best I think in blue based red lipstick and for eyes neutral brown, black, a bit of purple and royal blue. I have struggled and have been mismatched by professionals all my life. I’m not a big fan of mac foundations as the majority are just really heavy on my dry skin but if I do happen to pick one up it would be one of the above. I am going to try Mahogany Chestnut as I have read Mahogany is both cool and warm. I always wondered why on Earth no foundation – warm, cool, or neutral tone – worked on my skin. I believe that would fit law. Oo that like u r describing me.. im not very light bt not medium as well. :). Anyone have any natural makeup brand recommendations? For decades, I could not find a foundation match until I went to Prescriptives (back when it had a store in Dillards) and they handed me yellow-orange makeup! Creator living in Amsterdam with her boyfriend and mischief of rats. I don’t look like a ghost anymore! thanks! 7) cool browns; When i wear grey clothes or use an cooler eyeshadow it clashes, and the same happens when i wear really warm colors. Normally I would not have tried most of these products based on their color, but researched them on the internet first and found them all to be winners. Also boots no7 calico. Plum, forest green, navy, etc. We and our partners share information on your use of this website to help improve your experience. Italian skin tone is a light brownish shade, and it looks pretty cool. Just like every one here I am Irish, and a little Italian, and I had honey blonde hair growing up which faded into a sort of calico hair with steaks of reds browns and blonds. Her skin tone makes her more appealing and sexy. So many confused years! For MAC Here are some foundation shades that I find work: NARS Sheer Glow in Gobi (best match EVER- it’s like my skin, in a jar.) Might take some trial and error to get the right ratio, but this is the easiest way I’ve found to get those green undertones. Blessings. My mom has green eyes), chestnut brown hair with some red and blonde mixed in there. I am very fair (NC8-10 in MAC), don’t look good in either pink nor yellow foundation, and neutrals usually look too peachy. Italian skin tone has extensive pores development that can lead to acne and pimples. Warm grey. Given below are the benefits of Italian skin tone. People with olive skin tone can try colors like dark blue, bronze, emerald green, gold, purple, etc on their eyelids. In other words, I am still a bit confused about what colours look best on me. Although my hair is very dark brown, I have the exact same problem with color. Okay, so you just bought a brand new foundation. It took me years to figure out why cool foundations in my brightness were too pink and warm was too orange even neutral seemed like it just wasn’t grey enough…Olive may be what I was looking for, thanks. I don’t like how a lot feels, but also I have never had luck finding the right one. Really struggle with finding colours of eye/blush/lip colour that suit me. , Also from Croatia and here after watching Audreys video! I have the olive undertone (I tan easily, have reddish-brown hair, and have grey-green eyes). Damage isn’t as apparent on light olive skin as it would be on fairer complexions due to the minimal protective effect of melanin, but eventually blotchiness will appear. I’m discovering that bright, full saturation colors look best on me – does this make me more on the cool spectrum? You’ve just described me except the eyes are very pale grey blue. Some soft pink, and one particular deep coloured camel can be good if I have a bit of a tan. Usually, foundations that say ‘neutral’ are suitable for olive skin, but you can experiment with the warm ones and a few cool ones as well.

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