as a biological control agent in rice. Insect pests are the main limiting factor for vegetable production in India and tropical Asia, amongst which Lepidopteran pests cause a significant amount of damage. It documents over 170 species and includes maj pests such as the corn earworm, tobacco budworm, and flax bollworm. Refer to label for a complete list of pests controlled Manage tough lepidopteran pests in soybeans with dual action control Besiege® insecticide provides your soybeans with long-lasting protection against lepidopteran pests as well as proven broad-spectrum performance against other damaging insect pests, including those resistant to some insecticide chemistries. The work will be of interest to ecologists, pest managers, and APHIS personn at U.S. ports-of-entry. Howev-er, two species, i.e. Lepidoptera (moths and butterflies) are the second most diverse pest insect order outnumbered only by the beetles. There is hardly any cultivated plant that is not attacked by at least one lepidopteran pest. Nearly all lepidopteran pests are moths (only two butterfly species occur as minor pests), and all are indigenous or have been naturalised over the decades. Lam, W., Rota, J., Brown, J.W. The alternative was to release Trichogramma spp. 2010). This includes data on 49 species in 12 families. Tuta absoluta and the fall armyworm, were intro-duced recently. Impacts (N/A) Publications. As pollinators of many plants, adult moths and butterflies are usually beneficial insects that feed on nectar using their siphoning proboscis. Many attempts were made during the last 50 yr to establish Trichogramma spp. 2012. levels of control of the five lepidopteran key pests listed by Ridgway et al. Information is reported on the damage, biology, control, distribution and host species of the important lepidopteran pests found on bamboos in China. A 2-year study was conducted in the main cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon Aiton) growing region of Québec to determine the biodiversity of lepidopteran pests and their parasitoids, which may differ in organic and conventional integrated pest management (IPM) systems.We also aimed to compare densities and parasitism on five caterpillar pest species of primary economic importance: … egg parasitoids that have already been effective in managing lepidopteran pests under a variety of cropping systems (Consoli et al. go to main menu. The remaining key pest in the list, boll weevil, has been eradicated from much of US cotton and in North America is now only a problem in the Lower Rio Grande Valley and adjoining cotton production areas of Mexico (Allen, 2008). Insect pests are the main limiting factor for vegetable production in India and tropical Asia, amongst which Lepidopteran pests cause a significant amount of damage. (1984). Vegetables are some of the most profitable crops and farmers everywhere feel the need to protect such high value crops from any type of damage caused by insect pests. Lepidopteran Pests.

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