The end of the dumbbell should be pointed in the direction it’s travelling. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Copyright ©2020 Fitbod, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Low-impact strength training refers to exercise that is easy and gentle on your joints and tendons. And you don’t need to be a gym-goer to…, Grain bowls are the perfect vehicle to get in all your greens, grains, protein, and flavor. Stay at home and do this cardio circuit, When you’re ready, go for a more intense workout, The 5-Move Mobility Routine Everyone Over 40 Should Be Doing, Why Weight Loss Routines Stop Working in Your 40s — and 8 Fixes That’ll Help, Say Goodbye to Bloating with This Genius 5-Minute Workout, 8 Foam Rolling Moves That’ll Remove Every Bit of Stress in Your Body, Why Grain Bowls Are the Perfect Formula for a Healthy Meal, How to Get Better Skin with Less Effort, According to Experts, 16 Cross-Generational, Home Remedies Mothers Swear By, From Vaping to Gummies: 3 People Dish on Using CBD for Anxiety, Therapy for Every Budget: How to Access It. Hold a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing upwards. Also, make sure you’re not sticking your bum in the air. Take a breath in, sucking into your belly. A broad array of exercise options fall into the low-impact category. Your legs should be completely extended. As you become stronger and fitter, your confidence will improve that you can carry out both in and out of the gym. All rights reserved. Exercises that involve running, sprinting and jumping are great but can also cause many joint and tendons problems, particularly in the knees, shins and hips. Calories burned: For a 155-pound person, 30 minutes of swimming can burn about 220 calories. As the risk of injury decreases with low-impact workouts, you’re more likely to be able to build a regular training routine that’ll be consistent. Get into a plank position. They’re also perfect for any day you feel too overwhelmed to get your brain in “workout” mode and just want to disengage in easy workout. Created by a Navy Seal, TRX utilizes straps that play on gravity and the user’s body weight for a strength and cardio workout. Do this workout at home or on the road to burn calories and stay fit.. Precautions . Using only your biceps, bend your arm at the elbow to bring your dumbbells to your chest. By consistently doing your exercises, you’ll develop better kinesthetic awareness, that is, being aware of your body positions and movements both in relation to yourself and the space and objects around you. Hinge at the hips, lowering the dumbbells to the ground, holding them horizontally (palms facing your thighs). Low-impact strength training refers to exercise that is easy and gentle on your joints and tendons. One of them is that it reduces the risk of disease such as heart disease. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand. Place your hands underneath your lower back to support your pelvis, if necessary. If they are hurting because of high-impact exercises, then switch over to low-impact strength training. Try these 15 beginner-friendly low-impact strength exercises to see what we’re talking about or check out the FitBod app for some more great ideas. Make sure you don’t arch your back. Notes: You can also use just one dumbbell, holding it with both hands instead. Low-impact exercises are less stressful on your body, but still get your heart rate up and work your muscles fully. Do a form check—make sure that your back is straight, your abdominal muscles are engaged and your feet are shoulder-width apart. If you’re looking to get great strength results without putting so much pressure on your joints or tendons, then low-impact strength training is the ideal choice. Notes: If you want to make the sumo squat harder, then hold a weight to your chest while performing it. It comes to no surprise that exercise makes you feel good. We’ve already discussed the main difference between low-impact and high-impact exercises, which is that low-impact exercises have only one foot on the ground while high-impact exercises require both feet to leave the ground at the same time. Extend your arms so that you’re moving the dumbbells down and back. Sit on the ground with your legs in the air, knees bent, and your torso leaning back. Make sure the rest of your body remains still. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. If you can’t lift your dumbbells without doing so, then you need to lower the weight. Last medically reviewed on November 2, 2018, As you age, your body changes and risk factors for injuries goes up. It also decreases the chances of Type 2 diabetes from developing and some cancers, obesity, back pain and arthritis. Here are some popular low-impact activities. This modified jumping jack is perfect for those who want to avoid putting pressure on the knees. This type of training will give you some high-impact benefits that you’ll be reaping both in and out of the gym. Don’t do this as fast as possible — the key is to get your heart rate up, not speed through it. Keep the dumbbell close to your body, reaching your ribcage, your elbows tucked back. Ensuring that you tuck your pelvis in is key to forming a straight line with your body. Follow her on Instagram. Contract your abdominal muscles and lift your legs off the ground keeping them as straight as possible. Exercise can help, especially mobility exercises, which can help improve pain…, Why is it suddenly harder to lose or maintain your goal weight when you hit 40? You can also choose to use weight plates for this.

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