Imagine sitting quietly as you listen to a solo bamboo flute playing... that "feeling" is the TASTE of this delightful tea. Traditional Chinese Medicine tells us tea is a magical, medical plant that promotes vitality, controls weight and boosts immunity. We send one or two emails a week, they'll usually be packed with facts about tea, news about teapigs and the odd promo code to use on the website from time to time. Drying consists of several stages of heating and cooling to seal the aroma inside the tea. ← Older Post A Chinese study on mao feng tea showed that it may help reduce oxidative stress in elderly people and prevent bone loss that may lead to osteoporosis[11]. If you have a health condition, please consult The leaves are baked for a second time over charcoal, this time in special bamboo baskets, to ensure there is no remaining moisture, Rinse. The first taste is surprisingly sweet with a strong vegetal finish. Chinese Tribute Tea is one of the Seven Necessities of Life! Brewed tea in 9-10oz of water at 200F for 3 min first steep. The leaves are small, only 4-5 mm. What Is The Difference Between Raw And Ripe Pu-erh? Both black and green tea may provide an anti inflammatory activity, but in green tea it may be higher. All prices are in USD © 2020 The Taste of Tea. Then 5sec + 5sec  for each subsequent infusion (, choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Some regions and elevations produce a liquor that is light chartreuse. The authentic mao feng tea should be processed using traditional methods, but not all of them are. You may have heard about the many reputed benefits of drinking green tea, such as it supports metabolism, contains antioxidants and helps protect skin from UV and pollution induced damage - more fun than cosmetic surgery. The highest grades use only one bud and the first leaf. made from plant starch - pop in your commercial compost collection, made from wood pulp - pop in your home compost, made from sustainable paperboard - recycle me. green with envy. Recommended 3 steepings. Huang Shan Mao Feng is one of those green teas that wonderfully portrays to us the skills of the tea masters. Knowing how to process the tea leaves in the most minimal way possible is key to achieving a tasty, vibrant green tea. Enjoy it on your own or share it with friends. Preheat the teapot before brewing the tea by pouring hot water in and out of the teapot. However, mao feng is a green tea, so it contains caffeine and EGCg. Email:  |  Phone: 347.560.8710  |  Located: Brooklyn, NY 11229. are known for their undeniably fresh flavor. Link to This Review. taste, description, serving ideas, preparation, history, manufacture, grades: Delicious taste. A green tea liked by people who don’t like green tea. For centuries, the only type of tea available was green tea. While "taste is a decision for the mouth to make," the highest grades of Chinese green tea also have the highest ratings for taste. If you are sensitive to caffeine avoid drinking too much green tea. Steep the leaves for about 1 minutes. The lower grades can be steeped up to five minutes to extract all the antioxidants, but used only once. We are a team of friends who share the passion for artisan tea – its exquisite taste, rich palette of fragrances and the healthy lifestyle that comes with it. To make the best cup of mao feng tea, use about 3 grams of tea leaves per cup of water. To enjoy all flavor notes, choose loose leaf rather than mao feng tea bags. Studies showed that green tea may have an anti-wrinkle effect and help repair damaged caused by the sun[4]. In need of a make-over. Green Traquility Mao Feng Green Tea. At Path Of Cha, we see tea as something much more than just a drink. Forever a "student of the leaf" ensures Tea Docent may serve as your trusted guide. China Mao Feng Bio: Erfrischend zart und fruchtig bei gelb-grüner Tasse. While the floral notes of this Chinese green tea are reminiscent of wild peaches and magnolias, the complex character gives this tea a refreshing flavor, a smooth finish, and a long lasting clean aftertaste. The tea is grown near Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), which is home to many famous varieties of Green Tea.Huangshan Mao Feng Tea's English translation is "Yellow Mountain Fur Peak" due to the small white hairs which cover the leaves and the shape of the processed leaves which resemble the … A study on mice showed that green tea polyphenolic compounds may help regrow lost hair[9] and even prevent losing hair in the first place.[10]. Never use teas or herbs to treat serious medical conditions on your own. Of course, like a great wine, it also has to be a good year. Water temperature for brewing mao feng tea should be around 167°F -176°F. Essentially oxidation begins the moment a tea leaf is picked. Photographic Print, Did you like this page on mao feng tea? This green tea is grown in China. The bud and leaves are rolled into a wiry eyebrow shape. Huang Shan Mao Feng Green Tea is a special tea. Why not settle for a nice cuppa? Higher grades have smaller leaves of a more consistent size. This, in turn, signified the New Year. The leaf has a pleasantly sweet, mildly fragrant aroma, with a hint of magnolia. Flavor, shape, aroma and scent will depend on many factors, including tea plant type, climate, soil and harvesting and producing methods. of 195°F water, steep for 2 minutes. Did you like this page on mao feng tea? Discover tea. Always seek professional medical advice before choosing home remedies. Drinking 3-5 cups of green tea tea should not cause any side effects. The amount of beneficial compounds in tea will depend on many factors–from the tea varietal and growing conditions, harvesting and processing methods, storing conditions and even the way you brew it. While the floral notes of this Chinese green tea are reminiscent of wild peaches and magnolias, the complex character gives this tea a refreshing flavor, a … Regular green tea can be disappointing, this is a light and pure green tea without the disappointment. Mao Feng means fur peak, and it describes the shape and appearance of the processed tea leaves. Damaged cells may be a cause of many health problems. They usually come from a higher elevation garden, from wild tea trees, from picking at the right moment during the spring rains, and using careful processing. It is commonly picked during Qing Ming, which is in early April. "": "//" This tea is harvested in spring in China. Green tea holds a special place in Chinese tea culture and overall history. The best one is always harvested in the early spring and grown on medium-high to high altitudes. However, it’s important to know that green tea may offer the best benefits only when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. The steps for processing this green tea are relatively simple. Regular green tea can be disappointing, this is a light and pure green tea without the disappointment. Green tea is an unoxidized type of tea made from the Camellia sinensis tea plant.

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