However commenters are having none of it. Mark Trail works at his wife’s landscaping business in between assignments. Readers can catch up on Mark’s adventures at “Her thoughtful yet humorous approach makes environmental issues accessible, educational and fun while also honoring Mark Trail’s roots as a classic adventure comic,” she said. HOME > MARK TRAIL > WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2020. Change comes slowly in the world of Mark Trail, the nature-loving hero of a comic strip that debuted in the funny pages way all the way back in … Mark Trail was created by the cartoonist Edward Benton Dodd, who worked on it until his retirement in 1978. “It’s not something that would have made its way to my purview,” she said in a recent telephone interview. In a Facebook post for his Edge of Adventure comic strip Allan says the strip will continue, “with a bit of a new direction”. Buy Prints. Elrod took over “Mark Trail” in 1978 before retiring in 2014. Reader: I’ve been reading “Mark Trail” forever (well, maybe for 64 years). James Allen became the strip’s cartoonist on March 31, 2014, as the third Gainesvillian to take on the task. And, in comments, that the choice was “a bit of both” his choice and King Features’s. A cartoonist (also comic strip creator, comic book artist, graphic novel artist, or comic book illustrator) is a visual artist who specializes in drawing cartoons (individual images) or comics (sequential images). King Features Syndicate announced Sept. 25 that Jules Rivera, Latina cartoonist from Los Angeles, will take up the torch starting Oct. 12, debuting “a new contemporary aesthetic that will return to the comic strip’s roots as a champion for environmentalism.”. Cartoonists include the artists who handle all aspects of the work and those who contribute only part of the production. “Mark goes on the wackiest adventures; there were many, many exploding boats,” she said. By allowing ads to appear on this site, you support the local businesses who, in turn, support great journalism. Jack Elrod, left, is turning over the “Mark Trail” comic strip to fellow Gainesville artist James Allen. “I kind of drew inspiration from Jon Hamm,” she said. The new artist, as of Oct. 11, is Jules Rivera, a Latino woman. SAVE TO COLLECTION. Golden Globes red carpet: Who wore black the best and worst For decades the comic strip’s protagonist, Mark Trail, has taken readers on his journey as a photojournalist and outdoor magazine writer. However, let’s give her a chance. Sure, the new artist has a different style. The comic has run for decades in The Morning Call. The May 17, 2016, “Mark Trail” comic. 0. In her take, Mark will directly talk to the wildlife. On Oct. 12, the cartoonist Jules Rivera will take over the strip. BUY PRINTS. The ‘Mark Trail’ comic strip is passing the torch to this Hispanic cartoonist, North Georgia Chamber Orchestra to perform classical, jazz and Motown this Sunday in Gainesville, Everything you need to know about the 53rd Mountain Moonshine Festival, Monster madness: Gothic literature experts to discuss 'Dracula' and 'Frankenstein' during live UNG webinar, Historic Holly Theatre in Dahlonega to undergo renovations in October. The links below will all direct you to pages at the Houston Chronicle's website. Jules Rivera/North America Syndicate, via King Features Syndicate. Instead, she describes it as a “blowup,” a bigger focus on the characters and themes of the strip but with a modern sensibility, which let her put her degree in electrical engineering and a background in STEM to use. Jules Rivera’s take on the “Mark Trail” comic strip. In one, she said, a walrus gave birth in an automobile. BUY A PRINT! The cartoonist James Allen took over in 2014 and continued until Aug. 16, when the strip temporarily shifted to reprints. LOOKING FOR SOMETHING BINGE WORTHY? On Oct. 12, the cartoonist Jules Rivera will take over the strip. As of 2020, King Features syndicated the strip to "nearly 150 newspapers and digital outlets worldwide." Introduced April 15, 1946, the strip centers on environmental and ecological themes. Or who would be replacing him on the comic. Regarding the item in Joe Holleman's column "New 'Mark Trail' cartoonist using Jon Hamm as inspiration" (Sept. 28): If the new artist wants to … She’s also updating Mark’s look. Jack Elrod/North America Syndicate, via King Features Syndicate. Among the other enhancements: His wife, Cherry, and their son, Rusty, will receive more prominent roles. According to The Times’ archives, the late Jack Elrod Jr. of Gainesville inherited the comic strip from Ed Dodd, after working with him for years. Tune in! “Dare to witness humor, action, environmental justice, women with strong personalities, mystical talking animals, gardening tips, and Mark like you’ve never seen him before. Rivera does not see her take on “Mark Trail” as a reboot. Comics such as Fool's Jewels and I'm a girl now won't see such a huge window of release if this is successful. “I certainly do have a bucket full of smiles. She plans to to keep the focus on environmentalism, but give the stories and the Trail family — Mark, Rusty, Andy the dog, and Cherry — a modern sensibility. Apparently, the syndicate that handles Mark Trail felt that the 74-year-old comic strip needed an update. You Might Also Like. Mark Trail is a newspaper comic strip created by the American cartoonist Ed Dodd. ‘Mark Trail’ Jumps Into an Adventure With a New Cartoonist. “Mark Trail,” a newspaper comic strip about an outdoor magazine writer and environmentalism, is getting a makeover. The new cartoonist on the venerable nature comic strip Mark Trail debuted today. How will he react when he finds out he can change his looks with some simple makeup? It was taken over by Jack Elrod, who initially came on board in 1950 to assist with the artwork. We’d go fishing in Florida off the coast, and Ed was fishing in Belize frequently.”, When asked what her late husband would think about the new cartoonist, Rosemary Dodd replied, “I think he’s sitting on a big fat cloud and just thrilled and happy.”, “I loved him, and I have loved being a part of Mark Trail’s life,” she said. 'Mark Trail' runs in the weekend print edition of The Times. King Features Syndicate announced Sept. 25 … “I am excited to take up the ‘Mark Trail’ mantle to reimagine Mark for a new generation and honored to join a pantheon of such talented artists,” Rivera stated in a press release. In another, Mark was trapped in a cave for 48 hours — which played out over many weeks of the strip and caused some consternation among fans. Jack Elrod, the second artist on “Mark Trail,” superimposed animals over the action so that it looked as if they were talking. Rivera’s creation will also bring Mark’s wife, Cherry Trail, and their son, Rusty, into the forefront, giving them more prominent roles. I smiled for two days because I feel like Ed deserves this, and I think ‘Mark Trail’ deserves this.”. If you have never heard of “Mark Trail,” which debuted in 1946, no worries — neither had Rivera.

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